Has Kitten Cuteness Met Its Match? #KittenWeek

To counter Shark Week, a week of blood, guts, close-encounters, alien and killer sharks with an entire week of floof, whiskers, fur and lots of SQUEEEEEE! Kittens! Kitten Week to be precise!

But wait, it’s gets better.

Tidy Cat Kitten WeekA WEEK of Kittens PLUS a super awesome GIVEAWAY for 3 I HAVE CAT readers!

It’s no secret the never ending supply of adorable cat and kitten videos has cut into our Nation’s productivity. A few examples of note:

  • In 2010, the New York Times reported that 484,500,000 seconds, the equivalent of 15 years, had been spent by people watching the viral video sensation “Surprised Kitty.” (I mean really, who can blame them right?)
  • In 2013, a man was found outsourcing his programming job to China so he could watch cat videos all day. (Smart guy, too bad he got busted!)

Not that we’d want to CHANGE any of this or anything, but it’s always interesting to gain deeper knowledge of the human psyche don’t you think?

Tidy Cat #Kitten WeekThat’s why “Lars Montana,” animal behaviorist, wildlife photographer and life coach, has volunteer to sacrifice himself by bravely going into the kitten’s natural habitat for an entire week! And you can be right there with him!


Wait a minute, those cats look awfully familiar. “Haddie, Kip, Petie!!!  Where ARE you guys?”

And as an homage of sorts to Shark Week (Since they aren’t nearly as cute poor things), Tidy Cat is giving three lucky I HAVE CAT readers a shark bed by Cat Ball®!

It seems Petie has decided to confront the rarely seen Great Shark Ball Bed, perhaps not understanding the danger he is in!  

CatBall Shark Bed OH NO PETIE! I think it’s got him, though he is making quite the valiant effort to get out! Shall we ever see him again?!

Clearly, it’s guaranteed to provide you with hours of entertainment – in between watching Kitten Week Episodes of course! And to get you in the mood, I’m including Episode 1 below!

To enter the giveaway (US residents only) use the widget below until Midnight July 10th. Leaving a comment is mandatory (you need to let us know what you think Petie’s fate will be!), and you can also Tweet it through the widget for extra chances to win! THREE WINNERS will be selected at Random by Rafflecopter.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


FTC Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for which I received compensation (and a shark bed, well my cats did!). The opinions on my blog are my own, and I only post items I believe will be of interest to my readers!
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  • Lea_99

    I think Petie will survive!

  • Angelique Iuzzolino

    Petie will claw his way out of the belly of the beast!

  • bonitapita

    Petie will find a bigger boat and prevail!!

  • Cleopawtra

    Petie will eat his way out from the inside out and do away with that mean old shark.

  • Linda Szymoniak

    Oh, Petie will prevail. He IS a cat, after all. They always land on their feet, right?

  • World Purrs

    Petie is tough! He will survive using his cuteness.

  • Jocelyn Chu

    Petie Pants will survive. He is a big boy. Hehehe

  • Amanda Lindsay Shearouse

    He is tough! I know he will make it! 🙂

  • Lol…oh, how you spoil us 😉

  • keri blair walden

    Knowing Petie. I say he has found a new fur-ever home tucked nicely inside the SHARK! Until it’s feeding time then he will claw his way to the food bowl! Go petie!!

  • Amy S. Roach

    Love the shark bed almost as much as I love Haddie!

  • jmuhj

    I predict Petie is fated to have some of the best naps of his life in that Shark CATBALL! 😉

  • naturegirly

    It says until June 10th but you know I’ve always got something to say LOL. If Lars Montana needs someone to sacrifice themselves along with him I’m perfectly willing! 😉 And that shark bed has to be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Thanks for sharing!

  • naturegirly

    OMGoodness, I didn’t see the required comment instruction. All I can say is that MY PETIE better survive that shark thing! 😉

  • we have NO doubt that Petie will beat the teeth right out of that shark 🙂

  • biggie55

    Of course he will he is a cat. My cat loves to hid so i hope i win one.

  • Tracey Frankcom

    Petie’s fate will be a nice nap in his comfy CatBall bed, of course!

  • Dayna Grengs

    But, that shark is poisonous! Pete will be overcome with a strong urge to nap!

  • Connie KittyBlog

    IDK.. the shark might have more to worry about from Petie, then Petie from the shark..

    Although can’t you just see a whole pile of kittens sleeping in that and then spilling out?

    • Connie KittyBlog

      still don’t know why I can’t tweet from your rafflecopter.. I can from others..

  • Nicole

    Petie will prevail!! Kitties might be cute, but it’s just to make their prey underestimate their hunting abilities. 😉

  • Amy Bender

    He’s got this. That shark will need a dentist!

  • I think he may survive, time will tell

  • M Cooper

    Petie will be fine because he’s too sweet for tha bad shark to stomach.

  • Ashley Ditch

    Petie will survive and live safely tucked away in his shark bed for the rest of his days. With food and treats and pets of course.

  • Annette Mayer

    Petie will definitely survive the Shark. Petie will make the Shark his pet and train the Shark to open the cans of cat food so that Petie can get his floof back 🙂

  • Margaret Mitchell

    I think Petie’s gonna eat all the tuna out of the sharks belly!

  • Emily Smith

    I think Petie can survive anything!

  • Kelley Galyen

    I think he not only will survive, he will become a world renowned shark tamer!! Go Petie, GO!

  • Petie is so resilient that he will go in there, tear that shark from the inside out, and come out stronger than ever!!!

  • Rom Kruse

    very cute

  • nicole prince

    Cats > sharks of course! He’ll melt the sharks heart with cuteness and escape to safety. Later on they will become unlikely but awesome friends who go fishing together <3

  • katboxjanitor

    Every cat has a secret desire to be devoured….right?

  • Crazee Cat Lady

    I think Petie will prevail! He’s just too cute not to!

  • Shirley Gantt

    A shark is no match for a cat! Petie will be the hero and defeat the shark bed!

  • Annabellainla

    I think he’ll survive

  • Michelle

    I think Petie will make it!

  • The Island Cats

    We’re sure Petie will survive. That shark ball is no match for him.

  • Annette

    Of course he’ll survive.

  • Sierra M. Koester

    What an adorable bed! And yes, I think he will survive.

  • Angel Abby

    Oh my goodness I would love one of those!

  • Miche Wold

    Petie will DEFINITELY survive this attack. I know this for sure because he looks like the brother to my kitty Mako, who is actually a shark in a cat costume and was adopted off the streets during Shark Week of 2012. He is named Mako because he is the most agile cat of the sea. And cat friend who resembles Mako will survive even the most horrific shark attack

  • Yes! He will survive.

  • We think Petie can handle that shark bed