Cats of the Pacific Northwest (Part 1)

I’ve long wanted to visit the Pacific Northwest and finally had the opportunity to take a week long whirlwind trip to Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver Canada last week.

As you might imagine, no trip is complete with out cats. I mean who doesn’t miss their cats when traveling (I’ve long thought hotels should have a “rent a cat” type service with adoptable cats you can order up for snuggle time).

I HAVE CAT with a dog!

I know this is is not a cat but it’s the closest I could get to one in the moment and he, Bandit, didn’t seem to mind. Very catlike in fact, I was ready to bring him home to NYC but his parents weren’t having it.

While I was unable to visit all the felines I would have liked to who reside in the Northwest, I was able to visit a few you may recognize (or in some cases, the cats behind a brand!).

What follows is a brief and hopefully entertaining recap of both the feline and non-feline escapades!


As anyone who’s been to been to Portland knows, one of the things they’re known for are their waterfalls, particularly the Multnomah Falls.

Multnomah Falls

But I took it a bit too literally and on our descent I fell at the falls. Thankfully while two physicians passed me by (announcing they were doctors), a nearby trauma nurse stopped to help patch me up with the help of a doggie who was wearing a first aid kit (for humans).

The trauma nurse may have gone just a little bit over board when she decided to demolish my brand new J.Crew jeans, but I know I shouldn’t complain…

I fell a Multnomah Falls

Friends joked upon seeing this pic that they now knew how to make me smile in a photo! Ha!

So, less than 24 hours in Portland I found myself at urgent care in the hands of a rather cute doctor who must be doing stand-up on the side. And I quote:

“You’ve been concerned about plastic surgery and the cosmetic aspects of your injury yet you haven’t shaved your leg in about a week” – Doctor Andrew who put five sutures into my leg.

I'm not quite sure why I look so touched. Maybe I thought he was going to propose halfway through suturing?

I’m not quite sure why I look so touched. Maybe I thought he was going to propose halfway through suturing? Must have been those hairy legs! LOL!

Har har Doc. For the record I was wearing clean underwear just like my Mom taught me. She never mentioned shaving my legs, which frankly I didn’t think would come into the picture – it’s cold in NYC!

Pickles of Sweet Pickle's Design

A kiss from Pickles? Or was she just after my wine?

Thankfully I was able to walk on the knee and kitty and wine time was just around the corner with Shana and Pickles of Sweet Pickle’s Designs (Shana was actually the one who drove me to urgent care).

Pickles had to confer with chicken in regards to if I was an acceptable guest with whom to fraternize.

Pickles had to confer with chicken in regards to if I was an acceptable guest with whom to fraternize.

Pickles was rather unamused by me and more interested in finding a flattering camera angle. I think she nailed and we can all learn from her. Listen up everyone! If you want to look slim, just find something four times your size and get into it! It’s like magic!

I HAVE CAT visits cats of the Northwest

Those big yellow bug eyes slay me! So cute!


I HAVE CAT and Sweet Pickle's Designs

Hanging out with Shana (yes I’m wearing an animal print of some sort – you saw it here & yes, I never know where to look for these photos – clearly I got it wrong!)

Stay tuned to hear about my travels to and feline encounters in Vancouver BC and Seattle! Can you guess who I may have had the pleasure of seeing?!

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  • Rhonda Powell

    Those 2 doctors should be ashamed of themselves for just walking by. Hooray for the nurse! So, Pickles didn’t kiss your wound and make it all better?

    • I agree! Someone told me the good samaritan laws don’t apply to doctor’s so i guess they could have been afraid? Anyway, yay for the nurse. Pickles was a bit….aloof. I think the chicken is ranked well above me! LOL! =^^=

  • jmuhj

    *OUCH!* Sorry to hear about your fall at the falls, Tamar! and the jeans…*sigh* but it looks like you got plenty of TLC, so it’s not all bad, right? 😉 Get better soon!

    • Thanks! Stitches are out! Will be a scar but hopefully not too big of one. Guess I can think of it as my souvenir – ha!

      • jmuhj

        OWN your scars. LOVE your scars. I know I do mine 😉

  • Did you see Oskar? Or Henri?

    • maaaaaaaaybe! =^^= stay tuned to find out!

  • Misha

    Am I wrong or is part 2 the same as part 1 ? (Something went wrong ?)

    • LOL! Thankfully this was the only mishap but there are cats! =^^=

  • nancy13905

    Glad the doc at Zoom+ took such good care of you. Heal fast.

    • They did a great job! How’d you know it was Zoom+?! I must have left a clue some place. Or maybe I said it! LOL! My memory these days! Thanks for reading and taking the time to leave a comment!!! =^^=

  • Cat Wisdom 101

    What an adventure! I’m glad you’re feeling better. It must have been fun seeing Olivia et. al in Van.

    • Thank you! Yes yes – shhhh don’t give away the rest!LOL!

  • What a great adventure! Traveling and meeting cool cats at the same time is perfect. Pickles is such a cutie.

    • I loved it! The combination was perfect! If only I’d had more time!

  • The north west is such a beautiful part of the US. My favorite really. Sorry for your injury, but it looks like you had a wonderful time 🙂

    • Totally agree with you and save my little mishap it was a great trip! Thanks for reading and taking the time to post!

  • Marie Borden

    Great adventure! I love her big yellow bug eyes too, not so scary but adorable. Be safe always and stay beautiful!

    xoxo, Marie@ Follyfoot Cattery

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  • queencatlady

    I’m so jealous, my angel Ms. Phoebe was good friends with Pickles and we have known Shana and Pickles since Pickles first started on etsy. All my kitties only wear Sweet Pickles! We are 2 hours away in OR from Pickles, what an honor to meet you it would be!

  • Oh my stars! You met my bestie, Pickles! I hope you gave her a little smooch for me.