Chairman Meow Giveaway!

I Have Cat giveawayAccording to their website,, “Chairman Meow is the self-proclaimed leader of the Kitty Revolution. He promotes a radical, yet peaceful ideology and envisions a future of cat world domination.”

Cat man (yay!) Kevin, the human behind this initiative was inspired by watching his cat, Maurkice Pouncey, “Convinced she was plotting world domination.” He remains convinced that, “When humans screw things up with our world, the cats will be there to take over – The Glorious Kitteh Revolution.”

Chairman MeowWondering how to save yourself should this occur? According to the website, those humans who support the revolution by wearing t-shirts and displaying stickers created by the Ministry of Feline Propaganda honoring the great leader Chairman Meow, “Will be treated favorably. Others will be given less favorable jobs; such as working in the salt mines or catnip fields.”

Not one, but TWO lucky I HAVE CAT readers no matter where they live have the chance to win Chairman Meow t-shirts and stickers (retail value of over $22!).

The t-shirts are made in the USA and you could win one by using the widget below to enter. There are several ways to get extra chances to win so don’t forget to check them out!

Chariman Meow T-shirts and stickers

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And if you don’t win don’t fret, you can still purchase a tee at Obey The Kitty so check it out!

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26 Responses to Chairman Meow Giveaway!

  1. CaryLH says:

    I think I’d rather work in the catnip fields

  2. Holly E. says:

    of course, the catnip fields!

  3. Jenna Meow says:

    is that even a question, catnip

  4. Gail Hedlund says:

    I’ve been working in the catnip fields all the live long day. Oh, I’ve been working in the catnip fields just passing time away!

    My 2 adore it!! My hubby lovingly calls it cat marijuana!

  5. jmuhj says:

    Our CATre volunteers to work in the catnip fields for the good of our commune!

  6. Amy S. Roach says:

    Love the Kitty Revolution!

  7. Laura Crane says:

    I swear to honor the great leader ‘Chairman Meow’… =^. .^=

  8. michelle says:

    Catnip fields for sure. I bet they’d have butterflies…

  9. Raine Dawson says:

    I’d prefer the catnip fields but after running out of Mr Abraham’s favorite treats tge other night (he watched at treat time as the other cats ate theirs)- I’m quite sure I’ll be put in the salt mines.

  10. Milene Mittelhauser says:

    I want to be OUTSIDE, catnip fields forever.

  11. vava says:

    catnip fields

  12. C.D says:

    The catnip fields…come home…lay on the floor…and have kitties all over me!!!!

  13. I’ll take the catnip fields! Haha

  14. Linda Szymoniak says:

    I’d pick the catnip fields. That way I could sneak some home for my cats!

  15. biggie55 says:

    catnip fields of course

  16. Sierra M. Koester says:

    I think Carmine and Milita would be playing in the catnip field rather than working in it, MOL.

  17. Catnip just so I can sunbathe

  18. Rose Smith says:

    Definitely the catnip fields!

  19. DJohnson says:

    Definitely, catnip fields.

  20. Cleopawtra says:

    Love the shirts!!! I need to get me one or two of these. I’d work in the catnip fields. My husband agrees with another reader. He also calls it cat marijuana. I have to agree also.

  21. GrinningFool says:

    The catnip fields! At least I would have a chance to watch the cats!

  22. Kristen says:

    I’d rather work in the catnip fields.

  23. I’d be happy to live in a world under a Kitty Domination. I guess I actually do leave, as I share my live with four brainy cats: Cooper, Cabo, Martes and Billy, the furry stars of the site (In the name of the Cat, in english) Yes we cat!

    Eva. Purrrrrr!

  24. meowmeowmans says:

    Catnip fields? Um, YEAH! 🙂

  25. Annette Mayer says:

    No doubt about it, I’d rather work in the catnip fields!

  26. Tina W says:

    Who would choose salt over catnip???? Caaaattttnipppppppp