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As you may know I’m a recent vegetarian flirting with veganism (according to the dictionary not a word, but oh well!). On this page I’ll share my experiences with vegan cuisine – the good, the bad, the ugly – so you don’t make the same mistakes I do lest it turn you off forever!

Feline Mignon

How I became a vegetarian

I’ve had an on-again off-again relationship with meat over the years.  I don’t come from family of carnivores but my mother was convinced a child required a certain amount of meat to get all the necessary nutrients. Small pieces of … Continue reading

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My Ex’s Crispy Tofu with Black Bean Sauce

Vegan Chinese Recipe

This one is one of my standbys. I owe this recipe to the guy I dated who lived in Brooklyn and had 9 bikes residing in his master bedroom (you can read more about him in “The 2nd of 9 … Continue reading

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