(Post) Mother’s Day Post

To honor Mother’s Day’s in past year’s I’ve covered a lot of different territory* from:

Today I figured I’d just share what I did with my Mama this year. I’m so grateful to still have her in my life given she’s been through quite a few major health challenges the past few years.

My movie-star looking mom

Movie star looks or what?! She was in her mid 20s here and told us this when when the parents first met.

As always, my card to her read that she’s not allowed to die. Nice huh? I mean, it was just a “P.S.”. As someone who has always been terrified of death and mortality in general it’s not an option, no where in my realm of possibilities. It just isn’t (clearly we haven’t gotten to this in my therapy yet).

I love these photos. Obviously this was when I was still an only child (which was up to age 5)

I love these photos. Obviously this was when I was still an only child (which was up to age 5)

This year we went to STORM KING ART CENTER in New York State, about 45 minutes away from NYC.  It’s essentially an outdoor sculpture garden. She’s such a good mommy, though she’s been before, she remembered I hadn’t and wanted to. It was such a nice day seemed perfect for an outdoor activity.

Look ma! No cat hair!

Look ma! No cat hair!

Here are a few of the photos from our outing so you can take a virtual trip!  Me in all black of course (I haven’t shaved yet from the winter – TMI! – let alone unpacked my Summer clothes!).

Storm King Art Center

The entire area is 500 acres!

You could certainly take several trips there or spend an entire day. We stuck to the main path but there are many walking trails as well.

Storm King Art Center While some pieces are permanent there are also rotating pieces and special exhibits.

Storm King Art Center

On the left, a wall created by stone workers (masons?) from Ireland. On the right, a piece by Lichtenstein - one of the newer additions to the collection.

left: stone wall created by workers (masons?) from Ireland. right, boat by Lichtenstein, a newer acquisition.

Storm King Art Center on Mother's Day As for my “kids,” the sitter said their lack of thumbs got in the way of wrapping gifts for me – excuses excuses! I would have taken them unwrapped! 🙂

Though Petie had in fact gone through my “to do” list and added a few choice items like “more naps,” “kibble,” and “send siblings on trip.” Oh Petie Bear! LOL!

Cat helping with list of chores and to-dosAnd Kip, apparently having spent too much of my time away watching kitten videos wanted to know where “kittens come from?” and announced he wanted one (ha! sounds like me asking for a sister or a dog when I was 4 years of age!).

cat watching kitten videos

It sure is not easy being a Mom! Fur or not! Happy Belated Mother’s Day to ALL the Mom’s out there!

How did YOU spend the day? With your Mom? Your kids or furkids (and if so did they bring or do anything special for you?).

 * Be sure and check out some posts from prior years if you just HAPPENED to have missed one or three! =^^=

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  1. jmuhj says:

    So many beautiful pix — thank you for sharing, Tamar! Sounds like your family had a lovely Mom’s Day. And yes, “mewrk” gets me where I live, too. 😉

  2. a new future …:)

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