Day #7 How to Lose a Date in 7 Days

Your man or woman still there?  Is this a good thing? If so he or she is obviously the right one for you – run to the closest city hall!

Not a good thing? Perhaps these last few tips will give the final nudge.

Purchase (or borrow) this sofa:

ugly cat fabric living room sofa

It’s unclear if the ladder to the left is for the cats to play on or a human escape route (source unknown)

When your date tries to make a polite escape to text for help in the bathroom make sure your since looks like this:

source unkown

source unkown

It’s a good thing he or she can’t use it anyway because this is the only soap you have (cat food scented soap, it’s for real!):




If these final suggestions do not help and there is still a man or woman in your life you want gone, perhaps you must turn to an old fashioned time-tested method. You, can’t go out because it’s the night you brush your cat.

I hope you’ve had a little fun with these posts and I haven’t lost any fans (I’m trying not to check!). Have a great rest of your Sunday. With your cats of course!

=^^= =^^= =^^=

Stay tune, we have a great giveaway for you tomorrow!

Also wanted to share some exciting news! We reached our GOFUNDME goal to help out Claudia, our intrepid animal lover and advocate! Thanks to all who donated and shared!

THANK YOU - claudia tietze and tiny timmy

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  • jmuhj

    Bwahahahaha! Laughed so hard I should have gotten that free sample of “special needs” underwear ;( Srsly, Tamar, the Victorian look doesn’t do it for me, or I’d be snapping up that sofa. The soap? *Pass* But the sink is for me! and I’m not alone. Yes, Virginia, there is actually a site called You can go there yourself. Be forewarned: You might never leave. As to the relationship thang, been there, done that enough times the shine — or should I say, the varnish — has worn thin. I’ll stick to the loyal, the loving — the CATS. And yes, it’s the night I Furminate ’em. *Clouds of fur wafting down from all points*

    • ihavecatnyc


  • naturegirly

    Ummm…. that soap….I need it. My b/f likes cats but they don’t exactly take to him. His booming voice is kinda frightening. Possibly if I bathe him in that…. yes he can bathe himself…. maybe they would stick around him long enough to discover the niceness of the loud human. Only one of my cats will fit into my sink at a time. I know I overfeed. The sofa? I already cover my recliners in cat themed throws. 😉

    • ihavecatnyc

      Bahaha I am dying – omg you should try it! OMG DO IT! it’s not expensive – the link is in the post! Tell me if it works! lolololol (a throw can be removed!LOLOL!)

      • naturegirly

        Sadly , although the link did work, the soap is out of stock. I’m trying other options. He would NOT try wearing tuna oil. Now I’m thinking of letting him wear a shin guard covered in sisal rope.
        They cannot resist it as a scratching surface.
        I’ll let you know if both parties live through that experience. HaHA!

  • Alma Miranda

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA These suggestions are superb!!!