A Giveaway for You and Your Cat!

I often look around my apartment and wish I’d started a shoe blog. So many things for my cats, but what about me?? If you feel like your cats are the ones getting all the love, then this giveaway is for you!

Catnip and Cat Wine Bag

Tabby James is generously giving 2 lucky IHC readers a mixed box of their catnip and valerian root, and a cat-themed wine carrier ($45 value!)!

The box includes two kinds of catnip – course and fine – valerian root (also a kitty stimulant) and a cotton pouch. Tabby James catnip is organic and and sourced from the Pacific Northwest!

Catnip Giveaway

Haddie selflessly stepped up to do a bit of product testing. Take a look to see what she thought…

Looks like it had it’s intended effect on Haddie! LOL!

Tabby James

Well HELLO there!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  • Laila and Minchie

    We love catnip and get very high then crash. We don’t seem to respond to valerian root however.

  • Annette Mayer

    Tay-Tay loves catnip. He rolls all over it and then he eats his catnip. After that he plays and plays until he crashes and when he crashes he crashes hard.
    I have used Valerian Root before on myself to help.relax and sleep.

  • I have 4 cats and they all react very happy with catnip. They love to sniff it, roll in it and eat it. I have not yet tried Valerian root. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • C.D

    One is a nip addict, the other it has zero effect on. I have tried Valerian root once with not much interest.

  • Alissa Newton

    Lennie LOVES cat nip, Ed is always interested in what has Lennie is interested but then decides catnip is boring and walks away. Maybe he’ll respond to Valerian?

  • Brooke

    My boys love catnip! My dog also loves it. Haven’t tried anything other than the normal catnip. Would love to see their reaction to something different 😊💙

  • My cat violently attacks and then sucks on her toys, runs around like a maniac, and tries to hang off her cat tree like a monkey. I actually have tried valerian–by accident. I grew it for tea, but *somebody* black and white and furry all over decided to knock it on the floor and eat it. Of course, eating the entire plant made her throw the whole thing up, but she still seemed pretty stoned.

  • Laurie and the “Girls”

    My cats live cat nip especially Cheesecake! She turns into a lioness at first whiff!

  • Milene Mittelhauser

    Cat nip doesn’t do much, I’m more excited about seeing if the valerian root gets them going. The heat and humidity of Missouri is making all of us really lazy right now.

  • Cindy

    It makes my cat roll around on the floor.

  • We love Tabby James’ nip! It’s high quality stuff!

  • Mickey Mouser and Rufus the Red love catnip- especially fresh from our garden. Tabby James’ is the next best thing. Rufus wasn’t interested in Valerian, Mickey only slightly, which was OK with me- it stinks!

  • ClickClick

    I have never given any of my cats catnip or valerian root.

  • L Robbins

    Lucy loves catnip!!! She loves getting Hi! Hi! Hi!

  • jmuhj

    Haddie’s in seventh heaven there! We love catnip and valerian here!

  • Amy S. Roach

    Love me some Haddie and giveaways

  • laurelei

    Need me some of that- the kitties will flip!

  • CaryLH

    I had never heard about valerian. Now I have something new to try. I love watching the cats roll in the catnip.its so much fun watching them

  • Stephanie Jones

    my kitties LOVE catnip, but they have never tried valerian. i’m betting they’d like it, too!

  • biggie55

    I have never heard of Valerian but im sure my cats would enjoy it, as they love catnip.

  • pilch92 .

    By the look of Haddie, it is good stuff. My cats love valerian, nip and silvervine.

  • alicia szemon

    never even heard of the brand but i bet my kitty would love to try it!

  • catchatcaren

    We aren’t entering because we reviewed them a few months ago, but Cody (and I) LOVE their products! Good luck to all who enter!!!!!!! catchatwithcarenandcody

  • Alexis & Mitzi for GinnyCat

    My cats find Valerian too stinky but my cat who didn’t react to cat nip loved Valerian!

  • I’ve never given my cat valerian root, but she loves to just roll around in catnip then mellow out!

  • Raine Dawson

    We’ve been wanting to try the Tabby James set for some time. We haven’t tried valerian in our house. There are 7 in my crew do everyone acts a little different. Some go wacky, others just roll and mellow out and my one guy isn’t interested, he’s the same one that looks at a laser pointer and just walks away lol.

  • Rebecca Cook

    Love Tabby James catnip. Haven’t tried the valerian root yet. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • dmricciardi

    Tamar, thank you so much for the fantastic prize giveaway! My *kids* are all *addicts* on the nip, and I’m sure will enjoy if we win!! Added the book (Shop Cats of New York) to my Amazon wish list!! ♥♥♥

  • wiggle

    Please take a moment for less fortunate cats and petition Facebook to
    shut down the Australian cat-torture group ‘Cat Busters’ and to aid an

    Petition: Expose Cat Busters

    Arrestation des assassins du groupe Cat Busters

  • Anja Sharamitaro

    My two kitty girls would love this…they told me to comment so they have a chance to win this….they love catnip!

  • Purr me another, we love it. So cute. And we are all big nip addicts here so would love to do some product testing. Well except for the doggies, do you know dogs don’t get off on nip? How bizarre and unfortunate for them.

  • Annette

    My cats roll around in catnip and one of them likes to eat it. I’ve used Valerian root in the past and they are psycho on it.

  • Tabby James’ stuff is awesome! We know the cats at the shelter would be psyched if we won and shared it with all of them. Thanks for the giveaway, Tamar!

  • DJohnson

    My cat loves catnip! She goes crazy when she smells it.

  • Sam Bee

    So far my cat didn’t seem to really get into it. Maybe this catnip will change her mind! 🙂

  • cezovski

    I’ve never tried (or heard of) valerian root, but my cat goes crazy over catnip! Rolls around and meows.

  • Petsho

    I wonder how powerful the effect is depending on certain cats. My own cat goes nuts over catnip already, so I can’t imagine the effect of valerian root.

  • Jim

    Very interesting, thank you.

  • Great review!! Looks like she loves it! ReviewsforMeow

  • Bestcatinfo

    This is a great way to treat your cat. I would like to try the Wine with my cat and see how it goes. Hope he doesn’t party all night long.

  • james
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  • Ruffy

    should have seen this earlier. would have availed it. been intending to try different this year and instead of the new cat food, this would be best. guess have to try it on our own. catnips! thanks for sharing, gave me a new idea. J

  • Vinh Le

    Very interesting!!! You might want to check this out too. It works really really well for my cats 🙂 http://bit.do/dSi3X