Cats of the Pacific Northwest (Part 3)

If you’re just joining us now, be sure to check out the first and second installations of this three part series (part 1 is rather dramatic – as it pertains to me not cats).

Seattle: Felines, Food and Form

I won’t keep you in suspense and will start off with the “feline” portion of this final chapter.


As most of you may already know, two very well known cats reside in Seattle – Oskar the Blind Cat, and his brother Klaus (aka  “The Klaus”). For those of you who don’t know about Oskar and Klaus you can get up-to-speed by reading the “about” section on their Facebook page.

Tamar Arslanian with Oskar the Blind Cat and Klaus (The Klaus)

i was so excited to see them I didn’t even take my coat off! While I’d like to think Oskar was giving me a kiss (l), he was likely just sniffing me out. Klaus was so very tolerant with my forced love (r)!

In a world dominated by feline lady cats like Lil BUB, Grumpy Cat and Nala Cat, these brothers prove that male kitties can be “celebricats” too!

While I had met Oskar briefly in New York at an event, I’d never met “The Klaus” and it was great having the opportunity to meet them both on their own turf! I was also fortunate enough to meet their relatively new two-legged furless sister Faye who turns 1 years-old this November.

Oskar and Klaus together

Mick, Oskar and Klaus’ Dad, was more than gracious having my friend and I drop by for an all too quick visit. It seems we aren’t the only ones who’ve been  to their home and they’ve even entertained guests from a number of foreign countries.

“The Klaus” was very affectionate while Oskar hung out with us but wasn’t as cuddly, which is how they normally are reassured Mick.

Tamar Arslanian with Oskar the Blind Cat and The Klaus

Okay, while I hate to pull you away from Oskar and Klaus, I would like to share some of the other sights, sounds and flavors I experienced in Seattle!


First up, you can’t make a trip to Seattle without going to Pike Place, a very large indoor/outdoor and marketplace with its fair share of stunning cut flowers and fresh fish during the day, and plenty of bars and restaurants for evening entertainment.

Pike Place at Night

Pike Place Flowers and Fish

Food in Seattle, Pike Place

Pike Place, as you make have surmised given they have a coffee by the same name, is also home to the very first Starbucks. No, we didn’t go inside given the length of the line. What do you think of the original logo? I hear they were going to bring it back but they decided against it after some public opposition.

Starbucks line and logo

Form: Fashion and Architecture

While we saw the Space Needle, we didn’t go up it. Instead we walked the grounds that contain quite a few large scale art structures. One of them being these amazing metal flowers at least 30″ in height. Pity I didn’t get the artist’s information.

The EMP (Experience Music Project) Museum is also on the premises and a sight to behold. I was excited to accurately guess the architect (Frank Gehry) without looking it up, but I guess it doesn’t exactly take a brain surgeon to figure that one out!

EMP Museum Seattle

We also hit the Bellevue Arts Museum and checked out their “Counter Culture” exhibit focusing on clothing of the 60s and 70s. Not exactly my favorite fashion era, but there were a few rather interesting pieces I’m including here for your viewing pleasure.

Counter Culture Bellevue Arts Museum

So as they say, “That’s All Folks!”  Hope you’ve enjoyed coming along with me on my whirlwind tour of the Pacific Northwest (and Vancouver BC). I will certainly have to make return trips, but it was nice to finally get a sense of that part of the country. The people were friendly and the geography beautiful. And of course, the cats!

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  • My human and I are big fans of Oskar and Klaus, and my human has met Oskar and their human, Mick (Klaus was there, but in another room) and says they are very, very nice!

  • Misha

    Thank you so much for all the interesting infos you gave us to learn about the Northwest – and of course we loved to hear about the kitties. They’re adorable as can be.

  • what a great adventure!

  • cneajna

    The giant flowers…. more info:

  • jmuhj

    Wow, what a plethora of pleasures! OSKAR & KLAUS <3 <3 first of all. The landscape and the flowers! Not a Starbucks fan, so won't really comment on that. But it sounds like a wonderful trip! IDK how you can travel, though, and not go absolutely crazy missing your CATS. I know I couldn't.

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  • queencatlady

    I adore Oskar and Klaus and am so green with envy…AGAIN! Glad to see you enjoyed our part of the country.