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An Ordinary Day

It was late August in the summer of 2001.  Unemployed at the time, I was paying a visit to the unemployment office in the financial district (no phoning it in or going online like today). Coming up out of the … Continue reading

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My friend J___ holds Hollywood accountable for her singleton status. She believes movies like “Sleepless in Seattle,” “16 Candles” and “Serendipity” ruined her life. These films gave her comfort that love was hiding just around the corner and would reveal … Continue reading

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Close Encounters of the Feline Kind

Today’s post is brought to you by guest blogger Gina K. Callaghan, who lives in New York City with three cats: Bubba, age 21, Chyron, age 13 and Stanni, age 9. ******************* Meeting people online can be rewarding – or fraught … Continue reading

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Cat-man-do (not)

“Kippeeeee!” In an excited, glass-shattering voice I run toward him, hands spread out, ready to nab.  He takes one look at me and high- tails it out of there. But I’m not discouraged! Like a female Pepe Le Pew, I … Continue reading

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