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Color Me Vegan

I’m super excited about my plan to attend ThanksLiving at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary with a few friends today.  ThanksLiving is a fundraising event for the Sanctuary in which Turkeys are the guests of honor and bi-pods dine on … Continue reading

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(Vegan) Lasagna Fit for Garfield

I am well aware that cats are obligate carnivores so don’t go posting comments calling me an animal abuser.  I’m taking creative license to prove my point. This lasagna is darn good. When I put a call out for vegan … Continue reading

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Cold Weather Comfort Food (Vegetarian/Vegan)

As a vegetarian flirting with vegan (okay, a pescatarian, but that sounds like a religion) I find it difficult to get enough protein and iron in my diet. I like lentils and love my mom’s lentil soup recipe, but sometimes … Continue reading

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All Hail Kale!

After my Brooklyn-living-bike-obsessed boyfriend and I broke up last fall (You can read more about him in ”The 2nd of 9 Lives“) he began updating Facebook with status messages the likes of “Making Kale soup!”, “Eating Kale again tonight!” My first reaction … Continue reading

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Dinner Take Two…sort of (2 of 3)

Chinese take out box

Readers, you might recall the last time I saw M___ he was making off with “my” Szechuan broccoli in garlic sauce (with brown rice). Before his great escape we’d made plans for dinner for the coming Sunday at 6pm. Well, … Continue reading

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Of Meals and Men (1 of 3)

Is my love of good food so intense it could sabotage a potential relationship? Sure it sounds ridiculous, but a recent dating experience led me to examine the connection between man, woman and food. I met M___, a single lawyer … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review: Rockin’ Raw

cat in a bunny suit

Last Fall I went back to being a vegetarian (okay, a pescatarian) after many years of meat eating because my cats – Petie in particular –  seem barely a step removed from a bunny, lamb or piglet. A pig is … Continue reading

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