Inside Catfé, Vancouver’s First Cat Café!

CatFe Vancouver Cat CafeOlivia Canlas, cat mom to three flurries and co-founder of was invited to see Vancouver’s first cat cafe before the public (it officially opened this past Monday), and gives us a preview of this stylish cafe complete with adoptable cats! I only wish it had been open when I was in Vancouver this past October! Perhaps this will require yet another trip!  Hope you enjoy this inside scoop, and be sure to visit if you are in the area! 


In a city know for being dog-centric, Vancouver is finally home to it’s very first cat cafe. Last weekend was the soft opening of Catfé, founded by local entrepreneur Michelle Furbacher (note the fuzz reference in the last name – perfect!).

Catfe Interior


As a friend and supporter, I was invited to check out the space before it was open to the public.  Friendships aside, I was thoroughly impressed.  Other cat cafes I’ve visited in the past were quaint and lovely, but Catfé had a buzzing vibe that was reminiscent of the trending coffee houses seen in our hipster neighborhoods around town—but, even better, this place has cats!!

Vancouver's First Cat Cafe

Catfé is open and airy and bright with huge windows and an inviting, cozy, modern vibe giving it a definite “Vancouver” feel.  It’s apparent cats were highly considered for the design of every inch of space.  The chairs are upholstered with cat-friendly fabric, the floor sprinkled with toys, beds, and the café full of boxes, and tunnels for play and stimulation.  The walls boast custom-made shelves with cubby holes and soft places for the cats to take a snooze.

sleeping cat at CatFe

Catfé is a literal cat heaven.  The 5 current kitty residents seemed to agree, as they happily sashayed between patrons, cat trees, food bowls, and water fountains.  Not only can these cats be snuggled during your visit, but they are all adoptable from the local SPCA.

Additionally, an array of adorable and unique cat-themed merchandise can be purchased, so if you visit, ready yourself – and your wallet – to “ohh” and “ahh” as you check out the cute kitty coin purses, books, tote bags, mugs, and scarves.

CatFe Merchandise

The warm happy vibe could easily have me spending all day at Catfé sipping a piping hot Americano, perusing the shelves, and petting furry cats.  Why visit a dog park when you can chill at Catfé?

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  • pilch92 .

    I wish I could visit every cat cafe. So far, I have been to the Meow Parlour in NYC.

    • And we have a second one now that’s fabulous called Koneko!

  • RiverfrontCats

    I’m really happy to see the popularity increase on Cats Cafes and I love this one with the custom-made walls. I need to visit one ASAP.

    • We have 2 in NYC now! You need to open one near you!

  • jmuhj

    This looks like MY kind of place! Love the pic of the gorgeous tuxedo floofy. I have dear friends in Vancouver, btw — and yes, the family includes FELINES but no fidos (yuk).

    • Ha! You are too funny! I agree the place looks very cool! Love how relaxed the Tuxedo is!

  • My human would never set foot in a dog park – who knows what she might step in? But an afternoon at a cat cafe sounds almost as heavenly as spending an afternoon with ME!

  • dmricciardi

    Love it!! ♥♥♥

    • Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! =^^=

  • Robert Jones

    This looks like fun:

  • Mom Paula would love to go to a cat cafe

    • They are fun! hope there is one near you (or at least coming soon!)