Miso Handmade Gives Cats Their Just Deserts…or Macarons!

Petie with catnip macaron

Macaron (or macaroon). A few years ago that word, to American’s at least, stood for one thing and one thing only – a somewhat polarizing, soft, beige coconut cookie. Those days are long gone. Replaced by a much more colorful … Continue reading

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The Scorpio Cat: Charming, but Vengeful #meredithgrey

Taylor Swift's Cat

Are people attracted to cats with common traits? Looking for a partner in crime so to speak? Take a look at your cat. Any similarities? As we put this theory to the test, let’s take a look at the example … Continue reading

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CAT MAN MONDAY: Every Princess (Cheeto) Needs a Prince

Hugo Martinze with Princess Cheeto on his head

I first became acquainted with Princess Cheeto on Instagram and immediately feel in love. While the Princess is quite a beauty, it’s the photograph that  captured my attention. Is that a Princess Cheeto stuffed animal at FAO Shwarz???! Only one … Continue reading

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“A Letter To My Cat” (And Yours!)

write a letter to your cat

Looks who’s on the homepage of A Letter To My Cat’s website right next to LIL BUB – they’d make a pretty cute couple if you ask me…. Dear Kip, I had no idea what to expect when I adopted you. … Continue reading

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Happy All Hallows’ Eve!

My cat as Errol Flynn on Halloween

While the city (NYC) is going bonkers with 20-year girls old’s in “sexy” cat/maid/nurse “costumes,” here I sit Photo-shopping my cats while eating humus and drinking red wine. And I wonder why I’m single. This is the first year I’ve … Continue reading

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Exclusive Peek Inside “Cat Town”: 1st US Cat Cafe!

First ever cat cafe in America opens in Oakland

  I’m excited to be writing about Oakland’s Cat Town Café today. I had the pleasure of speaking with one of the founders, Adam Myatt on Tuesday, and in addition to sharing the story of how the café came to … Continue reading

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MEOWSES: Cardboard Cat Houses With Personality

Meowses cat houses

As any cat parent or fan knows, boxes are universally loved by felines. Even if they don’t fit, they must sit – or squeeze into them. But the indisputable truth is: cardboard boxes are unsightly. Ugly even. Particularly after acquiring that “lived-in” … Continue reading

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“AS SEEN ON TV” Feather Whirl™ Offer + 6 GIVEAWAYS!

Feather Whirl As Seen on TV

12/22/14  - CHANCE #4 to win! Scroll down & use widget that says GIVEAWAY #4! +++++ 12/5/14  - CHANCE # 3 to win! Scroll down & use widget that says GIVEAWAY #3! +++++ October 2014 “AS SEEN ON TV” is not copy I envisioned writing in an I HAVE CAT … Continue reading

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#GetHealthyHappy, Stay Healthy Happy

Get Healthy Happy

  As the last post in the #GetHappyHealthy initiative, I wanted to provide a quickie recap of the topics covered to date, and remind you of the $10 cat food rebate available to I HAVE CAT readers. The importance of … Continue reading

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Cat Woman Wednesday: Creating Magical Photographs with Cats and Dolls

secret-shhh cat and doll photography

Sharon Wright could easily pass as Kim Basinger’s sister. The kick-ass sister with more talent, two cats,  a pig and a new husband to boot! (Be sure to check out Sharon’s bio below – for a real sense of her talent and sense of humor!) … Continue reading

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