A Manhattanite Goes To Ikea

I’m not sure what it’s like for folks elsewhere, but if you live in Manhattan, an IKEA outing is a pretty big deal. Back in the day it required a trip to the very depressing Port Authority Bus station and an often cramped ride to the Ikea in Elizabeth New Jersey.  Now however, it’s a boat ride away from the financial district (okay, a water taxi actually) to Red Hook, Brooklyn – a mini getaway on a nice summer day!

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And if you’re so inclined the excitement of your ride over can be doubly or triply enhanced by indulging in a frozen soft ice cream cone or a cinnamon bun (yes we have these in Manhattan but for some reason these things are NOT okay to consume unless one is at IKEA.

Last weekend a friend and I decided to make the trek to Red Hook and I went with a list of items I intended to pick up. In what I have to assume is a universal experience, I couldn’t find anything I needed and got everything I didn’t (or perhaps  items I didn’t realize I truly needed).

A small portion of my Ikea haul

A small portion of my Ikea haul

I share with you these few Ikea items for a reason:

  1. They finally came out with a faux sheepskin rug for a mere $12.00: woot!
  2. Fish ice cube trays $0.99: Self explanatory
  3. Square plastic place-mat-like-object $1.49: For Miss Messy Easter Haddie

Is my cat the only one who insists on taking the food out of the bowl and placing it on the floor before consuming it? Seriously what’s that all about?

Messy cat eating

Food must be placed on the floor before consumption (wassup with that?!)

Live action footage:

Aftermath now on easy to clean place-mat-like-object instead of wood floor:

Solution for mealtime with a messy cat That’s about it for this insightful post save what I did with the first ice cube trays. By planning ahead, I was able to amuse myself and avoid work when I was supposed to be writing (we’ll call it a creativity break). And yes, the glass was also a necessary IKEA purchase.  

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A photo posted by Tamar Arslanian (@ihavecat) on

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25 Responses to A Manhattanite Goes To Ikea

  1. Bernadette says:

    What fun! Yes, the experience is universal. I loved the photo of the fish out of water when I saw it on Instagram!

  2. Eddie does the same thing. Picks up his food with his paw and puts it on the floor, then eats. We are in search of mats too. I like the fish out of water photo too.

  3. CaryLH says:

    I have some fish and starfish with water inside. You freeze them and put them in your drink. Cold drink with no ice to melt and water it down. A friend used them to encourage a sick child to drink more too.

  4. Summer says:

    Maybe Haddie is one of those kitties with extra sensitive whiskers who hates them touching the sides of the bowl. Try feeding her on a flat plate and see if she still does it.

  5. Eva says:

    Both my cats are messy eaters. Hobbes (male, tuxedo) likes to pick up food and then (try to) eat it from his paw. Arya (female, tortoiseshell) likes to take to food out with her mouth the same way Haddie does in the video. Only she likes to move the food a bit further, so a mat is not going to fix this.
    And yes, the Ikea experience is universal. I live in the Netherlands, but always come back with items I didn’t intend to buy.

    • I HAVE CAT says:

      Funny kitties! wow, as long as she does not hide it someplace – omg Ikea makes me stupid! i just buy things for the sake of it and it’s not like I have lots of space! I’d love to see your kitty eating from his paw! LOL! You can post to our FB page http://www.facebook.com/ihavecat which I hope you are a fan of anyway! 😉

  6. Ingrid King says:

    Even though I live in the burbs, I rarely get to IKEA because it’s pretty far from me, so as a result, the rare trip there always feels like a holiday! And like you, I end up buying things I never knew I needed…

    What brand is Haddie’s food bowl? It’s gorgeous!

    • I HAVE CAT says:

      LOL! I totally agree – I love their coffee too! It’s the new HING DOME BOWL! It’s not for sale on Amazon yet – it comes in 7 different colors – I love how they look like big GUM BALLS! The tilt is great for my cats b/c they can’t pretend there is no food there because it’s stuck in the corners! Will let you know when they are on Amazon! 🙂

  7. jmuhj says:

    IKEA is a big deal for Left Coasters like myself, too — and as it’s my favorite furniture store, I call it “disneyland for adults” because it’s so much fun! Love your purchases — I can see tuna juice and water blended and frozen into fish cubes to add to Haddie’s water dish 😉 and btw, our crew likes to decorate the floor with food, too, and our answer to this was to buy IKEA trays to put under all their food and water dishes.

  8. Your cat is not the only one who puts food on the floor first! Mine does that too, especially with wet food.

  9. Annette Mayer says:

    Your IKEA purchases are great!! I really like the design on the placemat. The video of Haddie taking out her food is cute. My first thoughts are that she eIther doesn’t like her whiskers touching anything (i see that someone else had the same thought) or that perhaps sometime in her life she had to fight other cats for what she got to eat. Maybe Miss Haddie could only get a mouthful of food and move aside.or maybe, just maybe, she wants to make life just a bit more difficult, lol 🙂
    Your creativity with the fish made me laugh!
    What does your IKEA glass look like?
    And finally, your photo of Manhattan is SUPERB!!! I just showed it to my friends and they all think it is great too!!! It should be a postcard, a print and more!!
    Sounds like you had fun at IKEA!!

    • I HAVE CAT says:

      Awww thx glad you liked the pic! It’s the best part of the trip!! And glad u like the fish – procrastination Lololol!

      I will have to send you a photo of the lass!

  10. pilch92 . says:

    I love the stuffed mice in the kids dept,my cats have lots of them.

  11. IKEA is a truly universal experience! We also have a few stores here in Portugal and I have bought furniture and other items from them. I also seem to buy much more items than planned, but I guess that’s part of the Ikea experience 🙂
    My cat also takes his food out and I have a big tray to keep him from getting the floor dirty.

  12. Connie KittyBlog says:

    Fleurp takes her food off of a plate to eat it, so it isn’t whisker stress like a lot of people suggest – well at least not for her, maybe Haddie has whisker stress.. IDK.. but Fleurp’s plate is as flat as the floor.. She just prefers the floor. Fortunately for me though, she cleans the floor right up.

  13. Jenna Meow says:

    Yes my cats also take out their food to eat. I don’t know how I haven’t seen your blog earlier, I adore i, its excellent! Cheers from Meow Lifestyle

  14. You can make kitty treats for your cats with tuna juice and pureed tuna frozen in those fish ice cube trays!~!~! Going to IKEA next week to get one of those for sure