#BetterWithPets (Cats and Kittens!)

Last week I was fortunate to be invited to the 3rd Annual Nestle Purina Better With Pets Summit that focus about the human pet bond and how pets and people are better together.

As you can see I was excited to get the day going!


After an early morning start and an afternoon filled with panel discussions about the human-animal bond… hosting a talk show (just kidding – I wish!)…    

The secret panel at #purina #betterwithpets ? Nah, just goofing around with @ihavecat and @robinafolson A photo posted by Angie Bailey (@catladyland) on


…hobnobbing with celebricats (who may or may not have been happy to see me)…

Can you name this famous kitty? 🐱 #celebricat #celebritycat #betterwithpets #famethroughassociation #famouscat   A photo posted by Tamar Arslanian (@ihavecat) on


…And human celebrities and friends…


We were brain dead and punchy (can you tell who was who?).

Tamar Arslanian and Angie Bailey

Tamar Arslanian (l), Angie Bailey (r) – photo source: Robin Olson


It was time for a little cat therapy. And Thankfully Purina was ready to accommodate! They had a wonderful cat habitat loaded up with cats and kittens ready to help us decompress!             

Purina Better With Pets Summit  

I had to include this piece of artwork (and be sure to keep an eye out for the wallpaper too!).Purina Better With Pets Summit   

Too cute for words! 

Shark makes friends with kitten – story at 11! 🐱🐋 #betterwithpets #purinapartner A photo posted by Tamar Arslanian (@ihavecat) on

Christina Ha, of The Meow Parlour in New York City (NYC’s first cat cafe) said that visitors who are not Millennials tend to be more patient when it comes to cats, waiting for the cats to come to them. Mikel Delgado, a Cat Behaviorist with Purina said, “Interactions with cats last longer when the cat initiates and dictates play.”

I guess I’ll never learn. While know this intellectually I lose it when I see a cat or kitten. I must hunt, capture and attempt to snuggle!

Tamar Arslanian with kitten

It seems I’ll never learn. You’re supposed to let the cat come to you. Sigh.

While in the cat room you’ll never guess who I had the pleasure of meeting! James Franco’s girlfriend! It turns out this very stern looking beauty by the name of Syyxx (pictured below) was in a little known movie called “The Cat Father.”

While I was unable to confirm this with James directly, Syyxx has a Facebook page that lists her as an Actor/Director so anything is possible.

James Franco's girlfriend

That’s me with Harley below, you can see how thrilled he is to be held by his airplane ears (if you know anything about cats you know this means he’s NOT happy to be held by me – wow do I have the touch or what – and he’s an acting cat as well – he could at least pretend!). Look out for Harley in an upcoming Roomba commercial where he’ll be suited up as a spaceman.
Purina Better With Pets Summit


I leave you with a cat video. Now what could be cuter? Oh wait!  A KITTEN video! Now THAT’S Cute! Enjoy!


FTC Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for which I received compensation. As always, the opinions on my blog are my own and I only post content I believe will be of interest to my readers! 

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16 Responses to #BetterWithPets (Cats and Kittens!)

  1. Summer says:

    My human had SO much fun in the cat environment! But she says she didn’t get to spend enough time with you!

  2. catchatcaren says:

    nothing better than cute kitties! Great seeing you! catchatwithcarenandcody

  3. What a great event! You co cool that you got to meet so many celebrity cats (and people). And by the way I love the wallpaper!

  4. jmuhj says:

    Looks like a fabulous time was had by all, Tamar — I envy you! 😉

  5. Jenna Meow says:

    Looks like a wonderful event!

  6. Cat Wisdom 101 says:

    I could have stayed in the cat room all day! Great seeing you and look for my summit post tomorrow. Everyone’s experiences were so different 🙂

  7. Misha says:

    As usual great photos and comments from you. Bet you had a great time. Thanks, dear.

  8. Deb Barnes - Zee and Zoey says:

    Loved your pictures and captions!! It was great hanging out with you in NYC, and please, no more cheese!!

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