Thursday Cat Man Heart Throb: Rob Gronkowski

I was working on a different post for today but clearly this had to take precedence. I think you’ll see why soon.

I’ll admit, the title isn’t as pithy as I’d have liked it to be. I could find a word that meant “crush,” or “enamoured with.” that started with the litter “T”.  Is there one I missed?

source: CBSonline

source: CBSonline

I do not know or care about football. I do not know where the Patriots are from (shhhh don’t tell, ignorance is bliss).

I DO KNOW they have one hunk of a tight end whose young enough to be my son if I’d  been a teen mom. I have not a clue  – nor do I want to know – what a tight end is or does (in the football meaning).

I DO KNOW  that Rob Gronkowski, also known as “Gronk” or “The Terminator” (thanks Wikipedia), “likes to snuggle” and pulled off one of the cutest photo shoots with kittens I’ve seen in my life for ESPN.

Rob Gronkowski with a Kitten, ESPN interviewNot even sure he likes cats. Don’t wanna know. Please, just let me enjoy the moment.

I’m guessing the photo shoot was ESPN’s way of showing Rob’s “softer side.” Speaking of which, I’m totally moving in the wrong direction age-wise with my cat men crushes. Anyone recall Cat Man Monday Jon Boyer who starred in the “Softer Side campaign”?

He’s 28.  Rob is 25. We really need to add a 20 to that, this is verging on inappropriate.

Rob Gronkowski with a kittenClearly I’m not the only one digging these pics. The Twitter-verse went bonkers when the interview and accompanying photographs were published:

“@RoberGronkowski and kittens (internet breaks)”

“Rob Gronkowski with kittens gives me life.”

ESPN photo shoot with kittens and Rob GronkowskiHe (or perhaps it was the kittens) even won over a non-Patriot fan:

“I can say with certainty I’ll never be a @Patriots fan. I’ll always be a fan of Rob Gronkowski #kittens #realness.”

ESPN photoshoot with Rob Gronkowski

I’ll admit this one’s on the “Zoolander” end of the spectrum.

OMG I need to grow up but seriously, I’m not sure what’s cuter. Rob or the kittens. And we all know giving kittens a run for their money is no easy task. Though one person – see Tweet below – was blinded by the kittens.

Rob Gronkowski ESPN shoot with kittensSo what does a tight end do? No, no, never mind. Don’t tell me.

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  • I don’t know (or even care) what ESPN was up to, but yep….man + kitten = ubercute!!

    • Tamar

      I CONCUR! LOL! obviously! =^^=

  • i only know where the New England Patriots are from because they are the “local” team.. other than that I’m with you. My SIL shared one of those photos and I liked it and commented that I only liked it for the kitten (she is one to share a lot of sport photos)

    and when it comes to celeb crushes, you do not need to grow up. So long as you stay on the right side of stalker, it really doesn’t matter. Your 20 yr old you is crushing on the 20 yr old guy.. it’s all good.

    • Tamar

      bahahaha love it! I’ll do my best to stay on the right side! I’m sure your SIL was shocked you commented on a sports pic! LOL!

  • jmuhj

    I loathe american football and everything connected with it — such a misogynist spectacle of neanderthal derivation! and I’m sorry, the guy doesn’t do a thing for me — but if he loves and cares for cats, I’m definitely glad of that!

    • Tamar


  • Well first let us say dat weez kuld only fink of 2 words wiff da letter T off da top of ow heads and they awe, taken or tempted. Second, yep hims a cutey and weally looks gweat as a kitty accessowy. MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    • Tamar

      Shoot! I should have conferred with you! I like TEMPTATION THURSDAY better! oh well, next time! 🙂

  • Peep #1 says, nothin’ says sexy like a man with a cat. Hehehehee…


    • Tamar

      What about peep#2?? LOL!

  • Becca Cook

    I agree nothing looks so good as a cute guy and a kitten, no matter his age.

    • Tamar

      well said!