Kitty Books for Kids By Yasmine Surovec

Author and illustrator Yasmine Surovec with cat I HAVE CAT first interviewed Yasmine Surovec when she published her first book “Cat Versus Human” based off her very popular blog. Since that time Yasmine has been very busy cranking out hilarious books about living with cats.

Today I’d like to feature two of her delightfully entertaining and funny children’s books, that are also completely suitable for adults in my humble opinions: “Bed For Kitty,” and “My Pet Human.”

“Bed for Kitty,” was released last fall and is about a little girl with a kitty who will sleep every save the bed she was so excited to get for her. Sound familiar? “They” say it’s suitable for ages 3-6 ,which I will amend to 3-60!

Yasmine Surovec children's book

Here latest book, “My Pet Human,” is about a cat who likes his freedom but begins to consider the benefits of a “pet human,” and if they outweigh those of living la vida loca outside.  Again, “they” say the book is suitable for children 6-10, I’ll make that 6-100 thank you very much!

The little details and illustrations like the hamster in the hamster wheel and the snake who pretends to be dead in order for kitty to “ingratiate” himself with his potential human’s mother are just too cute and funny!

My Pet HumanYasmine Surovec

This book, her most recent, goes on sale August 4th but can be pre-purchaed on Amazon right now so it ships the second it’s available! Do it! You know you want it!

I am a wee bit concerned though that I spotted Kip reading my advance copy…should I be concerned?!

Oh dear, you know there’s trouble brewing when you catch your cat reading Just look at the title! Gulp

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  • jmuhj

    You may as well surrender right now, Tamar. You KNOW who rules, don’t you? 😉

  • catchatcaren

    I featured A Bed For Kitty a few months ago and it is just darling!

  • Connie KittyBlog

    so sweet. I love her blog

  • Yasmine’s blog was one of the first cat blogs I started following. I have her first book Cat Versus Human and I loved it.