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To Catch a Cat: How Three Stray Kittens Rescued Me (Book Review)

Heather Green

To Catch a Cat: How Three Stray Kittens Rescued Me is a memoir written by former journalist Heather Green about a time in her life when she was a single – albeit with a boyfriend – career woman living and working … Continue reading

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Inside Brooklyn’s First Cat Cafe

Brooklyn Cat Cafe

Upon visiting the latest addition to the NYC cat café a week after its opening (by which they’d already made 6 adoptions!) I noticed a few things that make Brooklyn’s first cat café distinctly different from its counterparts on the island of … Continue reading

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Two Hotties In Four Days: John Fulton and Joshua Bell

John Fulton at Alley Cat Allies

Normally contact with one hot guy in a given month is considered newsworthy (or rather blog worthy). But this past week I had the pleasure of enjoying the presence of two hotties within a mere four day period. In truth … Continue reading

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A Year Ago Today

A photograph showing the waters of the Hudson River on 10th Avenue. Photo by Katya Valevich

A year ago today I was in the dark. Literally. But I sure has heck wasn’t alone. Hurricane Sandy had come and in its wake left many of us without water or power (thankfully I had water – cold water … Continue reading

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New York City Living

View from Brooklyn - Copy

Inspired by a missed opportunity (a very big one in retrospect), I’ve been making an effort to notice and document things that catch my eye during the course of a seemingly ordinary day. I shared my first New York City … Continue reading

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September 11th Reprised

9/11/2013 Broadway and 23rd Street

“It’s just a day for me now,” said my ex roommate, the one who lived with me on 9/11/2001. I was taken back by her response to my text to her saying I couldn’t believe twelve years had passed already. … Continue reading

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Feline State of Mind

Picture 156

Asked to describe a cat’s personality recently, I rattled off a list of attributes not thinking much of it. Upon reflection however, I realized I’d described the average New Yorker. Curious to see how far the similarities went, I compiled … Continue reading

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9/11: I Have Cat Remembers

On the T.V. screen, two black towers rising up between the broadcasters’ heads against an impossibly hopeful bright blue sky.  A gash in the side of one from which a torrent of black smoke gushed forth.  I called my friend Steven … Continue reading

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9/11: The view from across the pond

Rebecca Slattery-Kavanagh, writer, animal lover and I HAVE CAT reader shares the perspective of someone working in London England ten years ago today. Outside of the US, the UK suffered more losses on 9/11/2001 than any other country. I don’t … Continue reading

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Et Tu?

It started over the Labor Day Weekend. Magazines hit the stands with commemorative anniversary editions.  NY1 seems to running heart-wrenching stories on a 24/7 loop. Even while making a grocery run to get ingredients for vegan lasagna Tuesday evening I was … Continue reading

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checking off apartment requirements

Knowingly or not, we all start with a wish-list. In a safe neighborhood, close to work, southern light, hardwood floors, a full bath with tub, maybe a small study. A patio would be nice, but it’s gotta be under $1,700 … Continue reading

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