We’ve Got ’em! Pictures Inside NYC’s Meow Parlour!

I was SO excited to open my email and see I’d received photos of Meow Parlour, New York City’s first cat cafe, in advance of their opening this Monday December 15th! I couldn’t wait to share them with you! Nothing like a West Coast cat cafe story followed by an East Coast cat cafe the next right?!

I absolutely adore the decor and think Kate Benjamin and Jackson Galaxy would approve don’t you? CATIFICATION GALORE anyone?!

Sneak peek inside NYC's first cat cafe, Meow Parlour

As stunning as the space is,this photo cracks me up…spot anything off? (photo: Christa Hamilton Photography)

Guests at Meow Parlour will be required to remove their shoes before entering the cat area in order to prevent the tracking of unknown dangerous from the city streets that could lead to a health concern. Because in all seriousness, who knows what we’re stepping in out there (I for one try not to think about it!). So you’ve been warned. Matching socks, no holes and/or a pedicure!

But before they do that, they might want to grab a snack and coffee to enjoy in the company of their new feline friends. Meow Parlour Patisserie will reside in a separate storefront where guests can grab treats to-go, or order them in for delivery at no extra charge.It’s unclear at this time if the separation was due to space constraints or something to do with the health code.

NYC cat cafe Meow Parlour

Loving those cat houses!

The cafe cats come from local rescue group KittyKind where co-founder Christine Ha adopted one of her cats. KittyKind is based on a network of foster homes saving the lives of over  600 cats a year. The cafe will expand their ability to show case their adoptable cats beyond their traditional venues like the Petco at Union Square.

Meow Parlour is co-founded by Christina Ha and Emilie Legrand. Christina Ha is the head Pastry Chef at a place I can’t believe I’ve never been to called “Macaron Parlour” (then again, the city has no shortage of macaroon – or macaron – spots these days!). She’s apparently an overachiever because she also holds a NYC certificate in Animal Care and Handling.

NYC Cat Cafe Meow Parlour co-founders Christina Ha (and Emilie Legrand

Meow Parlour co-founders Christina Ha (left) and Emilie Legrand (right). It’s a shame they’re so serious.

According to the cafe’s website, she and her husband have four cats – Mr Socks, Pickle, Bobo and Poussey. As the story goes, Poussey came to them as KittyKind foster with her siblings, and was quickly “adopted” by Bobo.

Bobo was shattered when she was returned to KittyKind and proceeded to go on an hunger strike until Poussey was back in his sights.  Ha! Guess I’m not the only one with a “foster failure”! I do have to wonder who named her though.

cat faced macaroons

Co-founder Emilie was one of the first employees at the “Macaron Parlour.” A large collection of cat tshirts ranks among her claims-to-fame along with the fact she’s visited cat cafes all over the world. Having grown up with cats, Emile currently owned by two felines. I cracked up when reading the description of her cats Kazu and Mia and their relationship.

“She fostered Kazu, a tiny and sickly 2 year-old, for a rescue group and never let her go. Mia joined the family as a companion for Kazu, but Kazu never really comprehended this decision. Fortunately, Mia is very good-natured and quite happy that Kazu tolerates her.”

Meow Parlour Opening, first cat cafe in NYC

Oh Liza, please do make yourself at home. No reason to stand on pretense. (photo: Ethan Covey)

The website goes on to explain that since Emilie and her cats are from Paris, her cats cannot communicate with Christina’s cats (bahahaha!). But wait, it’s actually far more complicated than that.

“Mr. Socks speaks some Cantonese (he was found in Chinatown!), but the rest of the cats speak only English. Emilie’s cats can speak French and some Catalan! Emilie has no idea what they’re saying when they speak Catalan.”

I cannot wait to meet these ladies.

Meow Parlour Cat Cafe in NYC

Liza and Julia scoping out the new digs (photo: Ethan Covey)

It was just announced that Rachael Ray donated 174,000 meals of her wet cat food Nutrish to KittyKind.  Additionally, those adopting rescue cats either through KittyKind directly or the cat cafe, will receive a two-month supply of the food as well

Note: this is the same cat food Rachael ate on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” when it first launched.  In case you were wondering she went with mackerel saying it was “the tastiest.” I’ll take her word for it.

Meow Parlour, first cat cafe in New York

Let the games begin! (photo: Ethan Covey)

he cafe will be open from noon-7pm and reservations can be made online for $4.00 per 30 minute interval. Guest do not have to leave once their assigned 30 minutes is up, but will be required to pay incremental charges upon departing.

There are special times allocated for children under the age of 10 on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday between 3 pm and 5 pm. They must be accompanied by an adult chaperone, and adults without a child will not be allowed in the cafe during those times. (Can’t you just see it now: “rent a child and get into the cat cafe!” It is New York after all.).

Sorry to break the bad news, but Meow Parlour is booked up through January 23rd of 2015, and they are currently only taking reservations through February 13th.

The cats of New Yorks first cat cafe

Squinkles doesn’t realize you don’t need a car in this city. Parkings way too hard to find. Especially for an ice cream truck. (photo: Ethan Covey).


Really guys, don't look so surprised. Save those looks for Monday once the hoards descend (Liza and Kris photographed by Ethan  Covey)

Bahahaha those faces! Okay guys, save those looks for Monday once the hoards descend. You ain’t seen nothing yet! (Liza and Kris photographed by Ethan Covey)


Rules of Meow Parlour:

  • All guests must sanitize hands and remove shoes upon entering the premises.
  • Do not pull on any cat’s tail
  • No flash photography
  • No picking up cats unless supervised by a staff member (um…maybe I shouldn’t visit. I fear I wouldn’t be able to control myself. I’m so not kidding. Not pick up a cat!?! I mean, I’m only human and at a cat cafe!)
  • Toys for the cats are available at the reception desk and must be returned before leaving (Good luck with that one! I can see it now. Guests on all fours crawling around trying to locate the toy the “checked” out that’s since been batted in some completely impossible-t0-reach nook or cranny! )
Liza - Photo Credit Ethan Covey.jpg

Liza finally seems to have given up the floor for a nook that fits her rather nicely (photo: Ethan Covey).


Julian4 - Photo Credit Ethan Covey.jpg

Hope Julian’s not stuck! LOL!  (photo: Ethan Covey)


Rules (continued):

  • Do not give human food/drinks to cats. You may bring drinks (with the exception of alcohol. Alcohol is not allowed on the premises) from anywhere as long as your cup comes with a lid. You can only consume food from Meow Parlour’s bakery at the premises. Some ingredients are toxic to cats and by consuming only Meow Parlour food, we will be 100% sure of all the ingredients that are in your foods.
  • You may gently pet sleeping cats, but you may not [TAMAR ARSLANIAN, WE ARE TALKING TO YOU!] try to wake them up to engage in play.
  • You may not give any food or treats to the cats. We go through great lengths to ensure the best diet for our cats and we cannot control their diets if they are given any food or treats. Also, we do not believe in modifying the behavior of the cats by motivating them to only interact with patrons who have treats.
  • Cats wearing collars are new to the facility so be extra gentle around them and you may not disturb/pet them while they sleep [TAMAR, AGAIN, WE ARE SPEAKING DIRECTLY TO YOU!]
New York City's first cat cafe Meow Parlour

Liza, this will not do. You must be better prepared for the paparazzi. Practice in the mirror between now and Monday. Promise? (photo: Ethan Covey)

My favorite request/warning on their website has to be this one:

We have all the cats you need for your visit and we ask that you do not bring any of your own animals to Meow Parlour.

It makes you wonder about people does’t it. That they actually have to put that in writing. Hey, why are you looking at me like that!

Meow Parlour NYC's first cat cafe.

Liza has deemed Meow Parlour is a no-driving zone. Or she’s protesting ice cream?


So what do you guys think so far? Looks way different than Cat Town. Have a preference? 

 Meow Parlour is located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan at 46 Hester Street. 


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  • Brooke

    I love it! Love your humor too! 😛 Wonder if it’s against the rules to just lay down in the floor and let the cats walk/lay on you since you can’t techinally hold them unless supervised? lol I’d probably get kicked out before my first 30 minutes because how can you resist a sleeping cat? Too many rules!! Haha!! And what if the kitty is playing with the toy when you’re going to leave? That’s like taking candy from a baby! 😛 I do see a trip in my future to the cat cafe! I’m sure I can abide by the rules because Lord knows I’m a crazy cat lady and this cafe is awesome!

    • bahahahah BRILLIANT questions! LOLOL! I would get kicked out too! i agree – the toy thing is a bit..um…uninforceable! LOL! D0 let me know if you come to pay a visit!

  • Debbie Schmidt

    Thank you Tamar for all the info! It’s not like I needed yet another reason to plan a visit to NYC but this has to be at the top of the list! Looks like fun and a great way to bring attention and cash to a very worthy cause. Hope it catches-on in other cities. <3

  • I just died when I read tat Emilie’s cats speak Catalan. That means they must sing the “Poop Log” song at Christmas!

  • Annette Mayer

    We would love to visit the Meow Parlour!!! And the kitty macroons are ADORABLE!!

  • Monique

    This is so wonderful! I just heard that LuckyLemon is one of the kittens that actual resides here now! I did rescue L.L. from a garage where he was abandon at the age of six weeks old. L.L. was about four months old when I rescued him. He was so frightened when I took him in temporary until Kitty Kind was able to find L.L. this new loving home. Meow Parlour Cafe! Wow! I wonder if he’ll remember me? I’ll never forget that orange kitten! I will see you soon LuckyLemon!!! Merry Christmas sweetheart!!

    • awwwwwwww ilove that!!!!!!!! you will have to take pics and post and let us know!

      • Monique

        Yes, you’ll be hearing from me again after my visit to the Meow Parlour Cafe! LuckyLemon will remember me! Cats never forget! I so look forward to seeing L.L. again and will take new pictures. I will share the pictures I took of him when he was only four months old too. So adorable and still is from the recent picture I seen of him. Xx for u LL.

        • Did you see the pics I took of him for you today on OPENING DAY? He was a bit skittish and hid but then he was the MOST FORWARD when it came to DIGGING INTO MY TOTE for the catnip toys I brought! Gotta check it out – posted on my FB page! Post forthcomign on blog http://www.facebook.com/ihavecat

  • Wow, it sounds like New York’s first cat cafe is already a huge success!

  • Awesome!!!

  • Wow weez not even know what to say. Everypawdy seems so happy, but da rules seem a bit faw fetched. At least sum of them. And it’s kinda sad dat da kitties there alweady hav gweat foster homes to liv in stead of takin’ kitties fwum da cages of shelters. But oh well, it’s not fur us. Hope them much success. Mommy fur sure kuldn’t go cuz hers kuldn’t be wound cats and not act a fool.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    • Dezi – think of it this way, now that the cats are at the cafe (they WERE at foster homes before) those foster homes can now save MORE LIVES by taking in and caring for different/more cats from the streets and death row! Did you see the pics I took from OPENING DAY!!!??? They are on our FB page, check them out! http://www.facebook.com/ihavecat

  • Jamaka Petzak

    So wonderful! Thanks for sharing the good news with us — so glad they’re so wildly successful they’re booked for weeks! And as to having a preference, for me, it’s all about the CATS, so how could I? 😉

  • Classroom furniture for cats!))

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