Last Tuesday evening I showered, used hair product, got the flat-iron out, put on some earrings and applied eyeliner (an all too rare occurrences in my world). High heels were considered briefly but quickly vetoed (too uncomfortable). I was … Continue reading

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CAT MAN MONDAY: Andrew Marttila, Cat Photographer

Corporal loving time with Haroun? (which Andrew calls a "smooch"!)

  I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew Marttila at Grumpy Cat’s 2nd Birthday. It’s a good thing I did, because upon returning home I had 3 Instagram messages asking if I’d met him – he’s clearly a player on … Continue reading

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  Petie says not to worry about the seemingly very large margarita he’s holding in his paws (he claims it’s catnip free). Apparently he’s check it out with his vet (who let him use my phone?) and given his body … Continue reading

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My Visit to New York City’s First Cat Cafe

Purina One Cat Cafe NYC

As a cat obsessed loving New Yorker hearing about cat cafe’s popping up all over the world  - Italy, Paris, England, LA and San Francisco - it’s hard not to feel left out. When do we get a cat cafe? We ARE … Continue reading

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National Hairball Awareness Day: A Puking Cat is an Unhappy Cat


One might think this day was purely made-up by dogs to make fun of their feline brothers. But I must admit my research was inconclusive in regards to this matter. Some believe the day was founded 60 years ago by … Continue reading

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“Cat Food For Thought” (Review, Interview & Giveaway)

Cat Food for Thought

    Though I open cans of food for my cats twice a day, I never gave much – if any – thought to the labels on those very cans. Well, at least not until I received a copy of “Cat Food For … Continue reading

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What’s So Great About Your Cat? (Giveaway)

What's So Great About a Cat?

Some of you may have noticed photos of me at SXSW (South by Southwest) in Austin, TX on my Facebook page back in early March. Now I can finally tell you why I was there and more importantly, what’s in it … Continue reading

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CAT MAN MONDAY: He’s Single, Belgian, and Has Six Cats

Micha Smashgraphics

  My name is Micha and I’m a freelance graphic designer, and amateur photographer living in a small village in West-Flanders, Belgium. I volunteer at an animal shelter and am an activist against animal abuse of all kinds from puppy … Continue reading

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petie bunny

    If you follow my personal Facebook page or the I HAVE CAT Instagram account it will come as no surprise to hear that I’ve been slightly….okay very obsessed with “The Big Egg Hunt”  that’s been going on in … Continue reading

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Metal Cats: A Book Review


  “We love cats because they do everything society tells us we can’t. We also know that deep down, just like us, cats just want to love and be loved, even if they aren’t that good at showing it.”  - From … Continue reading

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