How to Lose a Mate in 7 Days

If you have cats or are a cat lover, tips on how to break up

In the next 7 days I will give you one suggestion a day on how cat lovers and cat parents can lose a prospective girlfriend or boyfriend (or current one) in 7 days.  You may choose to view these as warnings, … Continue reading

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Petie Catnip Toys Are a Reality!

Polydactyl Cat catnip toys made in the USA

Get a Petie of your own* by ordering a hand made in the USA, organic catnip Petie patterned toy (or 3!) made specially for I HAVE CAT by Polydactyl Cats in Philly! Each toy is approximately 3″ on each side. … Continue reading

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shark cat ball

The Cat Ball®, LLC is a small woman owned business in Bellevue, Washington founded by Jennifer Schmidt making unique cat beds appropriate for an array of aesthetics. And it’s been getting tons of attention lately from hauspanther to Etsy and … Continue reading

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Happy Easter (Trivia)!

Easter Cat Bunny in an Easter Egg bed

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Petie, the traditional Easter-Cat-Bunny, is chilling in his overs-sized Easter egg bed (aka The Cat Ball, you’ll be hearing more about this cool cat bed soon!). I sure hope Petie doesn’t decide he … Continue reading

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A boy and Maine Coon are best friends growing up together

The first photo I randomly came upon on Instagram was of a young boy taking a bath in a white footed tub with a long-haired feline balanced on the edge, taking what seemed to me to be quite an interest … Continue reading

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Sweet Pickles’ Designs Springtime Collar Giveaway

Sweet Pickles Givewawy MARCH 2015

If you live in the Northeast like I do, it doesn’t exactly feel like Spring when you’re still wearing a down jacket –  despite what the calendar says.  So, to get everyone into the spirit of the season, I HAVE CAT has … Continue reading

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Litter Box Hacks & My Interview With Kate Walsh

Kate Walsh with her rescue cats Billy and Pablo

While not writing for my blog, you may think – if you think about me while not on this blog, which now seems a bit ego-centric of me – that I while my days and nights away on social media, or engaged in scintillating … Continue reading

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Cat Man Monday: The Man Behind “Gone Girl” Cat (s)

Cat actor in Gone Girl

The Cat Stole The Film “The cat is a character and its screen time is consistent. …If you haven’t seen the film yet, keep an eye out for this amazing creature. He knows all. “ ( “Nick & Amy’s Cat Actually Has … Continue reading

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CatVacay Provides Sitter Services in the US & Canada launches cat sitter services

As a cat parent – or any pet parent for that matter – the excitement of a weekend away can quickly be tempered by the realization we’ll be away from our fur babies and need someone to care for them … Continue reading

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The Oscar for Best Cat Actor (Cator?) Goes To…

Their time has come for cat actors and their trainers to be recognized.

The Grand Budapest Hotel. Gone Girl. Saint Vincent. Big Hero 6. What do these movies have in common? It’s true all were nominated for and/or won a Golden Globe or Academy Award for best movie, director or actress. But beyond that? Since you’re … Continue reading

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Denver Cat Company (Cat Cafe)


We’ve done our best at I HAVE CAT to report on the cat cafés sprouting up around the world – including the United States – over the past months. Thanks to IHC fan, Jeannie Menor, today we bring you an … Continue reading

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Cat Man Monday: Construction Worker Cat Daddy

Cat Man with his black kitty

If you’re an I HAVE CAT Facebook Fan (hurry up and “like” us already!), you’ve certainly seen these comments from one Amy Roach whenever I post a photo of Haddie.   We have an I HAVE CAT first today, a … Continue reading

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You May Be Dating Your Cat If…

you may be dating your cat

You may think you don’t have a date today. You may be wrong. If you have a cat you may be – unbeknownst to you – be dating him or her. Here are 11 signs you might be dating your cat. … Continue reading

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How Cats Say “I LOVE YOU” by Cole, Marm & Their Dad #catvideo

Cole and Marmalade

If you’re like most internet cat fans you know and love Cole and Marmalade * dearly. We were fortunate to have Chris Poole, their Cat Dad, in our CAT MAN MONDAY column last year (he cares for big cats during … Continue reading

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Paul & Joe Powder Features Kitty in Sailor Cap…

cat-themed make-up

…with a pipe, but let’s just assume it’s for catnip for the purposes of this post (we don’t condone tobacco products for kitty and doubt Paul and Joe does either!). As regular IHC blog readers know I’m rather picky when it comes … Continue reading

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Win A #Littervention Make-Over!

Tidy Cats Littervention Contest

I’m very excited to announce Tidy Cats® Multiple Cat LightWeight Litter (which is half the weight of traditional scooping cat litter so great for those of us who do a lot of shlepping- huge back saver!). Is providing 1 lucky … Continue reading

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Cat Woman Wednesday: Living in The Meow (+Giveaway!)

Cat Woman Wednesday and a Valentine's Day Giveaway of a Cat T-shirt

Valentine’s Day “season” seems to be popular for giveaways I guess it’s another occasion for gift-giving? We really have to do something about that dry spell between February and December! Unless you are fortunate enough to have your birthday during … Continue reading

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“A Letter to My Cat”: Winners & Other Special Letters

A Letter To My Cat Giveaway Winner

We received so many beautiful heartfelt submissions for our “A Letter to my Cat” giveaway when we asked I HAVE CAT fans to write to one of their cats expressing their love and gratitude. All of the letters were touching, and I … Continue reading

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Dog Cafes: Food + Dogs = Questionable

source: The Dog Cafe Indiegogo campaign page

Yes, there is in fact a post about dogs from I HAVE CAT in your news feed or inbox today. I just couldn’t help myself when I heard about the latest crowd-funding trend: Raising money to open Dog Cafes in … Continue reading

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Top 10 Posts of 2014

Best I HAVE CAT posts of 2014

It’s always fun to take a look at the posts from the year to see which were most popular. And it gives readers a chance to catch-up on any “good stuff” they’ve missed along the way. This is particularly relevant … Continue reading

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