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#WorstChristmasEver @LifeTimeTV Media Placement #Fail

Grumpy Cat Movie, "Worst Christmas Ever"

I’m supposed to be working on something else at the moment, but feel compelled to write about the Grumpy Cat movie “Worst Christmas Ever,” that aired on Lifetime TV last night. Honestly, I hadn’t planned on watching it, but being … Continue reading

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Kotex Ad Claims Women Are As Sensitive as (Pussy) Cats

Kotex Ad Using Cats

  A Kotex ad in Asia created by the illustrious advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather compares the sensitivity of a women’s who-ha/down-there/v-jay-jay through the use of felines. Hardly subtle.   The agency assures us the cats were not harmed by the tape … Continue reading

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Cats + Pizza = Japanese Pizza Hut Commercial  

Pizza Hut Commercial In Japan With Cats

Not too long ago, in a piece that ran on The Cat Channel, I expressed my surprise – and confusion- over the recent trend of pairing cats with pizza. The pizza cat so to speak (a few examples below). Am … Continue reading

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“Cat Food For Thought” (Review, Interview & Giveaway)

Cat Food for Thought

    Though I open cans of food for my cats twice a day, I never gave much – if any – thought to the labels on those very cans. Well, at least not until I received a copy of “Cat Food For … Continue reading

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House Cats Gone Wild!

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 9.28.10 AM

Before my sister and I took our trip to Tanzania this past February, one I HAVE CAT fan joked I’d have to Photoshop pictures of domestic house cats into our photos in order to post them to the blog (since … Continue reading

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Maru + Uniqlo = Fashionably Plump Japanese Coupling

  Maru’s career continues to develop as the incredibly adorable and plump internet star moves on from hawking cat litter*, to teaming up with Japanese label Uniqlo to announce the brand’s arrival to San Francisco. To celebrate the new store … Continue reading

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Kittens Tackle Mountain Lion

Apple announces OS X Mountain Lion

  Imagine my surprise when I saw an email titled “Kittens Tackle Mountain Lion” in my inbox this morning. It turned out to be a super adorable marketing ploy from Tekserve, a local computer sales and repair store, announcing Apple’s latest cat-themed operating … Continue reading

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Cat Lovers Deserve To Die (Hipsters and Crazy Aunts Too)

Lung Cancer Alliance  noonedeservestodie.org

Having recently seen the tasteless Jezebel post “Fuck You, Cats,”*  I expected the article in my Google Alerts titled “Cat Lovers Deserve to Die,” to be a similarly poorly written rant of a post. Instead, I found a tasteless campaign for the … Continue reading

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Levitating Cat Promotes Pet Adoption

  You may or may not love  – or even like – the ASPCA, but you’ll love the latest video they created promoting June as adopt-a-shelter-cat-month (and not just because it features a cute cat man). “Hovercat,” features one very … Continue reading

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CATvertising with a Cause


Despite working in advertising, I’ve only written about commercials twice in my 2+ years of blogging. Once, about my obsession crush on the actor who played the Russian Oligarch in the DIRECTV spot I worked on, and another about a … Continue reading

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Pussy(cat) Talks Pussy

Join the movement to place one incredible word in its rightful place of superiority over all other words

As a cat lover working in the advertising world, marketing campaigns featuring cats always pique my interest but as a cat loving woman in advertising the recent “That’s Vaginal” campaign from the folks over at Abbott Laboratories was of particular interest. … Continue reading

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Crazy Cool (Cat) Lady

sexy cat lady

10am today found me – large black coffee in hand – reviewing creative that would be presented to the client later in the day.  To my displeasure one of the scripts (written by a single woman who owns a cat … Continue reading

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They Walk Among Us

covered in cat hair Tamar Arslanian

Today’s post is written by a colleague of mine who has the distinct pleasure of sitting next to me at work. Patrick’s a single 30-something year old living in NYC – without cats (for now). ************** When I first met Tamar she … Continue reading

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