Cats in Film: 2016

With the Oscars coming up this weekend I wanted to take a moment to recognize 2016’s cats in film. In 2015 four Oscar-nominated films featured cat actors (cactors?). Inarguably, it was the character of Bleeker from Gone Girl who received the most attention.

Bleeker the cat from Gone Girl

2016 seems to be light in regards to nominated films with cat characters – main or otherwise.  Only the tuxedo from 20th Century Woman (nominated for original screenplay) comes to mind.

cat from 20th Century Woman

But that’s not to say there weren’t other films in 2016 that not only featured cats, but depended on them for their existence.  In my humble opinion, the best part of watching A Street Cat Named Bob was the cat’s performance (or cats’ performances). His (I’m assuming given it’s a ginger) range of expression was truly amazing! And Keanu was certainly not a movie I didn’t expect to enjoy half as much as I did!

Cat in Street Cat Named Bob

I have to take this moment to reiterate my belief cats (all animal actors) and their trainers deserve recognition in both film and television. Particularly if the entire success of a movie rests on the performance of that cat (or cats since as with children, you usually need more than one cat to pull of a single role!).

2016 Movies With Cats

Several movies in 2016 had cats in the starring role

Can you think of other movies (non-animated) from 2016 that had cats in them? Do you have an all time favorite movie that had a cat as a main or supporting character? Leave a comment and let us know!

If you’d like to read a bit more about cats in movies and the men and women who train them, check out my other posts:

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  • valentine

    I totally agree! Thanks fur talking about this subject! I came up with my own form of oscars for kitties last year on my blog and welcome you to visit. I think it is high time that cat actors also be listed in ending movie and tv credits alongside humans’ names. Mew mew! Love your site!

    • Yes he stole the show!!! Thank you so much for your kind words! Can’t wait to check out your site!!!

  • My human enjoyed Keanu too – and she LOVED Bob! Apparently, he played himself, although he had a lot of stand-ins. Not sure who did the most acting. 🙂

    • I WAS amazing that they found a kitty that looked SO much like him!! Your mommy is so smart!!!

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  • jmuhj

    Who wouldn’t love BOB? *I don’t want to know!* <3

  • pilch92 .

    I want to see Bob’s movie. I loved Nine Lives, but Keanu, not so much.

  • Movies and cats? Count me in!!

  • naturegirly

    I have to say that Keanu was my fav. Just such a crazy story. Nine Lives was cute. Haven’t seen the other one ..yet! 😉 There’s always Cat Heaven Island. Another I’m wanting to see. Though technically not a movie. When I want to see a cat in a movie…….. I always go for Will Smith! LOL I Robot, Enemy of the State, Men in Black and I suppose I could reach and say that in the movie Six Degrees of Separation his character’s father is in town to direct the play ‘Cats’ LOL. (yeah ok not really one ha) .

  • I haven’t watched any of them yet!

  • I saw Nine lives and a streetcat named Bob. I loved this second one! But I think you should also read a book, it’s little bit different, it shows, that James knows a lot of about cats. In movie he’s presented as a laik. I think the book is even better than a movie 🙂

    • Tamar

      Yes I really liked the book! Agree with you completely!

  • Catherine Owen

    Watched A street cat named Bob already, that’s awesome and so so cute 🙂

    Welcome to our store of cute cat stuff for cat owners

  • CatTreesPlus

    I loved the movie Keanu. Key and Peele did a great job with the movie. The cat on your Cat’s in Movies blog, with the pet cone around his neck, brought back memories of when our cat Chomper was saved from death by The Michigan State University Animal Hospital.

  • It seems Tamar is a fan of movies and especially a real cat lover.
    I’ve seen Gone Girl recently but I really didn’t notice to much to Amy’s cat 🙁
    Have you seen The Secret Life of Pets (2016), I was so impressed with …the big lady Chloe :))

  • Cat Paws

    So many talented cats. It’s only the matter of time before they take over the Hollywood 😀

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