Cat Man Monday: Construction Worker Cat Daddy

If you’re an I HAVE CAT Facebook Fan (hurry up and “like” us already!), you’ve certainly seen these comments from one Amy Roach whenever I post a photo of Haddie.

Cat Woman, Cat Lady, Cat Lover

Can you get a restraining order for a cat I wonder? Just Kidding #notreally


We have an I HAVE CAT first today, a Cat Man Monday written from the perspective of the cats (I have to assume Amy was the scribe!). Amy has had cats her entire life and though she claims not to be partial to any specific kind of  (save the Haddie-kind it seems) she’s found black cats to be very special and has had several over the years. Currently, she and her CAT MAN husband Ed have four cats and a dog.

Two examples of Amy's kitty portraits

Two examples of Amy’s kitty portraits (source:


Amy is an artist specializing in pet portraiture. And this is the story of how the manly-man construction worker she met and fell in love with became a cat man  – I think it’s a perfect story coming off of Valentine’s Day (aka #SinglehoodAwarenessDay), and I hope you agree! Enjoy! And a big thanks to  Amy (and the cats of course!)


Ed Cosgrove didn’t start-off as a Cat Man. He was impartial to pets in general, but then he met our mom and things changed. Dad was living a normal life in Chicago, working as a construction worker and living the single life.

ed and amyWhen they started dating mom was already a bona fide cat lover living with 4 cats and a dog. Dad really did know anything about cats but we helped him learn. Mom and dad moved in together in 2003 and all us cats, and the dog moved in with them.

Dad learned that mom was a packaged deal: no-us, no-mom!  Dad loved mom so much he took us all in under his roof.

About a month after mom and dad started living together, daddy came to mom and asked, “How come the cats never come to me, I don’t think they like me.”

Tess Anne watching daddy as he does his construction thing

Tess Anne watching daddy as he does his construction thing


Mom said, “They love you, but why don’t you start feeding them in the morning when you get up, then they’ll really love you!

It worked!

We all started hanging around dad, especially Sugar Anne (who died in 2007 at the age of 22). Sugar Anne would sleep all day but the minute dad came home she would follow him around. He called her “black dog,” cause he said she was like a dog. Dad just didn’t know that cats were fun and loyal, and better than dogs.

Daddy with Sugar Anne

Daddy with Sugar Anne


Daddy built us a new house and made it cat-friendly (“catification” before the word existed!). He made sure it had lots of windows, and made a sun room just for us. In 2013, mom got Adora Mae as a college graduation present.  That brought us back up to 4 cats, but not for long.

Adora Mae & Dad

Adora Mae & Dad


Dad’s cousin found a black kitty on Halloween and dropped her off at our house. Dad was not happy, he said 5 cats was too many. The new kitty had to go! He made mom make a flyer, and call the shelters and the vet to see if anyone lost her.

This is the flyer mommy made:

flyerBy the end of the night the black kitty had found daddy and decided he was hers.

A few days later dad said she could stay forever. Now Delaney Rose sleeps with dad every night – daddy had become a Cat Man!

ed and little flyer kitty

Delaney Rose (aka “flyer kitty”)

He is the best! He buys us presents, celebrates our birthdays, he wipes our tears – and his own – when one of our siblings goes to the bridge. He gives us our medicine. Tess Anne has asthma and Lucy, a tripod who passed in 2014, had hyperthyroidism.

Lucy Sue & Dad ( a few months before she passed away last year)

Lucy Sue & Dad (a few months before she passed away last year)


Since Mom is a pet portrait artist he had to put up with mom decorating the bedroom with her paintings of us! So dad’s now a full-fledged Cat Man! He’s so lucky to have us – oh, yeah, and mommy too!

Do you know – or are you – a Cat Man or Cat Woman? We are always looking for cool cat parents to feature on our quest to show how awesome cats are! You may be an non-traditional Cat Man or Cat Woman or you may have a great story about how you thought you didn’t like cats ’til you met the right one or had a special experience.

Nala Marie (our senior girl) & Daddy

Daddy with our senior girl Nala Marie


Send all submissions (500-1,000 in words with photos) to

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  • what a great story!! we love hearing about converts (oh – and you should read about the guy who started First Coast No More Homeless Pets in Jacksonville FL)

    • Tamar

      ohhh i will have to check it out!!!!!!

  • jmuhj

    My ex was at one time a finish carpenter, and he has always loved cats, as far as I know. He scooped up a big orange tabby guy who was at a site he was working on, and he became my ex’s wingman for quite awhile. As I never tire of relating, everyone, of both genders and on both sides of my family has always loved cats, rescued cats, and counted cats among beloved family members! I love the quote about cats being better than dogs, by the way. Even mentioning them in the same sentence is difficult for me. CATS RULE!

    • Tamar

      lol! thanks as always! =^^=

  • What a sweet story! <3

    • Tamar

      Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 thank you for your readership – you rock!

  • Awww…. this is just the sweetest!!!

    • Tamar

      A little Gloman like eh? 🙂

  • I love that this story was written by a kitty cat! They certainly do all love their Daddy <3

  • The Swiss Cats

    We love that story ! Your daddy is pawsome (not as much as ours, but almost) ! Dad is always shy to admit he has quickly become a crazy cat daddy by living with mom, but he is ! Purrs

    • I agree they have an awesome daddy! I can’t believe we printed a piece by CATS but hey, there’s always a first time eh?! Glad you enjoyed!

  • Britt Hogan

    Wonderful story, with lucky dad, mom and furkids! It’s amazing the effect women with cats can have on men. Same happened with me and Puffy and Winky’s dad. We show them the “light” about the joy and wonder of cats!

    • Couldn’t agree more on ALL points! 🙂 Perhaps YOU should consider submitting a CAT MAN MONDAY eh? 🙂

  • Great story!
    Have a wonderful weekend…

    Noodle and crew

    • Thanks guys! And thanks for your loyal readership! =^^=

  • We love stories like this!

  • Loving the story! My Daddy will have to read this too so I can get some new brother’s or sister’s!

  • Annette Mayer

    Love this Cat Man Monday post! I love how a non lover becomes a lover :). Makes me

  • Great story! Very cool cat!