Creepy Critter Cat Toys (Giveaway For Everyone!)

Patti Haskin's Critter Central Catnip Cat toys

Patti Haskins, founder and creator of all at Critter Central based in Dallas, TX has more than enough muses and test subjects with her five cats (and one pup!).

She’s been creative all her life and her snake and bug cat toys are only the latest in a string of her artistic accomplishments. I love the quote on her site that reads:

“I crochet, sew, draw, paint, paper-mache, embroider, shoot photos, play piano, sing and have a graphic artist job. But not all at the same time”

Phew! LOL!

catnip snake and catnip bug cat toys

Someone doesn’t want to share…hmmm, surprise surprise it’s HADDIE! LOL!


Okay, her cat toys aren’t THAT creepy but given it’s a snake and a bug I figured the headline worked! One lucky reader from ANYWHERE in the WORLD will have the opportunity to win both a handmade catnip pellet bug of uncertain lineage PLUS a catnip stuffed snake! And, everyone will get a discount code for 20% off  the Critter Central store!

Not so long ago Patti was doodling snakes that soon came to life as catnip toys for her cats. The snakes are stuffed with catnip-saturated fiberfill and, “lots of very strong scented organic catnip from the higher altitudes and latitudes of Canada. All five Haskins cats approve of this catnip.”       

cat muses for Critter Central

Patti’s Kitty Muses and Quality Assurance Testers!


The bug came later at the request of a pleased customer who wanted, “something else for their cats to ‘kill’.” LOL!

Unlike the snake, the bug is full of catnip pellets that give it a beanbag feel and also prevents catnip from coming out of kitty fang holes! If the photo wasn’t enough, here’s Haddie in action hogging  the snake and the bug!

Sorry in advance to Petie but I had to include the gratuitous Petie shot below, we’ll say it’s to provide a sense of scale! (I need that Instagram emoji of the laughing/crying cat to insert here!).  I promise it’s just a bad angle, he HAS lost weight – honest!

Before I forget, use promo code CATNIP for 20% off purchases from Critter Central for a month! Woot woot!

bug shaped catnip cat toy

The giveaway will be running for 1 week and winners will be chosen by the Rafflecopter widget. Remember, EVERYONE CAN ENTER! This is NOT just for US residents (yay to Patti!).

Leaving a comment is a mandatory, just let us us know what you think of these toys and/or why your cat(s) might enjoy them! Then you can get extra chances to win by liking our pages and/or Tweeting this giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Critter Central Cat Toys and Dolls

Some of Patti’s other Etsy shop kitty items!

I just had to include a little taste of some of the other fabulous kitty items Patti has at her Etsy shop! How adorable are those pillows! And she even crochet’s custom cat dolls based on photos of your own cat! Apparently her Grandmother crocheted kitty dolls, I suspect she’d approve!

GOOD LUCK ALL! And regardless, check out the Critter Central shop and support a small female-run business! Woot!


FTC Disclaimer: The kitties received a bug and snake from Critter Central for this post.

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  • Daniel Scott

    Yoshi will like stalking, and pouncing on these toys because they contain catnip. He goes wild over cat nip.

  • Mette Schou Petersen

    Lilly is getting bored of mice and bird and would be so happy to have new kinds of animals to “hunt”. 🙂

  • Those toys look so awesome!

  • Michèle Bergeron

    My cat’s mouse toys are getting old (aka they’ve been loved too much) and I was looking for something new for them. It looks awesome!!!

  • Shari Larsen

    My cats love anything catnip filled! I would love one of those snakes, that is one toy that they do not have yet!

  • Sierra M. Koester

    The snake is super cute, and I know my babies would love these. They really love catnip toys!

  • Michele Reid

    My Alex would adore the snake and carry it around with him. Just the right size for kicking and clutching.

  • Lynne T.

    I know my cat Desiree would love the snake, it’s nice and long for her to wrap her back legs around and kick it.

  • luvhistory

    I’m glad those snakes are brightly colored. Otherwise, I wouldn’t want to find them on my floor (already filled with fake dead mice).

  • Jacky

    My cat loves catnip toys! She likes to kangaroo kick them and lick them.

  • Meowcedes

    My fosters would love these!

  • Chris D.

    My kitties would like the cat nip snake. He seems to like the bigger toys he can drag around the house.

  • Shani Bensman

    Tajar would love everything about these toys! He loves to hunt, and goes nuts for anything with catnip!

  • rose

    My cat likes any toy.

  • Sheila K.

    Over the 16 years I’ve had my wonderful kitty-boy, he has never been one to play much with toys in general but he does go absolutely crazy over catnip toys.

  • Lisa Smith

    My kitty Reece would love the snake the most. She loves trying to catch dangling things

  • jmuhj

    Haddie! Such a cutie! Glassy-eyed and kicking! Those look like excellent toys.

  • My cat loves tossing around toys like this!

  • Cleopawtra

    Haddie looks like she doesn’t want to share. Looks like my baby boy. Both my furbabies would love these toys.

  • dlhaley

    He will like the snake. He like his catnip.

  • Angel Abby

    Oh Annabelle would love these!

  • Melanie Neer

    My cats would absolutely love these toys, especially the mouse I think, but also would love the snake.

  • DJohnson

    These toys are so cute. My cats would love them, especially with the catnip.

  • Annette Mayer

    Tay-Tay would love both of the toys. He could play with the bug by himself and the snake would be good for us to dangle for him.
    Btw, i just love the Petie pic!! It’s the humidity that is making him look extra floofy 🙂

  • Amber Marie

    My kittens would ABSOLUTELY LOVE these cat nip filled cute toys!! I try and spoil them as much as humanly possible within my means! My boy and girl will be super excited to have more toys especially ones as cute as this they could play with together!! I hope I can win or any other deserving kitties can!!!

  • biggie55

    My 2 cats would love to win and share with there 2 cousins. They are 13 and 12 years old so surprises in the mail they love to receive.

  • Florence Devi

    My cats would absolutely love these toys I have 4cats

  • AnnaZed

    I like the snake shape. I can see Leonardo’s rabbity back feet thumping the snake.
    {in the contest I am Margot C__ on the Rafflecopter}

  • Raine Dawson

    I love them because they’re so creepy, our house is like a crazy mix of weird and strange things with some geek mixed in. My kitties will love these because they all just passed around a bad cold do many of the toys had to go. These would be a huge hit and exciting.

  • Danielle

    They are so cute! I think my cat would love the catnip, she goes crazy for it.

  • Krystal W

    Love the snake toy!

  • That snake toy is awesome. Our kitties love grabbing stuff like that and giving it the bunny-kickin’ what for. 🙂

  • Connie KittyBlog

    those are adorable!

  • BlueEel

    My girls would love these! Keep them busy at night… 😉

  • Stephanie Jones

    the toys are adorable, and all my kitties love catnip!

  • Laura monroe

    So cool! My kitty would love these.

  • Laura monroe

    So, cool! My kitty would love these.

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  • cezovski


  • Cathy Keisha

    We don’t have scrwly things in the condo so I’d love to kill something. I’m not all that into catnip but I’ve found Etzy shop nip to be the best.

  • Jackie Younce

    My cats would love the bug!! they love toys they can grip and rub their faces all over!!!

  • Milene Mittelhauser

    Snake looks summer fun. We need new toys!

  • Amanda Whitley

    i think my cat would like that they are filled with catnip

  • Ramadasa Jivatma

    My cat used to bring real snakes in the house and I would have to catch them and take them back outside. This seems like a MUCH better alternative that she can also keep inside.

  • Lady Norémon

    I love how the snake is a good size for kicking, which is one of Lydia’s preferred play methods

  • Chickie Brewer

    I don’t think nemo has ever had a snake toy.. Would like to see him play with it.