Cat Woman Wednesday: Living in The Meow (+Giveaway!)

Valentine’s Day “season” seems to be popular for giveaways I guess it’s another occasion for gift-giving? We really have to do something about that dry spell between February and December! Unless you are fortunate enough to have your birthday during that time as a “filler” or have a family super into Easter or May Day baskets!

What began as a giveaway post has become a combo CAT WOMAN WEDNESDAY + Giveaway article! So I hope you enjoy all aspects of it!

Living int he Meow cat t-shirts that give back to cats

If you are a US resident or have someone to ship to in the US, you could win one of these t-shirts!Interesting photo…why standing so far apart hmmm…sexual tension perhaps?!! (I know, I know, I’m bad!)


As you SHOULD know by now if you read my blog regularly, I’m not into cat-themed clothing though I seem to be “slipping” and have made concessions for tote-bags and socks recently….what’s next?!

Well, when I saw these t-shirts by “Living the Meow, Cat T-Shirts with a Mission.”  I had to share them with you. I love the cat-twist they’ve added to a message we’ve all heard Avani Khanna of " Living in the Meow"before. One we all know we should do more often, but something – at least for me – is not always easy to integrate into ones life as routine.

And of course I love the fact the company was started by CAT WOMAN Avani Khanna, currently living single in the Bay Area – with cat!

All purchases from “Living in the Meow“(they have several t-shirt colors and styles and a tote too!), help support cat adoption by donating a portion of profits to Friends of Berkeley Animal Care Services.  A group that helps shelter cats become more adoptable, so the more you purchase, the more cats get adopted (a great excuse to shop early for Christmas 2015!). They also partner with Cat Town Cat Cafe where their products are sold.

Nutmeg personally approving all inventory =^^= (I'm sure you can request cat hair with that t-shirt you order!)

Nutmeg personally approving all inventory =^^= (I’m sure you can request cat hair with that t-shirt you order!)


You can enter the giveaway at the end of this post – pink t-shirt for the ladies and grey for the men! Of course if you are a lady that really wants grey, or a man who wants pink, I’m sure Avani will accommodate (US residents or a US mail address required!).

Now here’s the story of today’s CAT WOMAN WEDNESDAY Avani Khanna and how “Living in the Meow” got started, thanks to her adopted cat Nutmeg.

Cat T-shirts that give back to cats!

Avani with Nutmeg. Look at those darling big eyes (Nutmeg’s! LOL! )


“I met Nutmeg, the inspiration behind my passion-project-gone-wild,“Living in the Meow,” when volunteering at Berkeley Animal Care Services Shelter. She was gorgeous with tabby markings. She was a little withdrawn and clearly unhappy to be at the shelter. She’d been left in the overnight box with her kittens and her brother. They estimated she was only a year old when she had the kitties.

The first meeting, Nutmeg in the shelter

Poor baby, she looks so sad here 🙁

We bonded, and that night I decided to adopt her! The next day I went and got her, and they sent me home with a kitty in a little cardboard carrier.

I’ll never forget the feeling of being totally responsible for a living being, as I heard her mews in the car on the way home. My heart opened, and it’s been an amazing joy to share our many good times.

She’s part Maine Coon but unlike a typical Maine Coon she’s small, which can happen when cats are young moms. I’ll let her photos speak for themselves and don’t need to mention how cute she is! >^..^<

The funny thing is that I thought I was bringing home a shy, short haired cat, but in the months that followed, her short hair grew out long! And when friends came over, she happily approached them to meet and make friends!

Nutmeg at one year of age, already looking so much better out of that cage!

Nutmeg at one year of age, already looking so much better out of that cage!

I grew up with cats. My first cat, ‘A La Carte’, showed up at the back door and never left. He was a grey longhair and used to cat-bathe on the ironing board so voraciously that his own momentum would knock him off!

But it’s Nutmeg who’s taught me about love, which maybe isn’t that hard a lesson since she is so easy to love. If I give her attention and good food and keep her litter box clean, she delights me with her displays of self-entertainment, gallivanting around, and she loves to cuddle, which is extra nice with a fluff ball Maine Coon mix.

She’s also taught me about being in the moment. How to live in the “meow.” She often sits staring into space, or calmly curled up on her paws doing nothing. I see through her example the peace that can be experienced doing little. Just sit, and be.

A 2 year old Nutmeg being super cute!

A 2 year old Nutmeg being super cute!

It’s sad, but many cats needing homes don’t get adopted. Because of where I got Nutmeg, we donate a portion of profits to the Friends of Berkeley Animal Care Services, which helps the shelter cats become more adoptable. We also partner with Cat Town Cafe on merchandise sales in their cafe (They just hit 100 adoptions in less than 3 months, which is so awesome!).

Last fall I quit my corporate job to pursue my passion project full time. It’s been exciting, scary and incredibly fulfilling.

The ‘Living in the Meow’ flagship design was inspired by a photo I took of Nutmeg. A friend commented that she looked like she was living in the now, and I said. ‘she’s living in the meow.’

Look how floofy she's gotten! Thanks to Avani she seems to have a lovely life!

Look how floofy she’s gotten! Thanks to Avani she seems to have a lovely life!

It’s been incredible to work hard on something that brings positivity into the world. The design features cute kitty Nutmeg (not that I’m biased!), and a simple reminder to be present, enjoy the inner peace that’s available right here, right meow, all while helping more cats get adopted.

I love this shirt! I hope that all the cat lovers out there will feel the same way.”

Here’s how to win that awesome shirt Avani was talking about! Make sure to take advantage of all the ways there are the enter so you can optimize your chances of winning!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Had to end with this cute video of a very happy Nutmeg very much “Living in the Meow”! Let’s all be more like cats and appreciate and take pleasure in the little things!

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  • Jennifer

    If I win, I would like a gray shirt – ladies’ small! I have plenty of cat hair, but Nutmeg could contribute some if she would like. =^..^=

    • Haha, Nutmeg would have plenty to contribute! But we will spare the winner. 🙂

  • I love it when cats are the inspiration for doing something so positive in the world!

  • Awesomeness all the way around!!!!!

  • Irene Lauridsen

    What a wonderful kitty. Would love to get some of her hair with my pink tee – as if I hadn’t enough cat hair on my clothes from my two kitties…

    • LOL — I’m sure the extra fur will make the tee warmer. 🙂

  • Cleopawtra

    I always live in the Meow… It’s the only way to live when you have a cat or 2

  • I also always live in the “Meow!” I sleep in the “Meow” too!

  • jmuhj

    What a GORGEOUS beauty! And what could be better than “…a simple reminder to be present, enjoy the inner peace that’s available right here, right meow, all while helping more cats get adopted.” I mean, that’s my philosophy of life, stated so much more eloquently and beautifully than I ever could. 😉 * (If I win, I’ll wear that pink shirt proudly in size “S”! 😉 )

    • Aww, thanks so much! I will be sure to pass your compliment onto Nutmeg. I’m so glad the philosophy of Living in the Meow resonates with you! 🙂

  • John Patterson

    One meow or two? Nero always has a comment to make about life, food and fellow cats. She wud love to see her human in Living in the Meow t_shirt

    • Nero sounds very philosophical, like Nutmeg. 🙂

  • Chris D.

    What a difference in that sweet kitty! Live in the meow…we should all be doing that always always! Every daily play session with my kitties, we are all living in the meow!

    • Chris, totally! I know, I can’t believe her transformation. 🙂 Those play sessions mean a lot to kitties, it’s awesome you are playing and living in the meow!

  • Krista J.

    Nutmeg is so pretty! Reminds me of a lil Maine Coon that found me after someone abodoned her. My house is full, but I adopted her off to friends of mine that had just lost their kitty at age 19. She now lives a life of luxury. 🙂

    • Yes! Aww, that’s great you rescued a Maine Coon! They are such sweet cats, and usually huge fluff balls. Great to hear she has a happy home! >^..^<

  • Milene

    I sleep with a lot of meow – two cats that are cuddlers and vie to be the one sleeping closest to Mom.

    • A little cat competition? 🙂 Aw, sounds very cozy!

  • Linda Szymoniak

    I live in both the “meow” and the “woof” every day. I have five Treeing Walker Coonhounds and three cats – all rescues. They are my life and a good part of my day revolves around them – every day.

    • Linda, it’s wonderul you have such a big family! Do the meows cuddle with the woofs? 🙂

  • Holly E

    I play with all my 5 cats daily. I also let them steal my bed and pillows; they’re huge blanket hogs.

  • pilch92

    I am glad Nutmeg got such a great home with lots of love. The t-shirts are very nice, but I will pass on the contest because I feel claustrophobic in t-shirts and only wear v-necks.

    • Thank you, and great to hear your feedback! I do have tank tops coming soon–will announce on social media and the website!

  • Brooke

    The only time I can live in the meow is when I’m doing something with one of my cats. If it wasn’t for them I’d go crazy! 😛
    Nutmeg is FABULOUS!! Love the article!! 🙂

    • Yes, cats can really help keep us grounded and in the meow! 🙂

    • And thank you re: Nutmeg! 🙂

  • Amy Forst

    So great! Love the tshirts, mission & Nutmeg. 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Amy! Hope you’ll keep in touch @livinginthemeow on Instagram! 🙂

  • Chelsi

    Holy wow these shirts are as adorable as Nutmeg! I love them!

  • Michelle Juarez

    I’m living in the meow right now! I have one kitty one top of my, another at my head, as I type. When I’m not surrounded by kitties, I’m usually out and about exploring and enjoying the art and music scene here in LA. I like to rep us cat ladies proper 😉

    • LOL, that sounds awesome and furry! I’m an art lover, but don’t kow much about the LA art scene… I should ask for some tips next time I’m down there! (I’m based on the Bay Area.)

  • Sachie

    I’m living in the meow with my kitties and pups each day! I’m so excited to finish work to see them and give them chin scratches and ask them what they did all day. I love all 6 kitties and 2 pups. nutmeg is a cutie pie!❤️

  • Stephanie

    i love t-shirts and i love cats, so i definitely need this shirt!! also, one of my furbabies is part maine coon like nutmeg. he weighs in at a hefty 15 pounds, though! 😉

    • Wow, he sounds like a proper Maine Coon! Nutmeg is half the size!

  • Annette

    Coffee. I live in the meow with coffee. Give me coffee right MEOW!

  • Debbie Schmidt

    What a great article! Nutmeg changed so much I suspect not just from nutrition but from a healthy dose of ‘reason to live’ …love. Those who do good for those that are needy will always sleep better at night and always have love. Thank you for all you do!

    • Thank you, Debbie! Love is what makes the world go round.. don’t think there is anything more important. 🙂 And having kitties in our lives is such a great experience of that.

  • So glad Nutmeg got a pawsum home. Mommy be a red head so ifin we win weez sure hers wuld purrfur a gway shurt. MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  • Megan

    I’ve been living in the meow since 2015 started. Working out more, stressing out less! Going on spontaneous trips!

    • Megan, Those are such great ways to live in the meow! I love spontaneous trips. Are you also taking a few quiet minutes to be in the moment?

  • kathleen martin

    hmm living in the meow..i take care of an elderly cat 24/7.. <3

    • Kathleen, your kitty is lucky to have such a devoted caretaker! I think the love we give unconditionally can be so powerful!

  • Becky

    What a gorgeous girl your Nutmeg is! While watching her play, I was concerned that there appeared to be a blue rubber band in the paper she was happily shredding. I hope you’ll take care to remove such potentially lethal toys from her play area. I know both you and your readers would be heartbroken if anything tragic happened to her if she should choke on it…

    • Becky, thanks for your concern! I have noticed Nutmeg is inexplicably drawn to rubber bands. I do try to keep them from her, as I find pieces of them as though she has chewed parts and eaten them. I hadn’t considered the possible implications–I will be even more diligent! For the video, I did plan to take the toy away from her, she was under supervision for that one. Thanks again for your advice.

  • I love every aspect of this post!! Nutmeg seems to have an old soul and that always makes a cat all the more reflective and prone to living in the meow. I love the shirt too!

  • Vicat Henderson

    Living in the meow is all we ever really have, and I’ve had cats around all my life who do a wonderful job of reminding me of that when life seems too overwhelming. A good headbonk is an amazing remedy for the soul!

    • Vicar, it’s true, we only really have the meow. It helps to realize we go through life just one moment at a time.

  • I photograph and write about my cats everyday. … oh, and then there’s the wand toy play sessions too. ; )

    • LOL, me too. I think Nutmeg prefers the wand sessions personally. Then when she gets playing she gets extra cute and I want to take her picture!

  • Carla Thompson

    Love your story about Nutmeg, she is beautiful. I rescued a cat that I named, Ebony. She Was very scared at first but has become so loving. I would love to win one of your t-shirts!

    • Thank you! Ebony sounds like a sweetheart. She sounds like she may be black–I am very partial to black cats having had one after A la Carte growing up!

  • It’s all cats all the time here, and I’m rarely more than a few feet away from a rumbling purr.

    I am SO in love with Nutmeg! What a beauty! Reminds me of a Maine Coon who lived next door years ago. I think the neighbors had gotten him for the girls when they were young, and they just lost interest in the poor guy when they became teenagers. He was 17 and epileptic. I heard him crying just like a baby on my front porch one night during a torrential rain storm. I brought him in, toweled him off, and let him stay the night. The poor cat had matts all over (his “family” was fairly well-to-do – they could easily have taken him to a groomer.) I devoted the following weeks to getting rid of all his matts. He blossomed. At first, he didn’t purr, he didn’t groom himself. As he soaked up my attention, he began to purr whenever we were together, and he gradually began to groom himself again. I grequently left the front door open during hot spells, and he’d come in, often walking to the back of the house to sleep on my bed, or he would curl up under the dining table. I’m glad he passed away before I moved away — I might have kidnapped him and taken him with me.

    • That’s so great you could give that Maine Coon some of the care he was missing and bring him some joy. I’m sure it went both ways! ❤️

  • I live in the Meow because I am a stay at home Mom and one of my “kids” is my kitty — I spend lots of time with him and we are great buddies.

  • Lia M

    Great idea and love the t-shirt! We’ve got five older, very mischievous, rescues: Claud was bait in a dogfighting ring, Dante was dumped out of a car in front of me on the highway, Nala and Prof Moonface Pudding Pie were pulled off death row last minute, and Chloe the friendly feral from the hood decided to stay indoors. Despite their horrible kittenhood years, they’re all extremely affectionate and willing to share their love (and silliness) with us. We chose to live in the meow by accepting these lovelies when no one else “wanted” them. li

    • Love your cat names! So glad to hear you could rescue your kitties!

  • Cindy A.

    I “live in the meow” because that is all my cat will allow. 😉

  • fostering kittens keeps you in the meow 😉

  • Whenever one of my cats wants to cuddle, I make sure to give myself a few minutes to relax with them, matter how busy I am/feel. Also, I’ve recently been stressing about my upcoming job switch. But I just try to tell myself to take it one day at a time. Sometimes things look more overwhelming when you see the entire event stretching out over your future. But the only thing that matters is today.

    • The only that even exists is today. 🙂 It’s so good to take a moment to breathe and cuddle with your kitty. 🙂 Good luck with your job switch!

  • TW is much into cat apparel either except PJs and socks. These shirts are nice and we’d love to win. TW is in the meow every day cos she helps feed 2 cat colonies. Well, the one up the block only has 2 cats because we get the Mom cat spayed after her second litter and got all the kitties into foster care. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • stephanie

    I have 4 cats. All rescued.

  • Sam

    What an amazing story! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Thanks to Tamar for writing up such a nice piece, and thanks Sam for reading! 🙂

  • Lisa Alexander

    We can learn a lot about living in the MEOW by watching our cats do just that. I feel like it a learned skill, Trying to get there right now by watching Kitten Bowl.

    • Haha, enjoy! Maybe no need to worry about getting there… since Meow is right here. 😉

  • Karen Quattlebaum

    Nutmeg is gorgeous! I love when my cats are watching a bird & chatter at them

    • Yes! Nutmeg doesn’t chatter at birds but she does at one of her bird-like cat toys. 🙂

  • Kelly Latka

    What a gorgeous kitty! Love the shirts too =)

  • So sad I missed this! Argh! What a fantastic moniker!

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