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Dog Cafes: Food + Dogs = Questionable

Yes, there is in fact a post about dogs from I HAVE CAT in your news feed or inbox today. I just couldn’t help myself when I heard about the latest crowd-funding trend: Raising money to open Dog Cafes in … Continue reading

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Cats, The Gateway Animal

My cats are the reason I love dogs

Cats and Marijuana. If you think they have nothing in common, you’re dead wrong. Cats.  Innocuous at first …ditto marijuana. Once you’re hooked, there’s no going back …ditto marijuana. Introduce you to a whole world you never realized existed (ditto). Growing … Continue reading

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Feline Mignon

How I became a vegetarian

I’ve had an on-again off-again relationship with meat over the years.  I don’t come from family of carnivores but my mother was convinced a child required a certain amount of meat to get all the necessary nutrients. Small pieces of … Continue reading

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Wanted: A Man Who Loves Pussy (cats)

men who love cats are the best men

  I recently asked an ex why men love dogs given they personify all that is deemed undesirable in the opposite sex – needy, dependent, requiring constant validation, easily excitable, unable to contain emotions (not to mention the love of … Continue reading

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