#WorstChristmasEver @LifeTimeTV Media Placement #Fail

I’m supposed to be working on something else at the moment, but feel compelled to write about the Grumpy Cat movie “Worst Christmas Ever,” that aired on Lifetime TV last night.

Honestly, I hadn’t planned on watching it, but being at my parents with the fireplace roaring, red wine pouring and a delish thin-crust pizza, we decided to give it a shot.

Grumpy Cat #WorstChristmasEver Source: Instgram.com/ihavecat

I won’t delve into the debate around Tardar Sauce’s treatment and/or overexposure. I can only say I’ve met her, her manager, mother and brother on several occasions and they seem like decent people and “Grumpy Cat” seemed. well-looked after and…well, herself.  That’s all I can say without speculating.

My biggest beef and question to Lifetime (Which I asked on Twitter and have not received a response) is:  DO YOU KNOW WHO THE TARGET AUDIENCE IS FOR THIS MOVIE?  The answer? A resounding “NO!” as the movie’s star would say.

The folks at Crushable.com likened it to “Home Alone,” while one friend  said it was like “reading text messages from 13-year-olds.” So one might be led to believe it was a movie for younger children. Two clues that wasn’t the case:

  • The two-hour movie had 8pm time slot
  • The commercial for Osphena, a pill for women with “vaginal aging” due to menopause resulting in “painful sex” that ran several times throughout the movie

Osphena media placement #fail during Grumpy Cat MovieIf you must, here’s the commercial. “Enjoy” and imagine watching it with an 8-year-old.

Osphena commercial during Grumpy Cat movie Terrible media placement by LifeTimeTVWhile their tagline used to be, “Television for Women,” which would make a lot more sense for this spot (but not the movie). They changed it a few years back to “Your life. Your time,” whatever that means (likely mediocrity by committee resulting in a global, meaningless, non-specific generic tagline).

Regardless of who they thought they were targeting, menopausal women or the younger crowd, I found the media placement in poor taste.

If they thought the audience was in fact the “cat crowd,” then the media community and advertisers clearly continues to think of cat lovers and parents as older women (with dried up vaginas). As a side note, did you notice there were hardly any men in the commercial? Who were those hot 50+ year-olds having sex with…

Posts on the I HAVE CAT Facebook Page from those watching the movie real-time  were from a range of men and women of all ages.

Given the movie takes place in a mall PET SHOP, it would have been nice to see commercials promoting adoption by the ASPCA, Best Friends or other like-minded organizations.

The two highlights of the evening for me (besides the fireplace, watching with my Mom, the pizza and wine) were:

1) Finally getting a follow-back on Twitter by Miss Tardar Sauce herself and not one of those copycat Twitter accounts.

The Real Grumpy Cat Follows I HAVE CAT

2) The Friskies commercial that ran in-between vagina dryness spots featuring my favorite cats including Colonel Meow (RIP). I couldn’t find the :30 version they ran last night so here’s the full length spot from last year. Be forewarned however –  that damn song will get stuck in your head!

Did you watch #WorstChristmasEver ? What did you think of the movie, and did you share my confusion over the target audience and find the vagina ads out-of-place?

And any idea why it would run on Lifetime and not the Hallmark channel or even Nickelodeon?

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  • Not only was there the ad for osphena there was another for premarin vaginal cream (PREgnant MARes urINe).

  • I could have forgiven this and the other old lady drug ads if not for all the toy ads.. It really was a mess and very awkward.

  • My human DVR’d it so she fast forwarded through the commercials. She didn’t even know there were the Osphena commercials until she read some comments on reviews of the movie. I agree, pet adoption ads would have been a much better choice – less controversial, and appropriate for all age groups, since the demo for this movie was all over the place, age-wise.

  • Linda Szymoniak

    It was cute, but more than a little disappointing, seeing it was billed as a Lifetime movie. I think this would have been better placed on Disney Family or some other family-friendly channel. I did love that not only did Viggle has bonus points for watching, but I was able to earn 10,000 points for answering the quiz questions (on the Viggle app on my cell phone). I’m now that much closer to being able to redeem my points for the item I want. So can we expect Lil’ Bub in a Christmas movie next year?

  • jmuhj

    “BIG CAT WEEK” on NatGeoWILD Channel was our viewing choice last night, but hope to catch Tard and Co. soon. I find almost every ad ever made loathsome, so I mute them and usually leave the room while they’re on. As for Lifetime, yeah, it’s not a great channel. Very few of them are, and it begs the question: Why am I paying $ (insert exorbitant amount) every month for 99.9% you-know-what? *sigh*

  • Ely

    Oh my god! The didn’t!
    They literally targeted crazy cat ladies!
    Older women with obsession with cats, preference towards cat company instead of humans!
    Although the message is confusing, if you are a crazy cat lady, then you won’t be having sex!
    So I don’t know tamar, people on my page seem to think the cat is being abused

  • pilch92

    I as compplaining to my hubby about that ad. I thought it was more of a kids’ movie until I saw that. I thought it was a cute movie, but I would have preferred an older, grumpier voice for her.

  • Okay so after yous comment ’bout da 8 year old mommy had to watch da commercial. And yep she gets zackly what yous wuz talkin’ ’bout. Weez didn’t watch da show and this be da first weez heard ’bout it so sounds like we won’t be watchin’ it eever. MOL And mommy weally got a good laff outta yous posty. sorry ifin it wuz posed to be serious but hers an older cat lady so she found a lot of what yous sed funny.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  • Jeanne B.

    Worst Christmas Movie Ever.