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A Giveaway for You and Your Cat!

Catnip and Cat Wine Bag

I often look around my apartment and wish I’d started a shoe blog. So many things for my cats, but what about me?? If you feel like your cats are the ones getting all the love, then this giveaway is … Continue reading

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Purina Pet Pledge (Win Prizes!)

Purina Pet Pledge

January might be over but it’s not to late to make a resolution  – or pet pledge – when it comes to your fur babies. Personally, I pledge to spend more quality time with each of my three guys (well … Continue reading

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“Men With Cats” Book Giveaway!

Men With Cats

I HAVE CAT readers have the opportunity to win a copy of “Men With Cats: Intimate Portraits of Feline Friendships” before it comes out on February 11th! This book depicts a wide range of men with the cats they love, … Continue reading

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Tiny Hats & Tidy Cats (Giveaway)

Adam Ellis Buzzfeed Tiny Hats

Tidy Cats has teamed up with Adam Ellis, the creator of Tiny Hats for Cats to ring in the New Year – and there could be something in it for you! If you’re not familiar with Adam and his adorable … Continue reading

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Litter Robot Open Air Unit Giveaway!

25 Days of Litter Robot

This month Litter Robot, the automatic litter box, has been giving away units each and every day (a retail value of $300+!). It’s the 25 Day of Litter Robot! We are excited to announce that Day #22 is I HAVE CAT’s day … Continue reading

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25 Chances To Win a Litter-Robot!

Litter Robot Giveaway

The Litter-Robot is an enclosed self cleaning litter box (read no spillage!) that allows for easy cleaning without having to scoop or touch dirty litter in any way (it all dumps into a handy drawer with a liner so all you … Continue reading

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Tidy Cats Litter Selector (and Giveaway!)

Tidy Cats

The folks at Tidy Cats know that litter is most certainly NOT a once-size-fits-all-homes (or cats) type proposition. Tidy products range the gamut from clay to lightweight clay to newspaper based and even a pine/corn combo. And that doesn’t even take into … Continue reading

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Tidy Gives You More (Giveaway)

Tidy Cat lightweight litter

As with food, the litter you choose to use for your cat is a personal choice with many factors to take into consideration. But if you you use clay litter and have tried – or are curious about – lightweight clay … Continue reading

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Chairman Meow Giveaway!

I Have Cat giveaway

According to their website,, “Chairman Meow is the self-proclaimed leader of the Kitty Revolution. He promotes a radical, yet peaceful ideology and envisions a future of cat world domination.” Cat man (yay!) Kevin, the human behind this initiative was … Continue reading

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Source: Instagram gillesmarini

Purina Pro Plan hopes not only to change people’s perceptions around traditional cat food, they also want to change perceptions around the “typical” cat owner. That’s why they’ve launched the Purina Pro Plan #MenAndCatsContest. On the food front, Purina is … Continue reading

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Tell us about your kitty muse(s) and win some Muse!

Kip and muse prize box

Muse is a new brand of wet cat food by Purina available at PetSmart.  The name was inspired by the fact that each of our cats have unique personalities, and they’ve asked I write about how each of my cats … Continue reading

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Creepy Critter Cat Toys (Giveaway For Everyone!)

Critter Central catnip toys

Patti Haskins, founder and creator of all at Critter Central based in Dallas, TX has more than enough muses and test subjects with her five cats (and one pup!). She’s been creative all her life and her snake and bug … Continue reading

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Has Kitten Cuteness Met Its Match? #KittenWeek


To counter Shark Week, a week of blood, guts, close-encounters, alien and killer sharks with an entire week of floof, whiskers, fur and lots of SQUEEEEEE! Kittens! Kitten Week to be precise! But wait, it’s gets better. A WEEK of … Continue reading

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For Mew International Cat Toy Giveaway!

For Mew cat toy giveaway

It’s about time for a giveaway wouldn’t you say? Glad you agree! And it’s an INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY so all are encouraged to enter! I’m excited to introduce you to a new line of handmade cat toys I discovered on Etsy … Continue reading

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“Text From Mittens” Author Interview & Giveaway!

Text With Mittens by Angie Bailey

“Texts From Mittens: A Cat Who Has an Unlimited Data Plan…and Isn’t Afraid to Use It,” by author and humorist Angie Bailey comes on the heels of her first cat  book (and now calendar), “whiskerslist: the kitty classifieds.” Thanks to … Continue reading

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Sweet Pickles’ Designs Springtime Collar Giveaway

Sweet Pickles Givewawy MARCH 2015

If you live in the Northeast like I do, it doesn’t exactly feel like Spring when you’re still wearing a down jacket –  despite what the calendar says.  So, to get everyone into the spirit of the season, I HAVE CAT has … Continue reading

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Win A #Littervention Make-Over!

Tidy Cats Littervention Contest

I’m very excited to announce Tidy Cats® Multiple Cat LightWeight Litter (which is half the weight of traditional scooping cat litter so great for those of us who do a lot of shlepping- huge back saver!). Is providing 1 lucky … Continue reading

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Cat Woman Wednesday: Living in The Meow (+Giveaway!)

Cat Woman Wednesday and a Valentine's Day Giveaway of a Cat T-shirt

Valentine’s Day “season” seems to be popular for giveaways I guess it’s another occasion for gift-giving? We really have to do something about that dry spell between February and December! Unless you are fortunate enough to have your birthday during … Continue reading

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“A Letter to My Cat”: Winners & Other Special Letters

A Letter To My Cat Giveaway Winner

We received so many beautiful heartfelt submissions for our “A Letter to my Cat” giveaway when we asked I HAVE CAT fans to write to one of their cats expressing their love and gratitude. All of the letters were touching, and I … Continue reading

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Catification & Whiskerlist (great gifts & 2 giveaways!)

Catification and whiskerslist

It’s not too late to purchase “Catification” and “whiskerslist 2015 boxed calendar”in time for Christmas if you order today! Or, order with regular shipping to have on hand as the perfect gift for the cat lover(s) in your life when the occasion arrises (Or … Continue reading

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