MEOWSES: Cardboard Cat Houses With Personality

As any cat parent or fan knows, boxes are universally loved by felines. Even if they don’t fit, they must sit – or squeeze into them.

cats love boxes

But the indisputable truth is: cardboard boxes are unsightly. Ugly even. Particularly after acquiring that “lived-in” look at which point they inevitably end-up smack in the middle of your living room.

DIY-ers have attempted spruce-up the standard issue box to better accommodate their furry friends and make them look, well, less like cardboard boxes.

DIY cardboard cat houses  Still not exactly what most people would want as a centerpiece in their home.

The alternative? Purchase a cardboard house. But for some reason, there’s a proliferation of Disney-Princess-themed-type cat homes out there. Not necessarily the right fit for every person – or cat.

Someone doesn't look too thrilled with this arrangement.

Someone doesn’t look too thrilled about this arrangement (the kitten doesn’t count – too young to know better).


For edgier folks with a good sense of humor, the wait for a reasonably priced, conversation-starting cat house may be over thanks to two guys from Brooklyn, NY.

Enter MEOWSES, cardboard cat homes the likes of which you’ve never seen before, with a Kickstarter campaign running through November 19th, 2014.

See, I wasn’t kidding.

Meowses on Kickstarter

Meowses will come in two models:

  •  “Medicate Catnip Dispensary,” perfect for the liberal cat owner
  •   “Milk Bar,” the local watering hole every cat desires.

Because really, don’t your hard-working cats, the ones that wake your ass up at 4am, keep you entertained and broke deserve a place to have fun and just chill-out after a long day at the office (aka your home)?

Plus they should have the same opportunity to take selfies and embarrassing themselves online that we do.


selfies from a cat house party

A high-level of though was put into the artistry of each cat abode. The back panel shows the various high-grade catnip strains available at the dispensary, and the milk drink options at the bar.  In addition to the front “main” entrance, there are circular cut-outs so your cats can keep tabs on you from all angles.

Meowses Logo

If successful, the Kickstarter campaign will provide funds for initial start-up costs and the minimum order quantity necessary to go into production and shipped before Christmas!

In addition to being roomy but not room-takeover gigantic (12.5 x 15 x 19 inches), they’re made out of eco-friendly corrugated materials and are 100% made in the USA (ya gotta like that!). Plus, they’re super easy to assemble. BONUS!


But wait, there’s more!

The first 150 folks to pledge $25* will get:

  • The dream home of their – or their cat’s – choosing
  • A $10 catnip dime-bag
  • And a photo of Smokey the MEOWSES mascot (you’ll learn more about him and his part in all of this on the Kickstarter page)

*Includes shipping within the US, $20 if elsewhere. After that they go for $30 a pop sans the bonus extra (nip and photo).

catnip dime bag and party cat

So if you’re tired of the cardboard box you’re staring at right this very minute. Hussle over to the MEOWSES Kickstarter page and get your kitty hooked-up!

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  • OMC, I want the Catnip Dispensary!

  • We just discovered it yesterday : the houses are so cool ! Purrs

  • jmuhj

    Pretty irresistible. What the cats here wouldn’t do for a dime bag *emba*

  • petfriendly2

    Pledged. I can’t wait! Dime bag included!

  • kittiesblue

    Mom got an e-mail about this, but hadn’t checked it out yet. She’s heading there now. Thanks. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  • MOL. Those are hysterical!

  • Linda Szymoniak

    Oh, I’d love one of each!

  • The cat houses are incredible. I love them. I hope they raise the funds they need.

    Spyro and the Gang

  • Very cool houses! I would love to have one. This line made me laugh- its so true “Even if they don’t fit, they must sit – or squeeze into them.”

  • we totally need this!! Pawsome!

  • Thanks for all of the kind words and positive feedback about Meowses! We really appreciate it. Hopefully we will get funded and start shipping in December!

  • What a cute idea! Love it! Looks perfect for kitten fun!

  • Karen Okuno

    I would love one for my daughter, who has 3 cats,and my sister. Who has 5 or 6 cats, but whose counting? The would make perfect gifts for both of them and eventually I will get one for my cats! I would love to have both be the Catnip box. Thanks, in advance.

    • Thanks, Karen! Have you made a pledge on our Kickstarter yet?

      • Karen Okuno

        Is that how I pay for two boxes? If so, I’m prepared to pay now.

        • It is! Follow the link here for our fundraising page:
          Click the green button that says “Back this project” then scroll down to “Early Bird Meowses Combo”