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Kedi: Much More Than a Film About Cats in Istanbul

cat documentary

I was intrigued from the moment I saw the trailer for Kedi (Turkish for cat), a documentary by Ceyda Torun. Having recently published Shop Cats of New York, a book about cats living in a variety of New York City … Continue reading

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The Kitten(s) of The Movie “Keanu”

Tamar Arslanian at The Movie Keanu

When I first saw the posters for the movie “Keanu” I thought it was a joke. Upon finding out it wasn’t a hoax, I vowed never to see it – kittens be damned. But after reading the mostly positive reviews, … Continue reading

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#WorstChristmasEver @LifeTimeTV Media Placement #Fail

Grumpy Cat Movie, "Worst Christmas Ever"

I’m supposed to be working on something else at the moment, but feel compelled to write about the Grumpy Cat movie “Worst Christmas Ever,” that aired on Lifetime TV last night. Honestly, I hadn’t planned on watching it, but being … Continue reading

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