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A Giveaway for You and Your Cat!

Catnip and Cat Wine Bag

I often look around my apartment and wish I’d started a shoe blog. So many things for my cats, but what about me?? If you feel like your cats are the ones getting all the love, then this giveaway is … Continue reading

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Gifts in a New York Minute: The Wine Lover

California Wine Club

Each day for the coming three days, I’ll feature Christmas gifts you can get and give in a New York minute!¬† Today we’re featuring the perfect last-minute gift for the wine-lover on your list. I recently received my second wine … Continue reading

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Chateau du Chat

California Wine Club Cat and wine

Now that we’ve got your 4-legged friends covered with our Tipsy Nip giveaway (you have until 12/12 to enter!), it’s time for the 2-leggeds. According to recent research findings cat owners were found to be less social, more introverted and … Continue reading

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(Cat) Nip and Wine

Careers for your Cats, California Wine Clubs, Tickle Pickle

I thought “Nip and Wine” was a cute post title until it dawned on me what “nip” is short for.¬† Since the only “nips” on this page are of the feline variety I added “(cat)” to the title to avoid … Continue reading

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Out, Damn’d Spot! Out, I Say!

  When I purchased a carpet from Fab.com (yes I’m obsessed), I didn’t worry about potential cat stains. If anything posed a viable threat to my Petie-palate hued rug it was my red wine habit. But just a few short … Continue reading

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Cats + Wine = Fun For All!

Wine and cats, cats and wine. I often enjoy them both as I unwind after a long day at work. Kate, the lady behind the well-loved website¬†ModernCat, must have had me in mind when she started selling these ingenious cat … Continue reading

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Cat’s Pee on a Gooseberry Bush

Normally I don’t write diary-like of-the-moment entries but tonight I couldn’t help myself. I hope you will indulge me. Not so long-ago in a failed attempt to meet single men, I took a wine-tasting course (refer to “Felines and Valentines”). … Continue reading

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