Valentine’s Gifts for Cat Ladies

I promise you’ll not find any cat butt t-shirts (or any cat t-shirts for that matter) here! And trust me, your Cat Lady lady friend doesn’t need yet another cat mug or apron in her life – which is why you need this guide!

Today’s post features finds any cat lady would be happy to have – and even something for your cat lady friend’s loyal feline in the spirit of the holiday!



Good for any cat lady, but particularly for the ones that loves sphynx kitties! Pick from Bare Cat Blush or one of the Trilogy (cat) wines in red or white! Wine and cats – a natural pairing.

Black Willow Winery cat wine



You have to have a keen eye to spot the animals listed amongst the 100 and their collective nouns (like a “knot of toads”, a “romp of otters”, and a “sleuth of bears”) on this subtle animal themed, hand screen printed sweatshirt! Made by Xenotees in Philadelphia and available in black or Cranberry!

Animal Lover Pull over by Xenotees



Among the many products sold by Crazy Cat Lady Concoctions – which are all vegan and cruelty free! – are some yummy salves and lip balms with names like Lavenpurr, Pawpermint and Felime!

Crazy Cat Lady Concoctions


No, they aren’t cat toys –  no catnip involved here (sorry kitties!)!  These decorative pillows are approximately 10″ x 10″ in size and are hand designed and made in Dallas, Texas. They make the perfect accent pillow for any bed or sofa.

Valentine Pillow with Cat and heart

And now something for that kitty!


Shana from Sweet Pickle’s Designs always comes up with the most fashionable and festive “outfits” for the discerning cats in your life. Select from a large array of bow ties (they look just as cute on girl cats as the boys!) and  collars. Go ahead, buy a set! Did I mention they’re handmade in Portland, Oregon? 

Sweet Pickles Valentine's Day collars and bows

PS  – That’s Sweet Pickles herself modeling a fuchsia corsage!

Do you have any other Valentine’s Day finds for cat lady giving? Tell us about them and include links!

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  • Alexis and GinnyCat

    Who makes the pillows? Could you provide a link or the name?

  • Cats and wine what could be better!
    Thanks for the info…
    Noodle and crew

  • jmuhj

    Well, I actually never get enough cat mugs or aprons (especially since the only apron I own has a naked man on it LOL) but I can see that all of your suggestions will be popular! I especially love the collars, corsages and bow ties, of course 😉 (I guess an explanation is in order: friends of friends went to Tuscany and brought back this apron with that famous da Vinci drawing on it, for me. Don’t ask.)

    • That’s hysterical about the apron!

      • jmuhj

        Yeah, well, you would have had to have been there. I guess.

  • catperson

    TAMAR! thanks for the AMAZING suggestions here!! My daughter admitted she has enough cat chotchke and please no more! She is still a “catperson” like her mama here, and now I have some awesome ideas for gifts for her and my future daughter in law!! (another cat person with many cat mugs..LOL) 🙂 Thanks for this!!

    • So glad you enjoyed the post and that it will be of use to you! Thanks for leaving a comment!

  • These are some great suggestions! I love the sweatshirt!

    • So glad you found the post useful! =^^=

  • Tina Barbour

    I love those pillows! I have to admit that I still love getting cat-themed jewelry and clothing. 🙂

    • There’s no shame in that! To each his/her own! Glad you discovered something new!