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5 Ways Cats Can Improve Your (Human) Relationships

Grey Tuxedo

In the past I’ve written about my belief that cats can provide women with insight into male behavior. Today’s post takes this concept a step further. Cat mom to two black cats, Emily Parker of Catological.com writes about five ways to improve your human relationships … Continue reading

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Cat Woman Wednesday: The Cat’s Meow(box)


I’m excited today to introduce you to our Cat Woman Wednesday, Olivia Canlas, a hip Canadian cat entrepreneur whose love of animals led her to start the very successful business meowbox, a monthly subscription box that also helps rescue cats … Continue reading

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Cat Woman Wednesday: Housecat Club Founder Ashlynn Brink

cat toys

Today’s guest post from Ashlynn Brink recounts how her lifelong love of felines (read on to learn the depths of that love!) combined with a college course, inspired a career change culminating in Housecat Club, a whimsical vegan cat toy business. She also talks us about meeting … Continue reading

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Latest Cat Trends from Global Pet Expo

GPE logo

A few weeks ago I went to Orlando, Florida to the Global Pet Expo to check out the latest and greatest products in the world of feline and I’m here to report back to you! But first, the obligatory photo … Continue reading

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Tell us about your kitty muse(s) and win some Muse!

Kip and muse prize box

Muse is a new brand of wet cat food by Purina available at PetSmart.  The name was inspired by the fact that each of our cats have unique personalities, and they’ve asked I write about how each of my cats … Continue reading

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For Mew International Cat Toy Giveaway!

For Mew cat toy giveaway

It’s about time for a giveaway wouldn’t you say? Glad you agree! And it’s an INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY so all are encouraged to enter! I’m excited to introduce you to a new line of handmade cat toys I discovered on Etsy … Continue reading

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Is Your Cat in a Rut? #WaysToWow

Fancy Feast Chicken Broths WOW YOUR CAT

Do you ever get the not-so-subtle feeling your resident feline – or three –  is stuck in a rut? Or perhaps even bored? The signs can be subtle, but not always (refer to image below). Bored of what is the … Continue reading

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“AS SEEN ON TV” Feather Whirl™ Offer + 6 GIVEAWAYS!

Feather Whirl As Seen on TV

12/22/14  – CHANCE #4 to win! Scroll down & use widget that says GIVEAWAY #4! +++++ 12/5/14  – CHANCE # 3 to win! Scroll down & use widget that says GIVEAWAY #3! +++++ October 2014 “AS SEEN ON TV” is not copy I envisioned writing in an I HAVE CAT … Continue reading

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Finally, Petie Cat(nip) Toys!

Picture 83

  When queen of cat women and founder of Moderncat Enterprises, Kate Benjamin offered to design an I HAVE CAT edition of her Modkicker catnip toys, I didn’t think twice! I had so much time collaborating on the fabric pattern, and … Continue reading

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Pretty in (Hot) Pink

Picture 151

After redecorating my living room I stepped back and realized: I’d created Petie in room form. White and charcoal grey all over with pink accents. I’d never considered myself a “pink” person, but there’s something about a vivid pink that’s … Continue reading

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(Cat) Nip and Wine

Careers for your Cats, California Wine Clubs, Tickle Pickle

I thought “Nip and Wine” was a cute post title until it dawned on me what “nip” is short for.  Since the only “nips” on this page are of the feline variety I added “(cat)” to the title to avoid … Continue reading

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Cats + Wine = Fun For All!

Wine and cats, cats and wine. I often enjoy them both as I unwind after a long day at work. Kate, the lady behind the well-loved website ModernCat, must have had me in mind when she started selling these ingenious cat … Continue reading

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Jake & Micah: Olives, Cookies and Sushi for Cats!

Modern cat toys and accessories

I’m all about cat toys and accessories that are an extension of my personality and aesthetic.  So I was super excited when Mei Zaums, founder of Jake & Micah (and former NYC resident), offered to send one of her cat-nip … Continue reading

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