My Cats In Drag

Okay, maybe not DRAG exactly but cats wearing makeup. I recently wrote a post for Cat Fancy online titled “Cat Blush: Cat Trend or Cat Terror” which garnered a lot of attention.

cats wearing make upIn the post I muse that we have done our best to emulate cats (cat eyes, cat nail stickers, nails shaped into claws, cat ears), are we now trying to make our felines look like us? Hope you check out the article – after you read this post!

There is some irony there given most make up is  tested on animals. So one would assume it’s safe for them right? Not that I’m condoning it, I love cats just the way the are, but it’s just an observation.

smartphone app to put makeup on pets

This bunny was made up using a smart phone app ( confirmed by Instagram user).

Source: chub_bun

As I was researching that piece I came across pictures of all sorts of animals from dogs, rabbits to cats who’d been made to look like they were wearing makeup by using smart phone apps or Photoshop.  Of course I had to give it a try.

First victim: Petie

cat wearing wig and make up using a smartphone app

Verdict: He looks like a Queen and not like the one in England!

I clearly had some practicing to do. The free app I found called Perfect365 didn’t recognize a “face” in any of my cat photos so I had to it all manually. Trial and error! In this case perhaps more error (though I’ve seen worse!).

Second victim: Haddie

make-up app used on petsVerdict: I thought I did a good job making her look “sexy” a la Bridget Bardot. Then SOMEONE had to go and say she looked like a HWOA (House Wife of Atlanta) and ruined it for me.

Which do you think she looks more like?

Third victim: Kip

smartapp for applying makeup to petsVerdict: I think I did a good job on this one – subtle eyeshadow, lipstick in generally right area. Sadly I could only figure out how to do one eyebrow, but it’s a damn good one!

It turns out I’m rather late to the game when it comes to using apps or other software to doll-up one’s furkid given some of the Instagram posts I found were from over a year ago.

cats with make up

Oh my, looks like SOMEONE did the walk of shame!

Sources: tanyamontalvo and  sonja_belle

Have you ever used an app or something similar to put make-up on your cat? If so, feel free to post photos to the I HAVE CAT Facebook page, just be sure to note that it’s not real make-up! Is there an app you’d recommend?

What do you think we want to see our cats in make-up? The popularity of bow-ties and clothing for cats might suggest we’re trying to make them look like mini-me, are we just bored?  Other thoughts/theories?

NOTE: Be sure to follow I HAVE CAT on Instagram you’ll find lots of great photos not found in my posts, Twitter or even Facebook! Don’t miss out!  (handle: @ihavecat)

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14 Responses to My Cats In Drag

  1. juniororion says:

    I prefer the photoshop make-up application. Real make-up on animals is wrong. I don’t mind people dressing up an animal as long as the animal is comfortable with it and the clothing is not restricting. And I think you did a better job on your first tries than I would on mine!

    • I HAVE CAT says:

      Agree re the make up – clothes are fun maybe for a photo op but you are right, some cats do not seem to mind! Thx for the compliment on my handiwork!

  2. jmuhj says:

    I think putting clothes, makeup or anything else except safety collars on cats devalues them and makes them objects of derision rather than beloved family members. No thanks.

  3. Gabriela says:

    God, this is pointless. But Petie sure looks funny!

  4. Summer says:

    My coloring and breed already has eyeliner and dark Goth lipstick built in – why embellish?

  5. pilch92 . says:

    I dress my kitties up a lot, but I wouldn’t use makeup on them.

  6. noodle cat says:

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