Whisker+Box Cat Beds

Ban ugly printed cardboard boxes from your home while keeping your cats happy. It’s easy with sleek and stylish Whisker+Box cat beds.

Whisker+Box cat beds are made with an eco-felt core covered in a coated canvas exterior making it sturdy yet flexible enough to fit your kitty comfortably. The coating also makes it easy to wipe them down for cleaning.

Source: Hauspanther

Source: Hauspanther


When assembled the boxes are 12.5″ long x 7.5″ wide x 5.5″ high. Snaps make for easy assembly as well as for taking apart for both cleaning and storage.


Source: TheCatConnection.com


Whisker+Box are can be purchased online from both TheCatConnection.com as well as Hauspanther.com. So send those old boxes to the recycling bin and treat your cats (and yourself) to a stylish alternative!


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12 Responses to Whisker+Box Cat Beds

  1. Summer says:

    Fun idea, but my human hates the color choices – where are purple and pink? Or burgundy? Or something nice and muted that’s not olive? Just throwing ideas out there for them.

  2. jmuhj says:

    These are nice and obviously comfy, but we’ll never banish the lowly cardboard box entirely. You KNOW cats love them. 😉 (And yes, we’d like some other colors, too!)

  3. dmricciardi says:

    At $50 per box, I think I will stay with the cardboard boxes I bring into the house by chance. . . Love the colors though — especially the blue one!! ♥♥♥

  4. G Woltmann says:

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  5. cat lover says:

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