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Cats in Film: 2016

With the Oscars coming up this weekend I wanted to take a moment to recognize 2016’s cats in film. In 2015 four Oscar-nominated films featured cat actors (cactors?). Inarguably, it was the character of Bleeker from Gone Girl who received the most attention. 2016 seems … Continue reading

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The Kitten(s) of The Movie “Keanu”

When I first saw the posters for the movie “Keanu” I thought it was a joke. Upon finding out it wasn’t a hoax, I vowed never to see it – kittens be damned. But after reading the mostly positive reviews, … Continue reading

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Cat Man Monday: The Man Behind The “Gone Girl” Cat (s)

Cat actor in Gone Girl

The Cat Stole The Film “The cat is a character and its screen time is consistent. …If you haven’t seen the film yet, keep an eye out for this amazing creature. He knows all. “ (hellogiggles.com) “Nick & Amy’s Cat Actually Has … Continue reading

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The Oscar for Best Cat Actor (Cator?) Goes To…

The Grand Budapest Hotel. Gone Girl. Saint Vincent. Big Hero 6. What do these movies have in common? It’s true all were nominated for and/or won a Golden Globe or Academy Award for best movie, director or actress. But beyond that? Since you’re … Continue reading

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