Purina Pet Pledge (Win Prizes!)

January might be over but it’s not to late to make a resolution  – or pet pledge – when it comes to your fur babies.

Personally, I pledge to spend more quality time with each of my three guys (well 2 guys and a girl!), be it playing with them or just more one-on-one loving time.

Pure Love For Pets

When you go to www.PureLoveForPets.com you can pledge to give your cats lots of love, exercise and the right nutrition and when you do, enter to win prizes from Purina (through February 17, 2016)!

You could win a gift pack with a FURminator, Kong and food bowl or the grand prize of a towering cat condo!

So good luck! And just for fun, leave a comment to this blog post with your very own pet pledge!



NOTE: This is a sponsored post for which I received compensation. As always, I HAVE CAT aims to publish content readers will find entertaining or useful. 

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6 Responses to Purina Pet Pledge (Win Prizes!)

  1. pilch92 . says:

    Spending more time with kitties is a great idea.

  2. jmuhj says:

    Those are all great ideas and great prizes — you KNOW we’re in! 🙂

  3. Doris says:

    Hello, we are helping to raise funds to save our community cats. Need your help to support if possible. Thank you so much. :)​ https://teespring.com/CatsLover

  4. Doron Wolffberg says:

    I have three cats at home and thinking about saving more cats.
    I started my own page as well at http://www.wwwallaboutcats.com/