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Cat Man Monday: David Williams, “Men With Cats”

Today I’m excited to be honoring David Williams, the author of the upcoming photography book, Men With Cats: Intimate Portraits of Feline Friendship  (pre order your copy now!) as our Cat Man Monday! David and I met, fittingly enough, at The Algonquin … Continue reading

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Happy Fathers Day! Or is it Fur-thers Day?!

Happy Fathers Day to all the cat men out there! This year I wanted to give another shout-out to the “Cat Man Monday” features of past.  Ranging from a Cat Man in uniform, to a few famous cat men, the … Continue reading

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Cat Man Monday: Moshow The “Cat Rapper”


When I first saw a YouTube video of a rapper with three Sphynx cats, I wasn’t sure what to think. Particularly because the song was called “Blind Love.” Was it possible he was singing about the cats? Or was this … Continue reading

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Painting of ernest hemingway with cat

I first became aware of Sam Kalda when attending FIT’s class of 2014 Visual Thesis Exhibition. While I enjoyed many of the artists’ work, his was by far my favorite. I was immediately taken not only by his subject matter … Continue reading

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The first photo I randomly came upon on Instagram was of a young boy taking a bath in a white footed tub with a long-haired feline balanced on the edge, taking what seemed to me to be quite an interest … Continue reading

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Cat Man Monday: Construction Worker Cat Daddy

If you’re an I HAVE CAT Facebook Fan (hurry up and “like” us already!), you’ve certainly seen these comments from one Amy Roach whenever I post a photo of Haddie.   We have an I HAVE CAT first today, a … Continue reading

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How Cats Say “I LOVE YOU” by Cole, Marm & Their Dad #catvideo

Cole and Marmalade

If you’re like most internet cat fans you know and love Cole and Marmalade * dearly. We were fortunate to have Chris Poole, their Cat Dad, in our CAT MAN MONDAY column last year (he cares for big cats during … Continue reading

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CAT MAN MONDAY: Every Princess (Cheeto) Needs a Prince

I first became acquainted with Princess Cheeto on Instagram and immediately feel in love. While the Princess is quite a beauty, it’s the photograph that  captured my attention. Is that a Princess Cheeto stuffed animal at FAO Shwarz???! Only one … Continue reading

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CAT MAN MONDAY: Lil BUB’s “Dude,” Mike Bridavsky

While on the West Coast last week to attend the “LA Feline Film Festival,” I had the good fortune of sitting down with Mike Bridavsky (aka. Lil BUB’s “Dude”) at “Adopt and Shop” in Culver City (a nonprofit pet retailer). Mike has seen me … Continue reading

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CAT MAN MONDAY: Pet Friendly Living

If you live in New York City or another metropolitan area, you may well be familiar with the challenges of finding a pet-friendly building. Today’s Cat Man Monday, entrepreneur Josh Garay, combined his love of animals with his knowledge of … Continue reading

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Today’s CAT MAN MONDAY is by Stephen Sorace who runs Curveline Films in Miami (but he originally hails from New York! Woot!). He came to my attention when he shared a video of the cutest Tortie kitten he saved only a … Continue reading

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CAT MAN MONDAY: Andrew Marttila, Cat Photographer

  I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew Marttila at Grumpy Cat’s 2nd Birthday. It’s a good thing I did, because upon returning home I had 3 Instagram messages asking if I’d met him – he’s clearly a player on … Continue reading

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CAT MAN MONDAY: He’s Single, Belgian, and Has Six Cats

  My name is Micha and I’m a freelance graphic designer, and amateur photographer living in a small village in West-Flanders, Belgium. I volunteer at an animal shelter and am an activist against animal abuse of all kinds from puppy … Continue reading

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CAT MAN MONDAY: Chris Poole, He Loves Cats of All Sizes

You may not know Chris Poole by name (yet), but if you’re a cat lover you know one of his latest videos, “A Cat’s Guide to Loving a Human” (If you haven’t seen it it’s a must-see and you can … Continue reading

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Cat Man Monday: The Rain Brought His First Feline Love

Today’s post is written by I HAVE CAT fan, Damir Vidan who resides in Slovenia! This is the story of the first cat who stole his heart.    As a child I grew up in a block of flats in … Continue reading

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I’m super excited to announce that today’s Cat Man Monday is Jay. Don’t recognize the name? You’ll most certainly know his cat’s name: Hamilton. Hamilton the Hipster Cat to be exact, with a perfectly shaped mustache that made him an internet sensation.  Jay … Continue reading

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CAT MAN MONDAY: Adventure Writer

Today’s Cat Man Monday is written by best-selling author and adventure writer James Dziezynski (who was my sister’s classmate in college!). You can read more about him at the end of this post! Enjoy!  I like all cats and most dogs. … Continue reading

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Alexis Ohanian was one of the founding partners of Reddit in 2005. For those of you not familiar with Reddit, Wikipedia describes it as, “a social news and entertainment website where registered users submit content in the form of links … Continue reading

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Cat Man Monday: Officer Jon Boyer

Today I’m honored to present a young man who might look familiar to you from the latest installment of “Show Your Soft Side,” a campaign dedicated to changing the mindset of young people in the Baltimore area towards animal abuse. … Continue reading

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CAT MAN MONDAY: Cats Are His Kryptonite

Today’s Cat Man Monday was written by Karen Brazell about her cat-loving business partner Jed Dore. Karen is the designer behind the Severed Leg catnip toy previously featured on I HAVE CAT. Enjoy today’s Cyber Monday Edition of Cat Man … Continue reading

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