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30 Things We Say To Cats…And Kids!

Some people say cats are their kids, and I’ve written in the past about the similarity between the two. We thought it would be fun to look at the things we say to our cats that also apply to human kids (or … Continue reading

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The Kitten(s) of The Movie “Keanu”

When I first saw the posters for the movie “Keanu” I thought it was a joke. Upon finding out it wasn’t a hoax, I vowed never to see it – kittens be damned. But after reading the mostly positive reviews, … Continue reading

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Inside Brooklyn’s First Cat Cafe

Upon visiting the latest addition to the NYC cat café a week after its opening (by which they’d already made 6 adoptions!) I noticed a few things that make Brooklyn’s first cat café distinctly different from its counterparts on the island of … Continue reading

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Cat Woman Wednesday: Mom To City The Kitty

While Lori Shepler had cats in her life since she was in her twenties, she didn’t realize how significantly one seemingly innocent-looking, homeless, ginger polydactyl kitten she crossed paths with about six and a half years ago would impact the course … Continue reading

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Which Landmark Best Suits Your Kitty?

Does your cat have a penchant for baguettes and brie? Expects be treated like a tzar or pharaoh (whose cat doesn’t?!). Wants to travel the world, or thinks he/she would be a better presidential candidate than the current options? Now with Landmark play … Continue reading

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10 Things My Cats Taught Me

In the past on Mother’s Day I’ve written about my own Mom, Mom archtypes, and even featured feline Mothers. This this year I’d like to share many of the ways my three fur kids have impacted my life – resulting … Continue reading

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Cat Chic Haven

I’m super excited to announce that I’m featured in the May issue of Good Housekeeping (on stands now)! I was interviewed about how to create a home that accommodates the needs of both two and four legged residents! Now run … Continue reading

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Relationship Advice From A Cat

I’ve written in the past about how my cat Haddie became my third unplanned cat because she made a unilateral decision not to leave my home (check out the post HOW HADDIE CAME TO STAY – AKA THE SQUATTER, for … Continue reading

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Latest Cat Trends from Global Pet Expo

A few weeks ago I went to Orlando, Florida to the Global Pet Expo to check out the latest and greatest products in the world of feline and I’m here to report back to you! But first, the obligatory photo … Continue reading

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Inside Meowtropolitan, Seattle’s Cat Cafe

Today’s post was written by Lynn G., a 30-something self proclaimed animal lover and tree hugger who’s happy to call the Emerald City (Seattle) home. She’s a proud mommy to 3-year old daughter Melody and auntie to feline nieces Arwyn … Continue reading

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7 Ways to Entertain Your Cats Without Spending Money

  Today’s article is a guest post by Stef Hu, the writer and creator behind Why Cat Why, a cat resource site dedicated to answering life’s big questions, like Why are cats scared of cucumbers? and How do I get my cat to stop liking me … Continue reading

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Whisker+Box Cat Beds

Ban ugly printed cardboard boxes from your home while keeping your cats happy. It’s easy with sleek and stylish Whisker+Box cat beds. Whisker+Box cat beds are made with an eco-felt core covered in a coated canvas exterior making it sturdy yet … Continue reading

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Purina Pet Pledge (Win Prizes!)

January might be over but it’s not to late to make a resolution  – or pet pledge – when it comes to your fur babies. Personally, I pledge to spend more quality time with each of my three guys (well … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Gifts for Cat Ladies

I promise you’ll not find any cat butt t-shirts (or any cat t-shirts for that matter) here! And trust me, your Cat Lady lady friend doesn’t need yet another cat mug or apron in her life – which is why … Continue reading

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Modular Cat Boxes

We all know how much cats love boxes, but you may not like the way cardboard boxes look strewn about your home! You can finally put those plain brown boxes where they belong – in recycling – because now there’s … Continue reading

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“Men With Cats” Book Giveaway!

I HAVE CAT readers have the opportunity to win a copy of “Men With Cats: Intimate Portraits of Feline Friendships” before it comes out on February 11th! This book depicts a wide range of men with the cats they love, … Continue reading

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Walter Chandoha: The Cat Photographer

Long before there were cat memes and YouTube videos there was the cat photography of Walter Chandoha. Born in New Jersey in 1920, Walter Chandoha has been taking adorable cat pictures for over four decades. Not only has his work been … Continue reading

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Happy New Years!

This will be a short one, but I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy 2016. The last few years have made me realize the importance of being healthy, and how easy it is to take … Continue reading

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Tiny Hats & Tidy Cats (Giveaway)

Adam Ellis Buzzfeed Tiny Hats

Tidy Cats has teamed up with Adam Ellis, the creator of Tiny Hats for Cats to ring in the New Year – and there could be something in it for you! If you’re not familiar with Adam and his adorable … Continue reading

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17 Reasons It’s Easier to Have Cats Than Kids  

1. Cats can be left unattended for the night. 2. Cats don’t require a variety of ever-changing educational toys. A ball of aluminum foil or a milk ring will do quite well. 3. Cats won’t ruin your body and breastfeeding is … Continue reading

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