Is Your Cat in a Rut? #WaysToWow

Do you ever get the not-so-subtle feeling your resident feline – or three –  is stuck in a rut? Or perhaps even bored? The signs can be subtle, but not always (refer to image below).

Petie, why don't you tell me how you really feel

Petie, why don’t you tell me how you REALLY feel

Bored of what is the million dollar question. The daily routine? Lack of a meaningful relationship (I may be projecting)? Food? Lifestyle?  Siblings? Or (gulp) of…ME?

As part of Fancy Feast’s #WaystoWow campaign for the launch of their Broths with Chicken, they challenged me to find ways to WOW my cats. Eep!

I thought about it for a while and the answer was actually rather simple. While I do give them love (and by this I mean chase them around the apartment for forced love), belly rubs upon request, regular vet visits, two square meals a day plus snacks on occasion, I knew I was lacking in one very big area. Playtime!


I’m not always good about carving out playtime with my feline companions. And while I know it’s my laziness and fatigue that gets in the way, Playtime will not only WOW your cat out of their ordinary hum-drum life (with brief installments of “pigeon TV” if you live in a city like I do), it’s good for several key reasons:

    1. Kitty stimulation
    2. Bonding time
    3. Getting them tired enough to let you sleep through the night (this is key!)
Bored Little Haddie Girl

Little Haddie Girl zoning out – what could she be thinking? Bored or wishing I’d leave her alone?

And since not all cats play the same way, it provides a way to have one-on-one time with your cats (should you have more than one like SOME people I know – ahem).

Since Haddie is the youngest and doesn’t have a real playmate (it’s not my fault she decided to pee everywhere when I tried to foster again after her adoption!), I decided she’d make the perfect candidate. And, I think I found just the toy to make us both happy.

The Neko Telescoping Rod allowed me to play with Haddie with one hand by extending the rod to its maximum length, and keep a glass of wine safely situation in the other from the comfort of my chaise lounge.

Granted I was still multi-tasking but it was way more entertaining for the both of us than watching TV!

How do you find #WaysToWow your cat on a daily basis? Leave a comment to this post to share with the I HAVE CAT community and tweet it out with the tag #WaysToWow to share the love! You can also get ideas from other furparents at

Fancy Feast Chicken Broths And if you’re interested in a free sample of the new Fancy Feast Chicken Broth  (for your cat, not you!), click on the link while supplies last – and before Petie eats them all!


FTC Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by the makers of Fancy Feast. As always, all opinions expressed are that of my own, and I only write about topics I hope fans of I HAVE CAT will find entertaining or of use in some way!

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22 Responses to Is Your Cat in a Rut? #WaysToWow

  1. juniororion says:

    Meowm wows us with play time and lots of snuggles!!!!

  2. Carol Demarest-Conway says:

    Every day (multiple times) I will grab Roary from his tree… sometimes he looks left out with another cat… but I’ll grab him and snuggle. He curls up against me and loves his back rubs…. Calcifer is Grounded for 3 weeks right now, he has eaten 6 phone charger wires in 2 weeks. But he’s a wonderful snuggly kitty too

    • I HAVE CAT says:

      lolol awwwwwwwww i wanna borrow Roary PLEASE?! oh dear bad Calcifer! did any of the suggestions posted to the wall help??

      • Carol Demarest-Conway says:

        I now wrap the charger wires that he eats in tin foil. The wire insulation was too expensive, for me as we’re trying to buy a home… Lol but it works! It’s weird, he only eats the cheap wires from China lol… Oddly enough, he’s also eating the cheap totoro slippers that have the same strange scent. Go figure

    • naturegirly says:


  3. Sierra M. Koester says:

    I am glad Fancy Feast has some chicken broths now *without* fish in them. Many kitties, like mine, cannot eat fish – at all. I’m happy to see there are two broths my kitties can eat now. 🙂

  4. Colehaus Cats says:

    Belly rubs upon request? That’s enough to wow us! But really, we have Neko fly playtime every evening followed by a big brushie session and then bed. Since beginning this routine a few years ago, nighttime is quiet time and no one is too bored during the day (other than the Squirt Viola who is still a kitten and requires lots of kisses).

    • I HAVE CAT says:

      well, if you show me your tummy i’ll take that as a request – ha ha! assss brushie session! sadly my kids aren’t fans! The squirt! LOLOL awwwww i’ll help with kitten kisses any time!

  5. Patty Murphy-Medlin says:

    We got a free sample of that Fancy Feast broth in the mail awhile ago. All 3 kitties loved it but 5 minutes later Robert threw it all up. (He never throws up). I have been afraid to give it to them since. 🙁

    • jmuhj says:

      “Experts” recommend gradual mixing in of any new food with regular food; you can search that for proportions/percentages. That’s probably why Robert puked.

      • Patty Murphy-Medlin says:

        Could be. We do feed them Fancy Feast cans for dinner. They don’t get much- 1/3 can each and they each got 1/3 pack of this stuff. They mostly eat their dry Fromm’s Food

        • jmuhj says:

          Try mixing in 10% with their wet food for a day or two, adding 10% per day/couple of days, until it replaces their normal wet food. You may like the results a lot better.

          • Patty Murphy-Medlin says:

            I think I will just keep them on their Fancy Feast cans (which they love) and give the free samples I get all the time to my grandcats. They have had it before and love it and don’t get sick. Robert normally has a pretty strong stomach. He steals food off my plate when I look away and never gets sick. Little stinker has taken spagetti, eggs, bread, ham sammiches, pizza, salad…..

          • jmuhj says:

            Well, that sounds like a good plan, too! 😉

  6. jmuhj says:

    I have to admit, these do look very tempting (to me; the cats haven’t seen it yet) — but Petie just might eat them all before we get there! 😉

  7. Mom Paula put a couple of kitty balls in the bath tub this week and we LOVE it.