Purina Pro Plan hopes not only to change people’s perceptions around traditional cat food, they also want to change perceptions around the “typical” cat owner. That’s why they’ve launched the Purina Pro Plan #MenAndCatsContest.

#menandcats Purina Pro Plan Cat

On the food front, Purina is launching Savor Shredded Blends that combine crunchy kibble with tender meaty shreds. On the guy front, they’re teaming up with actor and proud cat man Gilles Marini (Me-WOW!) to find 11 additional extraordinary cat men (in addition to him of course) to round out the 2016 Purina Pro Plan Extraordinary Men and Cats Calendar and win a year’s supply of Savor Shredded Blend.

Source: Instagram gillesmarini

Source: Instagram gillesmarini

“I’m a man who loves cats and I’m proud of it,” says Gilles. “Since the first day we brought her home, our cat Penelope has become a very important member of our family and I can’t wait for everyone to see all of the amazing pictures of my fellow cat guys and their cats.” 


Okay, before I tell you how YOU can nominate your cat man, I’m going to share mine. It’s an untraditional selection because this person did not grow up with animals, doesn’t actually have a cat of his own, and claims not to be a cat man (but I know better). My nominee is my Dad!

Cat Dad

My Dad

It’s true he has five grand-cats between me and my sister, but that’s not why I’m nominating him. I’m nominating him because of  how attached he is to his neighbor’s cat Max. He’ll tell you he’s not, but he keeps a special stash of cat treats for him in the garage “just in case” Max comes to pay a visit. And boy do I hear about it if he’s been rebuffed and he hasn’t come by for a few days in a row!

Plus, how cute does he look in the tee-shirt my furkids got him for Fathers Day (and I hear he’s worn on several occasions)! I see Mr. September 2016 right here don’t you?



So here’s how you can enter if you’re a cat guy, or how to enter a cat guy in your life. Make sure to go through all the steps so your entry qualifies!

  • Just post a photo of them with their cat on Instagram or Twitter until 9/14/15
  • Use the hashtag #MenAndCatsContest
  • Tag @ProPlanCat

Oh dear, I guess I’ll have to get a photo of my Dad WITH Max for him to qualify!  Good luck and may the best cat men win! This is certainly going to be a keeper of a calendar!

FTC Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for which I received compensation. The opinions on my blog are my own, and I only post items I believe will be of interest to my readers!
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9 Responses to #MenAndCatsContest

  1. Connie KittyBlog says:

    do I give up my copyright if I enter?

    • Connie KittyBlog says:

      Entrant waives intellectual property rights, privacy/publicity rights or other legal or moral rights that might preclude the Sponsor’s use of any element of the Entry

      so, yes, yes you do. I’m fine with doing that if I win, but just to enter.. I have a problem with that.

  2. naturegirly says:

    Woooohooo! Entered my guy. He’s the best. Thanks for the heads-up!

  3. jmuhj says:

    Awww. Your dad! Personally, I don’t understand the “owner” thing, since living beings should never be referred to as being “owned”; and I also don’t get the whole thing about cats being a gender-specific companion, at all. In my family, we’ve all, always, loved, respected, protected, rescued, and shared life with felines, whether we’re female or male. That said, I wish I had a fine cat man to enter in the contest, but unfortunately, I don’t, unless you’d consider my main (Maine Coon) man, Sammi 😉

  4. Rogue says:

    Sorry, personally I think this is a publicity stunt by purina. Cats don’t like kibble unless they have had them since very young or no choice. Fresh meat would be a better and healthier option, but then the profit margin will shrink as this is far more expansive than kibble full of plant carbs. I can’t see the man thing in there, my partner is dedicated to my seven inmates and is not in need of any publicity.

  5. Alissa Newton says:

    I love this contest! I don’t have a cat-man to enter (sadly) but I can not WAIT to get my calendar. You’ll keep us up-to-date on this, won’t you? And your Dad looks fantastic in his tee and Max is quite a handsome fellow!