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Make your home more spacious and cat friendly

In case you missed it, but sure to check out my guest post on The Wet Nose Press titled “3 Easy Steps To a Cat-Friendly Home With Plenty of Space For All.” I cover simple ways to make your home … Continue reading

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Eye Candy

fashionable modern pet bed

When I first saw these I had no idea what they were, but I knew I wanted them. No, they are not sweet confections… or pots of eyeshadow… It turns out they’re Sleepypod Crater Dots  and come in five vibrant … Continue reading

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Review: Catnip Toys with Sass!

OhBoyCatToy  modern catnip toys

Sometimes I look around my apartment and am convinced I live with a toddler given the number of toys strewn up and down the stairs (not to mention the cat beds). Well thanks to OhBoyCatToy now your cat’s toys can … Continue reading

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One of the most unique challenges a New York City cat-owner faces is the question of where to put the litter box.  Mudrooms, basements and laundry rooms often used to stash the necessary monstrosity are not part of our vernacular. … Continue reading

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