Day #2: How to Lose a Mate in 7 Days

Teach your cat that when someone goes to the bathroom and pulls down their pants, it makes for the perfect hiding place or alternatively, a fine cat hammock.

cats in underwear For the record I tried in vain to find an example using a woman. I imagine the popularly of thong underwear thanks to Hanky Panky, has made them less attractive to felines (makes for more of a balancing act!).

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  • Tightrope walkers have been known to exist in the feline species… Just sayin…

    • ihavecatnyc

      apparently the bathroom is not their preferred work space – can you blame them?

  • jmuhj

    Thonger here, and while there are voyeurs, there are no hammockers 😉

    • ihavecatnyc


  • Judy Simon

    lol hilarious!

  • Maggi Shelbourn

    My husband found this out early on when we rescued our two brothers. In fact, Winston will bring his toys into the bathroom and try to hide them in my husband’s briefs. Gotta love those kitties! ❤️

    • ihavecatnyc

      Bahahahaha that is hysterical! bahahahah love it, thanks for sharing. Bahahahaha that’s a new one

  • Jeanne Berry

    Oh, I don’t know. Mine is underwear, not lingerie, and when I allowed them in, the cats would take up residency therein.

    • ihavecatnyc

      LOL! what is it about cats and bathrooms?! LOL!

  • Brooke

    Flop does this with my husband. I think my hubby gets disappointed when he doesn’t do it! lol Blackie always laid in my lap when I was on the toilet. Flop tries to get in my drawers but I won’t let him.

    • ihavecatnyc

      LOL that’s actually cute – a date may not find it AS cute – glad you think they are funny, hope not offending TOO many ppl! LOL! I had an ex whose cat did this and he loved it too =^^=