Black is Where It’s At! A Black Tickle Pickle of Course!

According to Black Cat Rescue, a no kill rescue group in Boston, black cats are only half as likely to get adopted as cats of other colors. If you know a black cat it’s a hard fact to swallow because you know how cute they are!

I’ve heard several theories as to why this may be the case:

  • They don’t photograph as well
  • Long-held superstitions
  • Harder to see their expressions

While I don’t have a black cat myself, seriously, what could be cooler than having your own sleek mini-panther?!

For the entire month of August, the folks at Tipsy Nip are going to donate 25% of all proceeds from their new Black Magic Tickle Pickle purchased from their website to Black Cat Rescue.

25% of sales donated to black cat rescue

I think it’s a very NYC pickle – it matches over half my wardrobe!

Plus, in addition to being stuffed with organic catnip it also contains licorice root which can help kitties with loads of ailments from digestive issues to subduing mild respiratory issues. Plus, did we mention it looks cool? Oh, and it’s a mere $8.75!

Black Magic Tickle PickleSo what are you waiting for? Go grab a super cool looking black Tickle Pickle now!

Do you share your home with a black cat? If so, what’s would you tell someone about him or her to encourage the adoption of black cats?

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  • Eva

    I used to have a black cat (now have a tortoiseshell and tuxedo). He was the friendliest cat ever and a big cuddle buddy. He loved to get his belly rubbed and would hang out on my lap whenever he could. So I wouldn’t hesitate to get another black cat.

    • awwwww how lovely! thank you for sharing 🙂

  • catchatcaren

    They say “once you go black, you won’t go back!!!” 🙂


    • true dat! I think i titled a blog post that once! LOL!

  • Jennifer Emmett

    Ordered a Tickle Pickle – I didn’t know about the Black Cat Rescue before, thank you for sharing!

  • Misha

    My little snuggle kitty is 15 years old and black – with a single white hair on her chest. (Supposed to bring luck !) Even with some healthissues, she is the sweetest and bravest furkid I ever had. Black cats really rule – at least in my heart.

  • jmuhj

    WOW! Tamar, that is one GORGEOUS panfur there. I’ve always thought black cats the most aesthetically elegant, stylish, and beautiful (I guess it’s like New Yorkers preferrring to wear black, for the same reason), though of course I LOVE ALL CATS. We miss all of our beloved panfurs…so much.

    • So true, I would love to have a house panther one day!

  • Cleopawtra

    My mini panther was the most cuddle bug ever. I could hold her like a baby for hours. Every night she would lay up against my hip. And when I’d watched TV if I wasn’t holding her she was attached to my hip. My husband called her my buttwart, since she always next to me. I miss her so much and will someday get another mini panther.

    • Awww how lovely!!!! buttwart! bahahaha !I wish any of my cats would let me hold them like that!

  • I’ve always wanted a black cat. In many countries white cats are considered bad luck. Plus black cat hair on clothing is less noticeable than white, as I wear more black than white 🙂

    • I def need a black cat given all the black I wear! ha! Should be a shortage of them in NYC!

  • Connie KittyBlog

    I heard that myth was actually proven untrue. one reason we think it is true is because there are so many unwanted black cats out there as it is the most popular coat color.

    • now that’s interesting, I haven’t seen that anywhere! it’s the same situation with dogs too…..could all the adoption places be wrong??

  • black cats are the most gorgous little things Ever! nothing can beat!

    • Tamar

      Like mini panthers!