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Cat Woman Wednesday: Catification Queen

Cat Lady

As a young child Priscilla Forehand grew up with a cat named Biscuit, but when her sister developed allergies there were no more furry family members after he passed. She fulfilled her love of felines by helping her mom care … Continue reading

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Decorating With Cats: Shag Baby Shag

shag rugs are great for homes with cats

When it comes to decorating – with cats, I believe “shag” is misunderstood and therefore  underrated and underutilized. No, sorry, not “shag” in the British sense of the word, but happily not in the 70s bad hairstyle way either. But … Continue reading

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Littervention Winner: Before & After (Plus Tips for All!)


After posting the Tidy Cats® s Littervention contest, many of you expressed interest in finding out who ultimately won, why, and seeing before and after photos. Your wish is my command! I literally pulled “head litter box decorator” Jenni Pulos … Continue reading

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Have A Cat Safe (and Stylish) Holiday Season

Tips for cat safety during the holidays

A few years ago I wrote a post about how to keep your cat happy and safe while you enjoy a festive holiday season.  While there’s an overwhelming amount of information to be found this time of year about keeping our pup safe … Continue reading

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Catification & Whiskerlist (great gifts & 2 giveaways!)

Catification and whiskerslist

It’s not too late to purchase “Catification” and “whiskerslist 2015 boxed calendar”in time for Christmas if you order today! Or, order with regular shipping to have on hand as the perfect gift for the cat lover(s) in your life when the occasion arrises (Or … Continue reading

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Make your home more spacious and cat friendly

urban pet haus wave shelf

In case you missed it, but sure to check out my guest post on The Wet Nose Press titled “3 Easy Steps To a Cat-Friendly Home With Plenty of Space For All.” I cover simple ways to make your home … Continue reading

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(Cat) Man Cave


They say “build it and it will come” right? Using that line of reasoning I recently invested in a 47″ flat screen TV and a new entertainment center. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m attempting to create a … Continue reading

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Is Your Cat a Fiber Artist?

Cats who scratch furniture

I believe in supporting the fine arts and admire the avant-garde creations of Henry the Feline Fiber Artist. But Kip’s fiber art is something I’d prefer on canvas. Not my chaise. My cats are partial to carpet-covered scratchers. And if … Continue reading

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Decorating, With Cat (s): My Confession

sofa ruined by cat

As a single professional I preach the possibility of having feline roommates without letting your home fall to shambles. Love of felines need not come at the exclusion of having a man – or good furniture. But the truth is. … Continue reading

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11 Tips for a Safe & Stylish Kitty Home

Picture 252

Just as many of us humans managed to survive to adulthood despite lead paint, secondhand smoke and death-trap cribs, my eldest Kip has made it to age nine without any major mishaps.  As a first time single cat mom in my mid … Continue reading

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Decorating, with cat (s)


As I’ve stated previously, I do not believe people need abandon their personal sense of style just because they are cat-lovers. I want my apartment to announce itself to friends, family and suitors with a resounding,  “Hello, an independent sophisticated … Continue reading

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Cat Chic Canadian Style


The first time I saw The Faux Bearskin by Loyal Luxe I had a vision. Petie sprawled out in all his glory wearing a smoking jacket open in the front revealing tufts of his ample white belly.  In the background … Continue reading

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