“A Letter To My Cat” (And Yours!)

Looks who’s on the homepage of A Letter To My Cat’s website right next to LIL BUB – they’d make a pretty cute couple if you ask me….

Looks who's on the homepage of ALetterToMyCat.com right next to LIL BUB - they kindda make a cute couple...

Dear Kip,

I had no idea what to expect when I adopted you. Never having grown up with pets – unless you count goldfish and a hamster – I was as naïve as they come.

You looked depressed in your cage the day I saw you at Petco. When they placed you in my arms you didn’t put up a flight and flopped right into them. A handsome green-eyed Tabby of uncertain origin, named after the neighborhood where he was found.

I’d found the perfect lap cat (or so I thought). Having just broken up with a boy, I was looking to be comforted. I needed some kitty snuggling. Being depressed, I figured a depressed cat was the perfect match.

To say I was in for a surprise would be putting it mildly… 

That’s the beginning of the letter to my first cat Kip. If you keep reading this post, you’ll learn where to find the rest of it, and how you could be one of two lucky I HAVE CAT fans who will win a boatload of prizes just by writing a letter to their cat! Plus the contest is going to be judged by the creator of “A Letter To My Cat” – how cool is that?!  

"A Letter To My Cat" giveaway

A Letter to My Cat: Notes to Our Best Friends” was released last week as the follow-up to “A Letter To My Dog,” by Lisa Erspamer. I’m confident it came out second purely because they wanted to be sure it was perfect and did so by working all the kinks out with the dog book. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I suggest Lisa does as well (Just kidding Lisa! Well, kind of!).

The book is a compilation of heartfelt letters from regular folks and celebrities like Dr. Oz, Joe Perry, Fred Willard, Carrie Ann Inaba expressing their love for and gratitude to their feline companions. The photos that accompany them are gorgeous (I mean, just look at the cover shot below).

A Letter To My Cat by Lisa Erspamer

While certainly moving, the book will also make you smile and maybe even chuckle (one of those: “I laugh, I cried, it was better than Cats” kind of books). It’s relatable and will make remind you of everything you admire and adore about your kitty and all the ways he or she has enriched your life.

In speaking about her experience making both books in an interview on FOX11LA, Lisa says she found them to be like their pets – one more outgoing and the other more introverted (you can figure out which is which). And while I don’t agree with her on that point, I do agree with her observation that cat lovers are “edgier,” which I’ll take to mean creative, non-conformist and independent. I can live with that.

Therefore this book is  OBVIOUSLY at least 10x more interesting than the dog version. Just saying’.

Lisa Erspamer on LAFox11 with kittens from Best Friends

Here’s Lisa Erspamer in a TV interview with an adoptable kitten from Best Friends (She’s gonna hate me for capturing her face like that I just know it – sorry, but the cat looked cute!).


This snippet from one Amazon reviewer will give you a good feel for the book:

I am not a cat person (not by choice … it’s my allergies’ fault!), but I bought this book as a gift for a cat-owning friend of mine. I started to flip through it before wrapping it and a few of the beautiful photos caught my eye, so I started to read a page here and there. Before I knew it, I had read every letter in the book! … My favorite letter was from a homeless veteran who lives in the wilderness with a truly unbelievable cat….” – Steven S.

And here’s a sneak peek at a few pages from the book and portions of what a few celebs had to say to their kitties!

A Letter To My Cat

Carrie Ann Inaba tells Taz, who recently passed away (I’m guessing after the book went to press), “You have been my protector and my friend – my guide to peace and my love pillow at night when life gets me down. While Joe Perry admits to his cat Icon that, while he’s always been a dog person, he’s gotten him to change his ways!

Dita Von Teese and Fred Willard with their cats

Dita Von Teese reminded kitty Aleister he (?) is “…a force to be reckoned with … Angelina Jolie was actually afraid of you when she met you!” While Fred Willard’s letter to  cat Mittenz thanks him for helping him get that new couch he’s been needing to get for a while now….(ha!), and tells him he looks great in a tux!

Okay, now back to the GIVEAWAY and how you and your kitty could win:

All YOU have to do to enter is write a letter to your cat telling him/her what you love most about them, how they’ve changed your life, made you a better person – whatever you’d tell them if you could. It can be to a current kitty companion or one that’s no longer here.

Write your letter as a comment to this blog post and Lisa Erspamer, the author of “A Letter to My Cat” will review all entries and select two lucky winners in the coming weeks (US only sorry!!!!). Deadline for entering is 11/15/14 5pm EST. I can’t wait to read these comments/letters!

A Letter To My Cat alettertomycat.com

If you’d like to read the rest of my letter to Kip, go to ALetterToMyCat.com where you can also give your kitty a shout-out via Twitter.

And last, but not least (I know this is long but there’s so much good stuff to cram in!), I leave you with this video of a few folks taking about what makes cats so special and reading from their personal letters. You’ll recognize more than a few of them – Jackson Galaxy anyone?! Enjoy, and get out your hanky!

Don’t forget to enter by letting your furry one know how he or she makes your life complete! And if you can’t wait to see if you win, or want to get an extra copy as a gift click here to purchase “A Letter to My Cat”.

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  • My Darling Orion,

    There you were, such an orange floofball of talkativeness, meowing your heart out for some food and attention. I couldn’t leave you there, at work, in March, in Utah. You had to come home with me so I could get you all checked up, cleaned up and re-homed. Well, you took possession of hearth and home from the minute you came in. It just took me awhile to realize you already were home.

    You kept one paw possessively placed on some portion of my body when you first came home, something you still do to this day. It warms my heart, along with that never ending purr you have for me.

    You have to be near me, almost always following me around the apartment, keeping me in sight. You are my alarm clock in the morning and my “white noise” I fall asleep to at night. I can’t think of anything more wonderful than the evenings I fall asleep with your paw in my hand, or with your paw curved around my hand, holding me in place. Who knew one little velvety paw could be so powerful?

    You comfort me when I am sick, humor me when I am down and make me smile on a daily basis. I miss you when I am at work, and wish I could take you with me when I travel. Nothing is better than coming home and getting to scoop you up and hug you close, hearing your purr and your meows of admonishment “where have you been?”

    You are my little orange lovebug. I can’t bear to think of the day when you will be gone, so I cherish the time we have now. Putting one more kiss on your face, one more gentle rub on your paw, even though you are ready to be left alone, to nap and dream. You put up with my sometimes harassment, and give it right back to me. Yes, you are my lovebug.

    Love, Meowm

  • Dear Carmine,

    When I walked into PetSmart in June, 2005, I hadn’t planned on adopting a kitty that day. But my friend, Mariah, pointed you out to me, and you were so adorable, I just had to hold you! When the PetSmart employee placed you in my lap, you laid down and started purring right away. In the few minutes I held you in my lap, you stole my heart, and I knew that you would be the perfect addition to my home. Little did I know just how much you would change my life.

    You have taught me so much about love. Everyone has always told me that God loves unconditionally, but coming from a family that has a difficult time showing one another love, I never understood what unconditional love was, and I often wondered if it even existed. You not only taught me that unconditional love is possible, but it does, in fact, exist.

    Whenever I need cheering up, you are there to comfort me. You jump into my lap and your warm orange fur and rumbly purr inevitably help me remember that there is always something to be thankful for. When I’m having an especially bad pain day, you stick close by me to make sure I am okay. When I cry, you curl up next to me and purr until I feel better. You always know when I need you.

    Carmine, your heart is so big. When I adopted Jewel, you immediately welcomed her into our home, even though she was not fond of other kitties. When she was particularly sick or didn’t feel well from her chronic renal failure, you stood vigil over her, protecting her, and letting her know that you were there for her. When it was time for her to receive fluid treatments, you supervised to ensure she was okay. You stood by her no matter how fussy she became because you loved her so much. Now that she has gone to the Rainbow Bridge (Aug. 2014), I know that you miss her so much. Yet you haven’t let this stop you from loving; you show your love daily to me and to your sister, Milita.

    Shortly after I brought you home, I began my journey of recovery from anorexia, and while it was so difficult, you inspired me to keep going. It’s been 9 years since I started that journey, and you have been here, showing me love the whole way. It has been your love as well as your strength through your own struggles with medical issues that has inspired me never to give up.

    I am so happy that you chose me to be your human nine years ago. Your love not only showed me that unconditional love is possible, but that we should all love each other, even when we might not like or agree with the things our loved ones do. You have inspired me to love more deeply and to forgive easier. You have helped me grow as a person.

    I will forever be thankful to you for how you have changed my life and for all the lessons you’ve taught me. I love you, Carmine.


  • Debbie Hughes

    Dear Jezebel,

    Why was it that I felt such a strong connection when I first laid eyes on you? It was love at first sight! Now you look so different than the pale feline we brought home! It was amazing to watch your color and patterns develop and change over the first couple of years.

    I almost didn’t get to see those changes in you because tainted pet food products from China nearly killed you – twice!

    Because of the strong connection I feel with you, I sensed something wasn’t right. One evening you were staring out at nothing and your eyes seemed dilated and glassy. I took you to the vet immediately the next day and he began the process of finding out what was wrong with you. Kidney failure was the diagnosis.

    The days that you spent in the hospital were gut wrenching for me. Not knowing why you were sick or if you were going to survive . I prayed to St. Francis of Assisi (and I’m not Catholic!) every day to save you. IV’s running in your shaved limbs trying to flush out your system. You were just kitten that had been with us only 3 months but you knew who your Momma was when I came to see you at the hospital. I will never forget because it was Valentine’s Day and you gave me a hundred head bumps, pleading for me to take you out of there. You cried so pitifully, clinging to the door of the cage when I had to leave without you. I sobbed uncontrollably on the drive home. That evening you chewed the IV out of your leg and the vet called to say that he believed you were ready to go home!

    I brought you home and because the manufacturer had not yet released the information on the tainted food to the public, I began to feed you the same poison product that was killing you. Two days later, you were nearly dead again. I actually called the doctor to come and put you down! My sister convinced me to take you back to the hospital again.

    When you came home from the hospital the second time, you refused to eat the food I had been feeding you. Yes, it was the poison food again because I didn’t know it was poison. There is no explanation for why you would not eat it. I’m so thankful you turned your nose up at it!

    Happily, you recovered with no serious side effects and are so incredibly sweet and funny! You make me laugh every day and I love cuddling belly-to-belly with you every night. You are the total lap cat that I always wanted! I thank the good doctor, my sister and St. Francis of Assisi for saving my baby girl cat!

    I love you forever!


  • Heather M

    Dear Doodoo Brown:

    We only met because of that big loser I was dating, and for that, I can’t fully regret having been with him. He was miserable in his new apartment, and I suggested a cat friend to make him happier. He wanted a black cat, a kitten, and when my coworker brought in a photo of two kittens she found in her garage with no mom cat to be found, he chose you. And oh, how glad I am of that.

    I was shocked when they brought you to me: you were too young to be away from your momma, with your big blue eyes. You had ear mites and were so lethargic, I worried about you from the start. You also smelled pretty bad, let’s be honest. I cleaned you up and treated your ears and fed you lots of kitten milk, and you sprung into life in a big way! Not least of which was farting more often, and more audibly, than any cat I’d ever been around in my life. He wanted to name you something cutesy, feminine, but no. I knew you were different, so I insisted on naming you.

    And once you got going, you were so fierce! I brought you home to stay with me, and, despite your especially teeny size, you didn’t hesitate to take on the three much larger adult cats in the house. You bossed them from day one, and dominated that food bowl!

    Your fierce little growls as you ate amused me, but also made me sad, that you had been allowed to go hungry, that you didn’t have your mom. You made me laugh, throwing your tiny little body onto cats who were easily 4x your size. As you grew up, you got over the food aggression; you knew your belly wouldn’t ever be empty again. And it took a long time, but after a while, you grew to be normal sized!

    Now you are an endless source of amusement: the way you squeal instead of meow, the way you will hiss for reasons none of us can discern, the way you nudge and push and squeeze your way onto my lap, drooling with happiness, every single day.

    You are the best furball that ever happened!!
    Love, Me

  • Dear Rocky,

    I’ve communicated with you for so long without words that to try to find them now has me at a loss.

    For fifteen years, you were my friend, my enemy, my baby, the pain in the ass that peed on my bed when I was out of laundry quarters at midnight, and the tiny little guy that pressed his nose to mine that day in the adoption room so long ago. I was only 19. What did I know about cats? Nothing, really, except that I absolutely had to have YOU and no other would do. I had to lie about my address to be able to adopt you, and I’m pretty sure you encouraged me to do it.

    If anyone ever looked up to a cat, it was me to you. You always managed to get things your own way. You were stubborn, funny, irritable, sweet, and silly all rolled up into a gigantic, immovable bundle. Nothing scared you, not even your illness, but in the end, all you wanted was to be in my arms.

    Without you, I wouldn’t have a blog. I wouldn’t have a web series. I would never have been to Sundance or Minnesota. I wouldn’t have the voice that I have now to be able to speak out for homeless pets. I knew you were special, but it took 15 years to unfold all the nuances of your amazing being. You were the best damned cat actor that ever graced the screen and have brought joy to hundreds of thousands of people. You, sir, were a gift.

    This spring, I built my garden all for you. You were its soul and now you live in mine. I know for sure we’ll have to meet again because you took a part of me with you, and some day, you’ll have to give it back. Of course, you probably won’t, because that’s just how you are. And that’s okay with me.

    I love you, Rocky. And I will never forget everything you brought to my life. Peabody misses you a lot.

    You’re always in my heart. I can still hear your meow, the tiny voice that no one expected.



  • jmuhj

    To my forever Queen Simba:

    Thank you. Thank you for teaching me the meaning of strength. When you found me on the street, you were a ghost of a cat, rail-thin, covered in sores, living literally on the edge. I lived in a building owned by an intolerant guy, so I started feeding you outside. You showed up pretty regularly. I know how important it must have been for you to show up. It was literally a ticket to life for you. Little did I know it would also be one for me.

    Days went by, and you filled out. A little. You didn’t seem to care much about being a lap cat. Of course, you probably had no experience of that. I wanted to bring you in and protect you from the mean streets, the sores, the starvation, the pollution. But I couldn’t. Until you got treed by a big male, and my boyfriend brought you inside. There was no question that you would go back out again. And besides, we DID have a kitten already, who we had smuggled in. So much for “no-‘pets'”. To us, you weren’t ‘pets’. You were FAMILY.

    At first, you couldn’t get enough to eat. Ever. After you finished your own portion, you’d check out Marley’s bowl and eat anything she hadn’t. It was like a race you were running to get your strength back. Over time, you filled out, got spayed, got your shots, and settled in. Sunny came and joined us, and we were a family of five.

    You took that, and the moves, all in stride, with the grace of a queen. You even took changing family dynamics philosophically, and the change of human partners and addition of feline family members didn’t seem to phase you too much. Life was immeasurably better than it had been on the streets, you were getting all the food you wanted, you were safe and loved. Life was good. Your Siamese gregariousness served you well, and more felines meant more friends to play with, chase, curl up with, and teach. Oh, you were good at teaching the kittens how to behave! and you kept them in line with your delicate but strong velvet paw, your indomitable spirit, and your ocean of love.

    How that love warmed us all! I treasured being with you, holding you, lounging with you on my lap, playing with you, brushing you, even clipping your claws. Through it all, you were a regal presence, up to the time when your strength ran low and you lay beside me, holding hands, and ascended. I know you are up there watchin’ with love and concern, just as I know you told me shortly after you left us that I needed to adopt a needy kitten rescued off other mean streets where we now lived by our vet tech. That kitten, wild and remote at first, has grown to be your successor queen, with a good measure of your strong, loving spirit always apparent as she has welcomed new family members, trained kittens, and weathered family changes and moves. I look at Rani and I see a lot of you in her, my beloved Simba. And a greater tribute I could not imagine.

    Jamaka and the family

  • Nat

    Not in the US – but I want to write a letter to my cat anyway!

    Darling Casper

    Until you and your too soon departed brother Tinker came into my life I’d never really been a cat lady. I grew up with dogs, you know this as I tell you whenever we play fetch. Even though I new Molly for about half her life she never considered me one of her people.

    But you came into my life as a bundle of fur just twelve weeks old. Twelve weeks from a rescue centre, but obviously a loving home before that – I didn’t need to teach you to use your litter tray, I didn’t need to teach you to wash your face, I didn’t need to teach you to play or chase… you were a perfectly formed little cat (as was dear Tinker).

    You mourned as much as I did when Tinker died – but you tried to comfort me too. You tried to take on many of the little things that had been ‘his’. You changed from being a cat who was happy in feline regal majesty on his own to a person cat. You began to hang out with me, sitting on the bed with me sometimes, sleeping on my feet. Never the same amount of head bumps, not fond of endless chest sitting, but an occasional paw grab and cuddle in arm-circle.

    You have the biggest purr I’ve ever met. You eat tablets at the vets as if they are treats. You are the most conversational cat; we talk to each other and I’ve learnt to understand the tone of your ‘miaow’ – we really have communication.

    It’s lucky my fluffy little furball loves to be brushed; one day I’ll fill a cushion with all that soft fur.

    You are a little bit OCD… we have to have our little rituals at night and bed time. You have some strange ideas of fun and comfort (the bathtub, really?!).

    Of course I think you are the most handsome cat, the most individual, the most empathetic. I will remember 13 August forever; as that is the day I met you.

    I got married on 13 July – so 13 really is my lucky number and there is nothing unlucky about my little black cat.

    In my heart forever


  • Annie Miller

    Dear Wasabi ,
    You were ours before you were even born. We wanted a male siamese. We brought you home at 5 weeks old. A little ball of orange trimmed white fluff stuffed down daddy’s shirt on the motorcycle. You drew a lot of stares. As you grew older, you would grab my ankles as I walked by and I drug you around the house like that. In never dreamed you would grow up to take care of me. Like the time I mixed up my insulin and accidentally took an overdose. When paramedics arrived, you were pawing and nudging my unconscious body. You refused to leave my side. Every time they took you off me you came right back. They almost had to take you to the hospital with me. Even now, when I feel bad, every 20 minutes or so you get right in my face and smell my breath.if I am fine, you dissappear for 20 minutes. If my sugar is low, you meow and escort me to the refrigerator for juice. You are my beautiful long haired flame point beauty. And I love you so much and appreciate you taking care of me.

  • Dear Abby,

    How could they? You were six weeks old and they abandon you at a park. They threw you away like you were a piece of trash.

    We found you in the top of a tree, you were so tiny and so afraid. It took some doing to get you down but when we did it was magical. The second I took you in my arms I knew that we would be together for a very long time. I told you that everything would be alright, that I would love you and take care of you forever, that you would never ever have to be afraid again.

    You’re a timid little girl…that’s what makes our relationship even more special. It goes against ever fiber of your being to trust me…yet you do. And you love and trust your daddy too. You immediately had him wrapped right around your little kitty pinky paw. To see a 6’6” grown man follow you around the house, asking you what you want…has brought a smile to my face many times. With Mark as your daddy, you will never be without someone to play with, a kind word and a warm blanket. He loves you so very much!

    And who would have ever thought that when we put your image on a t-shirt it would change our lives? People all over the world know and love you….my little abandoned park cat. Because of your t-shirt I’ve met so many wonderful people. And because of you our business grew and grew, affording me to quit a job where I was very unhappy. And now that I work from home I can spend so much more time with you and your sister Roxanne… the d.o.g. You two make the purrr-fect assistants. It’s so much fun to be with you all day everyday, watching you “dance” with the backyard squirrels…watching you bird watch from the window sill. Though my favorite thing is watching you nap in your favorite sunny puddle. You make me so happy!

    So you see sweet baby girl…it’s come full circle. I saved you…and you saved me right back! You will always be my love, my special little girl.

    I love you!!

  • rshubin

    Dear Piper,

    I am so glad to have you in my life. I helped you through your miscarriage and you helped me through my anxiety. We are furever bonded.


  • Laurie and the “Girls”

    Dear Cheesecake,

    First, Let me tell you how you got your name. Your “Dad” and I were at our favorite restaurant and it was time for dessert. I ordered my favorite which was cheesecake. I joked that Cheesecake would make a great name for our next cat. We often name our future kitties like other couples name their future children. Then that fateful day in July 2010 you came into our hearts and home. Your homecoming was nothing short of a miracle!

    The first of these miracles came in the day we choose to go to the shelter. After days searching Pet Finder and Craigs list I found and ad for our local shelter offering free cats and beagles. Money was tight so the free part sounded great! I was in search of the perfect lap cat! Off to the shelter we went.

    The second miracle was the lady form the Siamese Rescue. We got to your cage and there was a nice lady from a Siamese rescue checking on you. I went over to see the cat she was looking at and I asked if she was taking you home. Unfortunately, she didn’t have room for you. I asked as I was reaching for you if you were sweet. She said yes. It was love at first hold! I didn’t want to let you go. The paperwork was signed and we picked you up that Tuesday.

    Then you got sick with an URI. I didn’t know what to do. Armed with the grocery money we went back to vet. Six days of worry, but you finally started to get better! I was so happy when you finally started to eat after six days! This was miracle number 3!

    Thats been four years ago. You are my constant companion, lap cat extraordinaire, lover of all things bacon and quirky just like me!

    I love you Cheesecake!

  • Blair Mitchell

    My sweet baby, Charlie…
    I am not even sure if I possess the words to tell you what you mean to me. When my best friend Jessica’s kitty Parker gave birth to you 3 years ago I knew you were special. I fostered you at first at loved how you always pushed the other babies out of the way to get to the nipple. You were strong and brave even before you could see or hear. I was holding you looking at your sweet face when I wiped the goop out of your eyes and then they finally opened. My face was your first sight and I’ll never forget how you looked at me. You’ve been with my fiancé and I through good times and bad. You cuddled me at night when we were sleeping in hotels. I spent my last dollars on you to make sure you could eat before we did. I played and talked and cuddled you all day while Micah was working to make a better life for us. You loved me when I was dependent on substances to make me feel better. You loved me when I was trying to get clean. You didn’t care if I was mad or angry or crazy, you still curled up on me every night. You loved me when we had only a twin air mattress to sleep on. You talked to me so sweet when I picked myself up and finally got a job and saved to get a car. You were the only one I had when Micah and I took a break to better ourselves. You never forgot about him and licked my face when I’d cry for him at night. You ran to him meowing when we got back together and got a place. You kneaded on my belly and slept between my legs when you knew there was a baby inside me. You never left my side when I lost that baby. You played and kept me up all morning when I finally felt better. You started kneading and laying on my belly again when God gave us the opportunity to have another one. Now the baby is growing big and strong and I can tell you love him/her already. Thank you Charlie for never judging me, for never caring if I had money, thank you for understanding that daddy and I needed space and not holding that against him. Thank you for always being my baby no matter how big you get. You saved my life and have kept our little family happy and going strong. Mommy, daddy and baby love you always and furrever <3<3<3

  • Casey Shimon

    Dear Belle,

    It has been nearly 18 years since I first met you. As small as I was, you were impossibly smaller. You had the most beautiful blue eyes that glowed from that tiny ball of fur. You looked like a koosh ball made of cotton. I knew I had to have you. My parents were adamently against my getting a kitten, we already had one cat. Still, I faught for you. I promised to pay for your vet bills, your food, your litter…everything. At 13, with no real job, that was not an easy task. I begged my parents to look, just simpy look at you. When they agreed, I knew you were mine, because not a person with a heart could refuse your perfect round face and giant blue eyes. You may not know this, but your name was Gretchen for about a day. When you were finally in my arms, you were not a Gretchen at all. The name simply did not fit. Belle was natural. You looked like a Belle. I worked so hard to do everything for you. I did odd jobs around the house and at my grandmother’s house to earn extra money. It wasn’t easy, but I kept my promise. Then, the worst summer of my life happened. I was 14, going into highschool and my parents decided to separate. My father moved out, my life shattered. My siblings were too young to really understand what was happening, so I turned to you. You, Belle, became my confidant, my companion, my comforter, my piece of happiness in an otherwise stormy world. I can’t tell you how many nights I spent cuddled up with you crying, only to wake in the morning and feel your warmth on my neck and know that everything was okay. In a very dark world, you were the bright spot. A lot has changed in the last 18 years. Your beautiful blue eyes turned into the most amazing green I’ve ever seen. I went away to college (and you NEVER let me forget it). I moved to NYC. There have been other cats, dogs, rabbits and fish that have invaded the house, but you have been the one constant. 18 years you have been there, the first face I need to see when I return home. It gets harder and harder to leave now, since I know my time with you is limited. I want you to live forever, but I know that is impossible. A lifetime with you will never be enough. Every time I am home, I try and spend as much time holding you as possible, because I never know if it will be the last. Even if your fur isn’t as luscious as it once was or your jump as high, you are still the little miracle that somehow found me. You will never know what you have meant to my life. What you have meant to so many lives. Thank you for your love, albeit sometimes very conditional. I’ll never forget how you made me work to get back in your good graces after I moved away. I have loved you unconditionally and will continue to the rest of my life. So, should we have 6 months or 6 more years together, I will continue to treat you like the princess you are and the safety net you were when I was falling. Thanks for all the baby rabbit presents left on the front porch. I’ll never get it, but you always looked so proud. You’re something very special Belle-belles.


  • Rena

    Dear Max . . .

    or Maxie, Maxilla, Max Epstein, and all your other aliases. No matter what I called you, you were always there for me. You and I actually grew up together. I was 23 when you found your way to me and 40 when you left me. I can never move from this house because your resting place is in the back yard. You’ve been gone for 25 years, and I still miss you so much. The four cats in my present life are wonderful, but you will always be the one who knew me best and who put up with so much as we traveled the U.S., living in NJ, Arizona, Washington State, California, Virginia and back to California. For years after our final move to California, friends from other states would come to visit and, when they saw you, they’d say with delight, “Max! You’re still here!” You were a seasoned traveler who made friends wherever you went—with some mishaps, of course, such as escaping from the car at a gas station in North Dakota and disappearing (and showing up again) from my motel room in Montana. I promised you that our second move to California would be your last move, and it was—a mixed blessing for us both.

    You came to me from Bide-a-Wee shelter in NY. My brother brought you to me after my divorce, when I was living alone in a small apartment. I had asked him to bring me a fluffy orange kitten, but you were the only one they had (it was January). Out of the carrier came this scrawny, long-legged, black, brown and white tabby with a crooked tail and a spot on your upper lip that made you look as though you were sneering. What a character you turned out to be—and what a lover. When I cried, you’d sit by my side. When I watched Wild Kingdom on Sunday nights, you’d sit on the footstool and watch it with me. Years later, when I was 37 and you were 14, you stayed by me as I went through cancer treatments. And, although you weren’t sure what to make of Karen when she was born, you were always gentle toward her. You also were a real talker. When I’d come home, you’d “meow, ma-wow, ma-wow” at me as if you were telling me something very important. No doubt you were.

    I think and hope that you always knew how much I loved and appreciated you. In my mind’s eye, the picture of you that I see is a funny one: a big cat bottom and a bent tail sticking up out of the kitchen trash can! You, dear Max, were the reason that we had to put a door in the kitchen. Cooking—and even eating—were almost impossible to do with you around. But, hey, we all have our weaknesses, and food was yours. That kitchen door was a small price to pay for everything that you gave me. I think I will miss you forever.



  • Lisa Alexander

    Dear Kaboodle,

    I cannot believe you are now 15. We have been thru boyfriends, fiance(s), and aloneness together. We have been thru 352 changes of cat food, 455 cat beds, and lots of hiding in the closet together. We have suffered, and we have had purr time.

    We have had companies named after you, wine bottles with your picture, and we even wear our cat ears together.

    You are the cowardly lion in feline form. You have a heart the size of Montana.

    You are gorgeous and have no idea that you are.

    You are all goodness and have never disappointed me a day in my life. That is your finest distinction vs humans.

    So glad we even have an affinity for junk food together.:)

    As I watch you closely in what might be our final times together, I admire you, I love you, I will do anything for you to make you happy. I am now buying you heated beds, stainless water fountains, and special litter boxes. I would do anything in my power to make sure your life is comfortable right now. Thank you for being my greatest source of consistency, love and kindness.

    And I pray…. in some way, we are together forever.

    Love, Your Mommy

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  • Julie E. Sherman

    Dear Salvador:

    I fell in love with you before I even met you. Years ago, I was on a pet adoption site and I was scrolling through the many kittens that where in need of a forever home. My eyes stopped on you and we have been inseparable ever since. It is not to my amazement, that as I start to type my letter, you seem to sense that my thoughts are only with you now. You have just positioned yourself next to me and here you are now snuggling at my side. I know that in your own way, you know that my heart is full of love and admiration as I sit here expressing my eternal gratitude for having you in my life. Each morning when I awake, I feel blessed to start a new day with you. Some days are a challenge to get started, but I know that you are there to help keep me aware that not all days are good, but there is something good in each day. I can always count on you for being what is good in my world.

    Dearest Salvador, you have been my breath when I thought that I could no longer breathe. You have brought me immeasurable comfort and strength and I want you to know that you have lived up to your name. It is funny how life can imitate art, right? My sister was with me when I went to adopt you. You were such a beauty that she suggested that we name you Salvador after the great Salvador Dali. I agreed to the name and years had past when one of my former high school classmates, who was an exchange student from Spain, saw a picture of you on the internet. He commented on how handsome you were. He then commented on your name. He stated, “Did you know that Salvador means Savior in Spanish?” I was in complete awe and my heart was heavy after reading that. Salvador, I have found a Savior in you. Thank you for being such a blessing to me. You are my earth angel.

    All my love,

  • Julie Sherman

    Re: Salvador. I am also on Facebook at Cle Julie.
    Best wishes to all.

  • Dear Titan~Kitten.
    I remember the first time i saw you. You were a really scared small kitten. I looked at you knowing that i couldn’t let the you go back to the house that she wanted to take you back to. You deserve a life where they treat you like the prince you are, not as another animal to add to a collection.
    So i decided to take you to where you would later call home, to see your future daddy.He originally said no, he didn’t want a cat. Then i pulled out the big guns, which happened to be you. He played with you while i told him your story, at the end of the long talk. We had a new handsome kitten.
    You are the perfect cat for us. You started out all timid and would watch us from your hiding spots. I used to find you and kiss your belly. After about one month of the being scared routine you began to show your real colors. You began to climb under the blankets with us, and attack our toes while we slept. Soon after you began to play with the toys. We were so excited for you that we went and bought you tons of toys, all sizes and shapes. You played with the Eva, the dog.
    We gave you the name titan 9 long months ago, you showed us so much from how to prepare your food just the way you like, to how to play a mean game of hide and seek. You choose the name kitten recently. I love you so much titan you mighty kitten.
    Love your royal servant – MOMMY <3

  • Dear Tommie,
    Before you showed up in our front yard 16 years ago, we were waiting and wanting you.

    We saw a big polydactyl tom cat passing through from time to time.
    We said, “That’s the most beautiful cat in the world”. Later when a Momcat we had been feeding on our deck turned up pregnant, we hoped she had had a fling with the big tom (all this happened long before we knew about TNR).
    But no, all her kittens were small pawed and none had his tabby markings. We cared for the kittens and worked on taming them so they’d be adoptable.

    Then one morning I went outside, and there you were. So small, an eight week old furry striped kitten, with the biggest mitten paws! Your feral mother and her two other kittens ran off and left you behind, but you came to me!
    I know you were probably very hungry.
    That had to be part of the reason.

    Now that you’re older and suffering from kidney disease, you are so patient and good. Between the fluids I give you twice a week and the B-12 shots, I jokingly call you, “Little pin cushion”.

    Tommie, you are a gift and a blessing. And every night when I fall asleep to the sound of your purr, I feel such gratitude.

    I love you, Tom.

  • Amanda Vega

    Dear Dash,

    It was a little over four years ago I needed a furry friend. My mom, your grandma, was very sick and we almost lost her then, and was looking for best friend to make me smile. I had my heart set on a full black polydactyl, even picked out the name Midnight. I was surfing petfinder.com for the tenth time that day, when I saw your picture and it was love at first sight. You looked like a white cat who had a run in with grey paint. Someone had left you and your siblings in a box on a highway near the theme parks. I traveled over two hours meet you. It only took me two minutes to know I wanted you. You had a cold so I couldn’t take you home for a few weeks.

    When I got the phone call that you had a clear bill of health, I got you that evening. I brought my huge cat carrier, hoping you’d cuddle with the bed and blanket I made for you. You cried as soon as we started for home. I ended up jumping in the back seat and just rubbing you the whole ride. It felt like you needed someone to pet you. Once you were home, it was like you knew you were home. Your polydactyl paws were bigger then you and make ur kitten play ten times cuter.

    I only had you three days and took you to visit my mom. My mom had you eating spaghetti off a fork, starting your Garfield complex with spaghetti. That night we came up with a few names, but you didn’t get your name Dash for about a week after you came home. I don’t know if it’s the Maine Coon part of you, or those huge paws, but you were fast and no catching you. My love for disney and loving the incredibles I couldn’t help but to name you Dash.

    I don’t know how you knew how hard life was going to get but you were always perfect, and still are. Every morning greeting me, and at night cuddling with me until it was bed time. Learning how to fetch and playing with all your toys. Even when my mom would baby sit you, I would get s full report of the crazy, goofy, and laughable moments you would have. Only a few times did we have trouble, but it’s like you are part saint. Even if you somehow learned how to climb the walls with your monkey hands and knock down my moms clock.

    It was about this time last year I was worried how your personality might change when I found you a new sibling. Again you were a saint. While I was driving home from work, I found Violet and her sister on the side of the road after the car in front of my ran over their mommy. I didn’t think I just acted, grabbed them and brought them home.
    My mom made sure the kittens were healthy enough to be around you and paid for all their vet bills. You took Violet in like she was your own child. You also let Violet get spoiled by my mom just as much as she spoiled you when we first got you. You even allow and enjoy when Violets sister comes over to visit and play dates. It’s very cute watching you watch them like a very concerned parent and ready to step in when they would get a little to feisty.

    This year we lost my mom, and but your always there to make me smile even on the gloomiest of days. Violet and you team up to put on some of the greatest kitty go crazy entertainment that has me still giggling over. You and Violet aren’t just pets, your my fur babies, and always the grand-kitties. I couldn’t ask for a better friend and animal. I really don’t know how I would have gotten thru everything without the moments I have with you. You are my Prince Charming.

    I love you **nosebump**

  • Randi Cook

    Dear Charlie, when you first come around I was a little annoyed by you yet intrigued! I was never a cat person but I think you knew that and it made you more determined to turn me into one! Who was this cat that hunted down the birds I fed, and drank from the bird bath? At first we thought you was a boy and luckily gave you a name that worked either way! You was and still are a very beautiful green eyed Nebelung cat that was fixed and declawed but yet homeless. A very sweet cat that I decided to help and feed first so you would quit eating the birds I was feeding, and second until I could find you a new home. I always thought cats kept to themselves and were very moody. You showed me that you weren’t like the cats that I have knowned. That you were more needing of attention and would do whatever adorable poise to get my attention! You found quickly that I would stop all that I was doing to say “Ah” every time you laid on your back and showed me your belly. And when I reached for my camera to take a pic you would even hold that poise and work the camera! I found you a home with a coworker and explained to my kids that we weren’t in a position to take on the responsibility of owning a cat. So my coworker come by and drove you to her home 20 minutes from where I lived. Days later when I inquired about you, I found out you had ran away. I didn’t tell the kids because didn’t want them to worry, but they found out when you showed up days later on my porch. It was then that I decided to keep you because it was clear to me then that you had adopted us and was now part of the family! Even as I write this, you are faithfully on my lap trying to get my attention by kneeding me! Your a very needy cat, but love and affection is all you ask! OK maybe a particular type of food too and your water bowl cleaned and with fresh cold water everyday too! lol

  • Jamie LeBlanc

    My dearest Faith,

    You entered this harsh world alone, with no one to love you or look after you. Your stark white beauty was a contrast to the dark and ugly world on the streets. It’s obvious you were eating out of dumpsters, instead of a bowl filled with love and nutrition. And at some point during that struggle is where we met.

    I don’t know what was going through your mind when you thought you could make it across the road safely, but you tried. I saw you dart out in before the truck that was driving in front of me. I prayed for the truck to slow down, but he didn’t. He hit your skinny little body and kept going, never looking back. I stopped in the middle of the busy intersection and raced to grab you. You looked at me, but I know you couldn’t see me. You were in pain. I stopped all traffic as I lifted you from the road, battered and bleeding, while you were fighting to stay alive. I lifted you in my arms and I immediately carried you to the safety of my car. I said, it would be “Ok” in my attempt to keep you calm, but I saw that the life had left you the moment I scooped you up. I drove as fast as I could to the nearest vet clinic and demanded you be seen immediately. The vets saw your condition and rushed you back to try and save you. They tried…and they couldn’t. I tried…and I couldn’t.

    You entered this world without someone there to lovingly give you a name, but I did. I named you Faith, because you had faith that you could make it across the street and I had faith that your life could be saved. But after all of that heartbreak, I have faith that you are in the happiest place on Earth now: a place that I pray to make it to. You are now free of pain, hunger and fear. I’m sorry I couldn’t save you, but I know you are running around with my cats that have previously passed on and you are looking down on me and my own, very lucky cats. I couldn’t imagine writing a letter to them, when they live such a beautiful life with me. You never got a chance to know love and security, but I hope you know that I think of you often and wish I could have done more. So continue to run and chase butterflies, you perfect little angel.
    All my love,

    • Tamar

      Oh Jamie, I know it took a long time to reply to you, I’m in tears……

  • This is so adorable! Love the idea of writing a letter to our cats. It’s pretty sweet, just like our little furry friends. Thanks for sharing! And here’s my letter to my cat, Boxie.

    Dear Pretty, Little Boxie,

    You never cease to entertain me, whether you are sliding across the floor to get your favorite toy or jumping onto my shoulder so I can carry you to the next room. You are so adorable! I got you from the pound when you were only 2 months old! Now you are 8 years old! And you still look and act like a kitten to me. You will always be my little, beautiful, Torti kitten!

    Love your mama,

  • Hi Marley,

    I am here, upstairs, in my room, writing a letter to you, while you are downstairs, playing surely with this new toy that brights in the dark, with the shape of a mouse. You had no idea it was so blue without the lights on. You know? I am very happy that you have overcome the fleas and the worms, and I am still remembering the first time I got you in my arms, so tiny and so in need of help and attention. You very quickly accepted me as your friend, and I was in need of a friend like you. We made the transition from milk to dry tiny cat food, and it was awesome. The first time I saw you in the garden, approaching and scared, meeting your new friends, a pitbull and a big female cat, you looked so lost. And little by little they have accepted you, at least the pitbull with whom you spend large siestas. I loved your blue eyes and now they are honey, so very much like you are when you approach me and lay on my belly. So very much indeed, when you stretch and lay down as if there is never and end for cuddling and being tender, and I only want one thing, just one. And it is that you stop one day catching Baby, because as a female cat, very grown up, she is not into playing, but I hope you understand that she loves you and wants to be your teacher.

    Sweet Marley, it is said that every cat is different, and that every cat has its own personality. Yours is very special, you are sweet and strong, playful and observer. You obey most of the time. But there is something really beautiful about you. I know that you are very happy, I can see it in the mornings, and when you want to wander at night. You are my sunshine and as a pet, you give me lots of lessons, like patience, for example, and persistence in life.
    I love you, Marley, please be good to Baby.


  • Well Timmy we are too late for the contest but not too late for me to say how you have changed my life. You came to me at a time when I had a lot of negatives. There was the loss of several fur friends in the past 2 years and the breakup of a marriage that never should have been. I was hesitant to bring you home as my Inky was 21 at that time. He was cantankerous and set in his ways and I did not really want to impose on him in any way. Well you dear rescuer had other ideas.
    Meeting me in the driveway after works she started slow and after a couple of my rebuffs got me to take a look at you. Of course you had no part in this and maybe that was what changed my mind.
    You came home on a trial basis that lasted 10 minutes until I knew you were a special little guy. When I got home from work you would follow me around looking up and talking about your day and I would tell you of mine. At night you made it a point to make sure the bed was safe by running under the covers and checking for what i do not know but it was important. Today you are still a constant companion always by my side. You have also welcomed some others into our home and are the glue that keeps this family running with harmony
    Timmy you are my best friend
    Thanks for all you have given me
    Dad Pete

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