Tell us about your kitty muse(s) and win some Muse!

Muse is a new brand of wet cat food by Purina available at PetSmart.  The name was inspired by the fact that each of our cats have unique personalities, and they’ve asked I write about how each of my cats have inspired me!

Purina  Muse wet foodStay tuned because when you tell us how your cats are your muses (or muse), you’ll have a chance to win a great pack of their new food along with a few other goodies!

At first I thought I’d get all fancy and turn to the nine muses of Greek mythology for inspiration.

Purina Muse  cat food Giveaway

Look at everything you can win! Err, well, your cats can win (not to mention the box!)

This became much more complicated than I had hoped. Sadly, none of them are history buffs (that  I know of), particularly humorous, erotic (!!!), into astrology, religion, poetry, song or dance! Unless you call the incredibly annoying “song of their people ” they regale me with at ungodly hours of the morning (insert shocked emoji here!).

While Haddie is funny in a funny looking  way – in the cutest say possible –  I’m not sure that’s the same thing exactly. Though she is passionate about Kip that’s for sure!

I decided to throw that idea out the window and go with the dictionary definition of “muse.” One of the many definitions I found was a muse as, “a source of inspiration.

So today I will share with you how each of my cats, Kip, Petie and Haddie inspires me (in reverse age order).

  • Haddie reminds me that where there’s a will there’s a way. She was supposed to be a foster, but set her goals on making my home her own and succeeded. I recently wrote about this in detail titled “How Haddie Came to Stay (aka the Squatter)” which I hope you’ll check out as it’s quite amusing now in retrospect. She won. I guess we both did. But I have a sneaking suspicion her crush on Kip had something with her wanting to stay here!
  • Petie inspires me with his resourcefulness and innovation. I’ve never see a cat (or person) go through such lengths to get what they want (in his case kibble which is a treat in this household). There’s a reason my kitchen is covered in toddler proof locks. Petie somehow manages to open heavy oven doors a in search of hidden kibble and successfully broke the seal on my fridge after he realized that’s where I was stashing the kibble (see above reference to toddler locks).
  • Kip reminds me to slow down in order to be more in-tune with myself and others because he’s so intuitive when it comes to me. He knows when I  love and selflessly volunteers himself as the “little spoon,” even if it means his fur will be soaked in my tears. I’ll never forget my Mom’s amazement when I woke up after having crashed out post a minor procedure to find Kip next to me. My Mom informed me he’d stayed put by my side watching over me for at least two hours. He didn’t even sit but was literally standing guard.

Purina Muse GiveawayWe want to hear about how your kitties inspire you. How they act as your muse, or perhaps just amuse you! If you win, you could get a fun gift box with samples of Purina’s new Muse wet food along with a whisker-stress-free cat bowl and crinkle toys (Haddie’s a big fan). Oh and I almost forgot, the box it all comes in is of course – as far as your cats are concerned it’s likely the best gift of all!

Use the widget to enter, leaving a comment is mandatory to be considered a winner!  US mailing addresses only please!

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FTC Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for which I received the pictured Muse box and a nominal gift card. As always, the content is my own. 

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  • Julianna Moore

    Princess Butterscotch helps me feel safe.She shows me that life isn’t always scary.She makes it less scary for me.She is certified emotional support.

  • Connie KittyBlog

    my cats inspire me to continue to rescue every day

  • Corinne Falotico

    My kittens, Arya and Bran are still growing and sometimes they fall over and flop in the most adorable ways! They inspire me to always be myself – however goofy and klutzy I may be! 🙂

    • jmuhj

      Congratulations on having two such gorgeous panthers in your life!

  • Truffle and Brûlée remind me that it’s important to stop and make the time to take care of myself.

  • CaryLH

    They inspire me to keep helping my friends who rescue cats.

  • pilch92 .

    That is a great idea. My cats are all I write about on my blog and I am working on some children’s book too.

  • I have 4 indoor only cats and they amuse me everyday. Chester loves to carry around a plush yellow dog bone toy around the house while meowing with it. It’s a muffled meow but so cute! The other guys sometimes meow in sequence before they eat. It’s like having a cat choir at home. They are always tapping on each other, too. 😉

  • jmuhj

    Gosh, where to start? Each of my six beloveds kind of combines the traits of your three, but of course, each cat is such an individual! Sammi, the eldest (and most recently adopted), turned 21 yesterday (or therebouts) and he epitomizes the Regal Lion King for me, with his massive Maine Coon mane and distinguished demeanor. Rani, our queen of 18, is determination personified. I call her “Stubbs” sometimes because she’s so stubborn! Tarifa is the dancer of the family, always (seemingly) happy and prancing and faster than the speed of light when she charges up and down the long hall. Sahra, our “kitten-sized” tabby girl, is the essence of Cat and looks very much like the desert cats of North Africa; she is also a predator extraordinaire when given the chance, and very good at achieving her goals. Calico lady Maryam is sweetness PLUS Calico ‘tude, a wonderful blend for our family. And Baby Su, formerly feral kitten, is deeply bonded to me, very loving, very playful, and very much her own cat. 😉

  • Amy S. Roach

    Having 4 cats, I have many muses. As a pet portrait artist, I started my career by painting my own cats. Nala Marie (17) was my first pet portrait. I had found my niche! My Tess Anne (8) is always by my side, she lies on my work station as I paint. Often she steps on my palette, getting paint paw prints everywhere. My Delaney Rose (2) is my little shadow ( yes, she is a black cat). An unexpected adoptee, she was dumped on our door step, she has a heart of gold and loves laying on the cat tower in my studio. But by far my Adora Mae is my biggest muse. I adopted her after spending a year writing my thesis for my art history degree. My thesis was written on Dora Maar, Pablo Picasso’s lover. Pablo called Dora, Adora which means my love. This sweet tortie girl is my most beloved muse. She has a coat unlike any other cat. She loves the smell of paint and loves listening to me sing while painting. Every painting that I create, I’m sure has been Adora Mae approved, as she often leaves some of her fur on the wet canvas. I would not be as successful as a painter had it not been for my sweet cats and the cats of many others I have painted.

  • Niki Mattson

    I think all my cats, past and present have inspired me in one way or another. Squeakers, my first cat, got me writing. A year after I got her, I joined the Catster community. Not long after, I started writing diary entries for her and participating in social forums. Before she went to the Bridge, and sometime after, Squeakers danced, had cat boyfriends, got married, and divorced, fell in love again, mourned for and worried and prayed about her friends if they were sick or went to the Bridge or just st decided to leave Catster. That’s a lot of imagination! But I think Sandy really was my muse. Yes, I wrote Catster diaries and posts for her, too, but it goes much, much farther. Sandy and I had, still have, a telepathic relationship much stronger than I had with Squeakers or Mojo. She told me that she was the perfect cat for me, even before I got her. My friend sent me an email about Sandy, who was almost 12 years old when her former owner, an 88 year old lady, broke her hip and had to move in with her son who already had 3 cats. Her son wanted to shoot Sandy, thinking she was too old, but the lady stopped him, called HSUS, Sandy stayed in a foster home for the weekend. My friend met the foster lady in a waiting room, they started talking. She mentioned Sandy’s predicament and how sweet and shy she was. My friend mentioned me. They exchanged phone numbers. My friend emailed me with the info. When I read it, it was like I was in a trance. Without realizing it, I picked up the phone and calked. A few hours later, I had Sandy. She was scared, and very shy and spent the night under the bed. But when she finally came out, we just clicked. I talked with her telepathically about a month later and we’ve been talking ever since, even after she died. She even told me that Squeakers was dying, and when Sandy was dying, she told me it was the right time to let her go. She listened to me when I talked, consoled me when I was sad and cried. Looked after me when I was sick.
    Don’t get me wrong, all my cats have been very special to me, and I don’t like playing favorites, but Sandy had that extra something special. I couldn’t get a very good telepathic signal with Squeakers until after she died, and I don’t get a good signal with Mojo, either.

  • Cleopawtra

    All of my cats past and present have been muses for me. My 2 present boys are my joys as well as muses. The old man (16) reminds me to slow down and smell the roses. To always find ways to love. The new baby (1) rescued from SPCA is the one that keeps me sane and gets me to laugh, even when I’m sad. He also is my sleep partner, and nurse, he’s either in bed touching me or up on the dresser watching me sleep. When ever I show distress (I’m on O2) he jumps down and wakes me so I can call for help. He’s even gotten me help (couldn’t wake me) from my husband by going out while he’s still watching TV and meowing like crazy to get him to follow him into the bedroom to check my levels. My boys are my children since we couldn’t have any human children. They are my loves and joys forever.

  • This gift pack seems amazing and I would love to participate. It’s a shame that the giveaway isn’t international.

  • Chris D.

    I have two rescues. One reminds me that there is never a wrong time to just stop what you are doing and take a nap! The other is a lover of reusable shopping bags which I now have an ample supply of…so he is my “be green” muse!

  • biggie55

    My cats are old but love the laser light and feathers on wand. But they r the best 2 cats when im sad or sick they lay with me and i get a bath with there scratchy tongue.

  • Raine Dawson

    All of my kitties inspire me in different ways, four were bottle babies with a slim chance of survival -now 7 years later they rule the house ( and me). One of my other boys was a foster who was so shy around people I worried about him finding a forever home but he became best friends with my guys and 5 years later he’s my happiest and most playful, he’s going blind in one eye and I have to medicate frequently but he’s a trooper (as long as he gets his treats after), definitely a inspiration and happy ending finding a home in our family. My biggest inspiration, that proves you can overcome any obstacle and hardship is my Lillia. She was born disabled with a seizure disorder and ocular problems that caused her to spin uncontrollably. I worked at the shelter at the time and she couldn’t even eat or drink well because of the spinning. Sadly the director and vet felt it best to put her down, I had already become attached so I asked for a few days, I got her a padded cube, darkened her cage and attached her food and water to the cage door. She immediately calmed enough to buy me more time. I worked with her a lot and finally was able to adopt her. It’s been 9 years now and she’s learned to focus, she only spins when she’s excited or scared. She climbs like a pro and still acts like a kitten. I can easily say that all of my cats are my muses, the make me laugh, help my panic attacks and depression and are the center of my world !

  • DJohnson

    My cats make me laugh daily. They inspire me to pay attention to the little things and to appreciate each moment.

  • Brooke

    I have 5 cats now but my 2 biggests muses passed away 2/20/15. I spent 13 1/2 years with Bub and Blackie. Blackie was the most laid back cat with a don’t give a £*~% attitude. His attitude inspired me to be the same way because I always took everything too personal and let everything bother me. Blackie didn’t have a care in the world (except for his food but that’s another story) lol and he loved me uncondtionally. If I can come back after death, I’d want to be a cat like Blackie. Bub was the same way but Bub was very demanding. It was Bub’s way whether you liked it or not. His no bs attitude amused me but amazed me at the same time. I think his take no bs attitude rubbed off on me. lol I love all of my boys and have a certain muse with each but Bub and Blackie left deep imprints on my heart so I wanted to share about them. 🙂

  • Sheila K.

    My formerly feral kitty-boy, who has now been with me for 16 years, is the most considerate cat I’ve ever known. He has never scratched the furniture, has never jumped up on the counters, and has never eaten any of our plants. He also sits next to his food bowl until I pat him on the tushy and say, “Eat, baby, eat”! In addition, he has an extensive (for a kitty) English vocabulary, saying “mama,” “love you,” and “hello” (the “hello” is absolutely hilarious—he will say it after I say it, and he sounds exactly like me)!

  • Jackie Younce

    Midori: he reminded me that there is still alot of love to be had in our house. He was my ‘husband’s cat’…until ‘my cat’ Nom Noms died suddenly of wet FIP. From then on, hes been my shadow. I like to say he saved me. He was the only one that really got how much it hurt, and still does. He always knows when I need him!

    Jupiter: shows me daily that you have to trust the world, even when its scary. He was found dodging cars on a busy street when he was too little to even hop the curb. He came to live with us then, and even though he’s lived almost his whole life with us in the same house, he still is my little scaredy cat. But he’s geting braver!

    Dewey: He teaches me patience. He was a former foster that was adopted from me, then returned when his parents got divorced. He has always been special, but even more so now. He is also a former feral baby and currently knwos im typing about him haha. Since he returned to us, he changed: he is very touchy and likes to play too rough, attacks legs and has a major beef with Jupiter…some days.

    Nom Noms: He taught me to appreciate each moment, stop for that extra pet, or kiss or hug. Always say I love you and always tell others how much you appreciate them. It can be taken away so so quickly. I will always have a hole in my heart for him </3

  • My cats have inspired me in so many ways! Lola was my muse for my book. I felt her story had to be shared. She inspired me to get involved in the world of cat rescue, She has taught me that no matter how tough life gets, love can make things better. Lola loves life and has nothing but love to give. Lexy taught me to love pets again. I had been without a cat for many years, and when I saw her it was love at first sight. She has a determined spirit and a sense of humor, and never (and I mean never) gives up when she wants something. She inspires me to keep going. Both of my girls continue to be my muses for my Facebook page and blog. Without them none of it would have come to fruition.

  • RinnyG

    Wendy always makes me happy. My kitty was rescued two years ago from a construction site. She remind me that whenever nobody is around, she is there to show me love.
    During my sad days she runs around and makes funny noises. She even tries to chirp.

    Whenever I am staying up too late, my kitty walks toward me. She starts leaking my toes.
    Whenever I am busy with something she purrs by my side.
    Wendy always has to be in the same room with me. Otherwise she’ll start crying.

  • Diane Estrella

    They are adorable. Munch and Jaspurrs are the best of friends.

  • Rachel DeHart

    My kitten paws at my dog from under neath the tv stand and its so cute and funny.

  • Chris Dehart

    My cat likes to sneak up on me and jump on me.

  • naturegirly

    I’ve always thought cats were born patient but I suppose now I know it’s an acquired talent even for them. Most of my feral rescues already know it by the time they come to me but my house raised cats are extremely irritated if they have to wait even for a minute for petting, a lap, food, clean water or the litter box to be emptied. I guess I have only myself to blame. Doting on their every whim, with the irrational thought that they will be satisfied, I soon learn there is no such thing for a cat. It must be the royalty gene in their bloodline. Give them all they want and they will find something missing. Maybe it’s a lifelong game we play to keep our brain in shape. Much like a furry crossword puzzle designed to work me and keep me thinking of something other than MY aging needs. It’s all good. It, so far, has worked well for us all. Head bumps and high-fives to you and yours.