Meet the Cats

This blog wouldn’t exist if not for the cats, so it seemed only appropriate to introduce them properly. Likely several of my girlfriends will chide me, but I’ve demonstrated what I feel to be great restraint in the look-at-my-cute-cat department to date.

I have cat

KIP is my “first born” and was adopted while I was dating a man long-distance with two cats of his own. Kip is my curious, social and nurturing kitty, always ready to bathe the fosters upon moments of arrival.  Thanks to Kip I will never have “real” furniture again. He does not like to be held but is tolerant about it. His body goes stiff and I can almost hear him repeating the mantra “mind over body, mind over body.”

Nicknames: Kippie, Kipper, Kipster, Kippy-Cat, Good Looking.


IMG_0900PETIE is so painfully shy most of my friends have never seen him in-person. He is the face of I HAVE CAT (well at least his nose is). Petie eats his emotions. While he can come off as the “dumb blond,” I’m convinced there’s a playboy trapped inside that husky 20lb frame. He does not like to be held and pretends the fosters do not exist. UPDATE: SWEET PETIE PASSED AWAY ON JULY 18, 2016.

Nicknames: Big Boy, Petie Pita Pocket, Fluffer McFlutterpants, Petie Pants, Petie Pantaloon.

And then there were three…


Haddie (aka little girl) is my failed foster. I nursed her through a very bad herpes infection which left her eyes damaged. Kip mothers her and she is always trying to play with Petie to no avail.  I must confess, she’s illegitimate. I haven’t done the paperwork to make her official. It’s a loop hole really because we all know three is the cat tipping point.

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