(Catnip) Shrimp on the Barbie

In the spirit of Memorial Day, Haddie and Kip are enjoying an extra special delight – shrimp! Well, it’s not REAL shrimp (shhhh don’t tell!). Since the catnip toy came from Cheshire & Wain in London, England I guess it’s technically a prawn catnip toy!

Catnip toy from Cheshire and Wain in London England

Kip says it’s lip-smacking good. Haddie tries to protect it from her siblings once she has her chance at it!

Founder of Cheshire & Wain, Sonja Farrell (and former Cat Woman Wednesday) is in NYC for the holiday week and I had the pleasure of hanging out with her last night.  But alas, it slipped my mind to take a photo (do check out her post, it’s about her stunning cat Mr Percy Peter Wells!).

Previously focused on luxury collars, the company now makes several food-themed organic catnip cat toys available for sale in their US shop.

food themed catnip toys

It’s so interesting (funny) to watch my cats playing with the same toy. They each have their own approach. Though around 11 years of age, Kip can get rather excited when it comes to playtime – bunny kicking and trying to shove toys into his mouth!

Haddie on the other hand alternates between using her toys as pillows and rubbing them all over her face. And while they enjoy catnip toys, neither seem to get “high” from them. How do your cats play with catnip toys? 

If you’re wondering where Petie (aka PetieBear) is, he can’t be bothered to expend energy for a “fake” piece of shrimp. The real deal, however, is another matter.

morning cat face

He’s not really that big I swear, it’s just a bad angle!

How are you and your cats celebrating Memorial Day? Besides the obligatory extra napping of course!

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5 Responses to (Catnip) Shrimp on the Barbie

  1. jmuhj says:

    With six in our Furmily, it’s pretty much “all of the above” and then some. Those look like some scrumptious toys!

  2. bonitapita says:

    We are on the boat for a week with Marmalade. And, no, he is one of those cats not interested in catnip.

  3. Summer says:

    I dunno, they both look pretty stoned to me! I love carrying things around in my mouth, even if they are bigger than I am, like a whole wand toy!