SuckUK Cat Scratch Laptop

The folks that brought your kitties the DJ turntable scratching pad, SuckUK presents, the kitty laptop scratcher (retails for $35).

Packaged like a real laptop, I think I had as much fun opening this toy as my cats have had playing with it. suckuk laptop packaging Now I cannot guarantee they’ll stop hounding you on your laptop until SuckUK makes a version with a heating pad inside it, but you’ll get tons of great photo ops that’s for sure!  

And it seems all cats – or at least those in the UK are left handed (note the positioning of the “mouse” lol!).

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  • I love this! I’ve always wanted my own laptop.

    • yes you can write your own memeowrs! lol!

  • jmuhj

    Actually, we were looking for a phablet. Because laptops are so last decade.

    • ohhhh such a good idea! you should create one!

      • jmuhj

        Since being dumped by my ex, I don’t have those skills or tools; but there’s someone in Arizona who could take this idea and run with it, and her initials are KB 😉

  • catchatcaren



    • I know right? it’s too funny and cute!

  • brilliant! I work from home and spend half my time “relocating” my kitties from my keyboard 🙂

  • Andrew Jackson

    Known information about Cats Behaviour that love to keep their paws in good condition. They try to do this by scratching. You can buy scratching posts online and give your kitty an appropriate alternative.

  • My cat must be the only one that doesn’t sit on the computer keyboard 🙂
    Anyway, I still think this is a cool gift for cat lovers and their kitties.