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Cat Woman Wednesday: Housecat Club Founder Ashlynn Brink

cat toys

Today’s guest post from Ashlynn Brink recounts how her lifelong love of felines (read on to learn the depths of that love!) combined with a college course, inspired a career change culminating in Housecat Club, a whimsical vegan cat toy business. She also talks us about meeting … Continue reading

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Go Cat Toys (aka Haddie’s Boyfriend)

Kicker cat toy

If Kip looks concerned he has good reason to be. Ever since the arrival of Go Cat Toys®, Haddie seems rather enamored (and not so much Kip!). Go Cat Toys kickers come in two two models, Sockitty® and MyMouse®. Interestingly enough, … Continue reading

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Black is Where It’s At! A Black Tickle Pickle of Course!

Black Cat Appreciation Month

According to Black Cat Rescue, a no kill rescue group in Boston, black cats are only half as likely to get adopted as cats of other colors. If you know a black cat it’s a hard fact to swallow because … Continue reading

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Creepy Critter Cat Toys (Giveaway For Everyone!)

Critter Central catnip toys

Patti Haskins, founder and creator of all at Critter Central based in Dallas, TX has more than enough muses and test subjects with her five cats (and one pup!). She’s been creative all her life and her snake and bug … Continue reading

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(Catnip) Shrimp on the Barbie

Shrimp catnip toy from Cheshire & Wain

In the spirit of Memorial Day, Haddie and Kip are enjoying an extra special delight – shrimp! Well, it’s not REAL shrimp (shhhh don’t tell!). Since the catnip toy came from Cheshire & Wain in London, England I guess it’s technically a … Continue reading

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Petie Catnip Toys Are a Reality!

Polydactyl Cat catnip toys made in the USA

Get a Petie of your own* by ordering a hand made in the USA, organic catnip Petie patterned toy (or 3!) made specially for I HAVE CAT by Polydactyl Cats in Philly! Each toy is approximately 3″ on each side. … Continue reading

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Miso Handmade Gives Cats Their Just Deserts…or Macarons!

Petie with catnip macaron

Macaron (or macaroon). A few years ago that word, to American’s at least, stood for one thing and one thing only – a somewhat polarizing, soft, beige coconut cookie. Those days are long gone. Replaced by a much more colorful … Continue reading

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V-DAY GIVEAWAY #7: YEOWWW! Hearrrt Attack Catnip Toys

Yeowww! Catnip Hearts

  If you’ve ever given your cat a Yeowww! catnip toy you know how powerful they are – the bananas and cigars are ubiquitous at pet shops! In the spirit of Valentine’s Day we have YEOWWW! Hearrrt Attack Catnip Toys, each sporting a … Continue reading

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Modern Feline Meets Modern Canine (Giveaway!)

When I first heard from Tiffany Pek, founder of The Modern Canine, I thought for sure she had the wrong person.  Um…I have cats(s) not canines, and they most certainly do not wear clothing. It turns out that in her … Continue reading

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