Modern Cat Tote (As Seen in NY!)

Spotted on the R train, at a Starbucks – even attracting random shop cats! This contemporary cat tote is the “it” bag for all modern ladies in “the city.” Just wait ’til Taylor Swift gets her hands on this!

Cat Bag in New York City cat bag with cat in new york city Okay, I cannot tell a lie. I MAY have had a “plant” or two (I didn’t know the girl in Starbucks – or the cat! lol!) But how much are you loving this tote?! (Read on for a $20 off discount code good through end of 6/2015)

I’m really liking this tote for several reasons:

  • How subtle the modern, graphic design is in it’s cat-likeness
  • The classic black and white color combination
  • It’s vegan!
  • Can be worn both comfortably over the shoulder or cross-body with the longer add-on strap
  • Has a zipper closure
  • Interior and exterior pockets

Contemporary Cat handbag with black cat ears shopify slider

PLUS, for a limited time, through the end of June 2015, our friends at Triple T Studios  are giving I HAVE CAT readers $20 OFF this contemporary tote making it a mere $49! Just use promo code IHAVECAT20 at check out!

The listing on their site will give you all the details you are looking for plus more!

cat tote over shoulder

It fits nicely over the shoulder with room to spare (things might be different if a puffer jacket is involved!)

But wait, there’s more! They’re even throwing in a black cat charm bracelet – because we all know black cat rules! You can wear it to match, use as a purse accessory or gift it to someone!

Black Cat Charm Bracelet up closeTo recap, $49 for a well made modern tote PLUS kitty charm jewelry! Why are you still here is the only question – click already! And don’t forget, IHAVECAT20 at check out!

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  • I love this bag so much!

    • Did you get one? you must! you will not be disappointed!

  • queencatlady

    I want one to use for all my cat lady essentials!

    • did you get one?!

      • queencatlady

        No, not yet. I have been busy and it slipped my mind. I plan to though!

    • Michael Mancuso

      Queen are you in tampa area?

      • queencatlady

        Nope, I live on the opposite coast. I’ve always wanted to visit FL though!

      • queencatlady

        Do I sound like I am a Tampaian?

  • jmuhj

    A great bag from a truly wonderful company — and I wear that bracelet always! 😉

    • you have one?! or just got the bracelet? I love joanne she is a very good egg!

      • jmuhj

        Just the bracelet. I have been blessed with the love of quite a few black cats and, well, I mean, just look at my icon!

  • denisebreslin

    Sigh, on a very very stringent b u d g e t. Only bread and water. Yes, great bag, great price. Boo Hoooooo

    • awwww come on santa! stay tuned b/c we are gonna have a great discount on Friday for Black Friday for the entire site!

  • denisebreslin

    I also love that this is NOT a leather bag. How great is that!! Santa are you listening?